Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 3

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Come to my country?

“That person who lived in this mansion was also a Transmutation Master, and from what I’ve heard, an incredible genius.”

“A genius? Was he that amazing?”

“Apparently. He didn’t want to stand out, so he wasn’t very active publicly, but the potions and artifacts he left behind are still widely used today.”


According to Yuren-kun, he came to this mansion to trace the footsteps of the past genius.

There were also unpublished research results here, and he intended to confirm and practice them.

Despite being abandoned for thirty years, the mansion was strangely well-maintained, thanks to Yuren-kun’s efforts.

“That’s a good story. Does that mean the potion for your sister is complete?”

“Oh, yes, about six months ago.”

“That’s amazing! Congratulations, Yuren-kun!”

“Thank you. But, there’s something different. I didn’t make the potion.”

He said with a gentle look in his eyes.

“Congenital Mana Circulation Disorder.”


“You should remember, right? It’s a disease that a person is born with and cannot control the mana flowing through their body. My sister’s frailty was due to this illness. It’s a difficult disease, and no effective potions have been made since its discovery… But six months ago, a potion that could be called a specific cure was announced.”

“That is…”

I remember the name of the disease and the potion very well.

That’s because I made that potion.

“I recognized the potion’s description and manufacturing method right away. You made this potion.”

I came up with the idea, made it, and provided the method of mass production.

It was probably my first significant achievement since I became a courtier.

However, it was not announced under my name.

It was announced under my sister’s name, who stole and took credit for my achievement.

That’s why I remembered it and doubted what he was saying.

As the potion’s developer, my sister’s name, not mine, should have been written.

“The developer was someone else, but I heard about you and the people around you. I thought you must have been struggling. But thanks to you, my sister is now healthy.”


“Yeah. Now she runs around the garden like nothing was ever wrong.”

“I see. That’s great.”

I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart. Someone got better with the potion that I created. It feels good to realize that.

“Well, to be honest, I was hoping to make it on my own, you know? So I’m a little disappointed.”

“Fufu, that’s just like you, Yuren-kun. You have always been competitive.”

“Well, not as much as you, I think.”

We exchanged trivial conversations and laughed together. Hearing about Yuren-kun’s sister’s recovery, I felt at ease and was able to show a natural smile even when I was feeling down.

Then Yuren-kun said in a formal tone, “Thank you, Aria. Thanks to you, my wish came true.”

“No, I haven’t done anything significant.”

“It’s a significant accomplishment. Thanks to that potion, many people, including my sister, have become healthier. You made them smile. You should be proud of yourself.”


I’m happy to hear that.

But it’s frustrating.

After all, that achievement was ultimately taken away by my sister.

Yuren-kun’s sister is probably the opposite of mine.

Thinking about unpleasant things, I let out a small sigh.

“Okay, that’s enough introduction. Let’s get to the main point.”

“Eh? Wasn’t that the introduction?”

“That’s right. The important part starts now. Actually, in our country, there has been a serious shortage of Transmutation Masters for several years, you know? Since the loss of a genius, personnel has been gradually decreasing.”

“I-I see.”


Did Yuren-kun just say “our country,” not the same kingdom as mine?

“Yuren-kun, weren’t you from the same kingdom as me?”

“I’m not from here. I’m from the neighboring country, Salem Kingdom. This forest used to be our territory, but we relinquished it just before I was born.”

“Oh, really? I had no idea.”

“Well, yeah. It seems like my father deemed it unnecessary to keep the land since it wasn’t being properly managed after the genius who used to oversee it was gone. I think it was a foolish decision to abandon such a treasure trove, even though he is my own father.”

Yuren-kun let out a sigh and shook his head in disbelief.

“Hahaha, well, I can understand why he made such a decision, but…”

I recalled Yuren-kun’s words.

Foolish decision to abandon such a treasure trove… even though he is my own father.

This was the land of a former neighboring country, now in the possession of the country I was in.

It was impossible for ordinary people to negotiate the exchange of land between countries.

Even if it were a noble, the final decision would rest with the king who ruled the country.

“Yuren-kun, could it be…?”

“I’ve never properly introduced myself, haven’t I?”

And then, he said with emphasis.

“My name is Yuren Salem. I am the third prince of the Salem Kingdom, as unlikely as it may seem, I am a member of the royal family.”

“Eh? Yuren-kun is…”

The prince of the Salem Kingdom?

“You can’t believe it?”

“Umm, is it true?”

“Yeah, it’s not a lie.”

Although Yuren-kun liked to joke around, he was not a dishonest person.

So I believed him.

Now that I thought about it, he did have an aura of a prince…or maybe not?

I knew he was not an ordinary person, but I never thought he was a prince.

“Our country’s style is free. My brothers seem busy, but as the third prince, I have more room to move. That’s why I could come here.”

“I see. But if the prince enters the territory of a neighboring country without permission and is caught, it would be a big problem, right?”

“Haha, that’s why it’s good that it was you who found me. And I’m glad to see you again. Actually, I’ve been coming to this place, hoping to see you again.”

“T-To see me?”

Did he keep coming back to this place even when the reason for making potions was gone?

He waited for me even though he wasn’t sure whether he could see me again, for half a year?

“Why go to such lengths?”

“I wanted to thank you directly. And, I wanted to repay the favor of saving my sister.”

“Repaying the favor?”

“Yeah. Hey, Aria, if you have nowhere to go, would you come to my country?”

That was an unexpected invitation.

He reached out to me.

With a gentle and warm hand.

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    Just what is the kingdom’s intelligence agency doing? The third prince of another kingdom shows up in their territory, unannounced, and they never noticed?!

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