Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 26

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Days like empty shells

Early morning.

The sky visible outside the window is gray.

It’s not raining, but the sky is cloudy and I can’t feel the brightness of the sun.

As a morning awakening, it’s normal.

No, I’m not feeling it as much.

“…I have to prepare.”

I stared out the window absentmindedly for a while before realizing the time indicated by the clock.

Not quite late enough to be considered oversleeping, but it’s cutting it close.

Hurriedly finishing my preparations more quickly than usual, I headed to the workshop.


The development of a new wheat variety is still ongoing.

Only one has been completed so far, and other matters have stalled progress since then.

Although several new materials have been gathered, no ideas have come to mind yet.

I feel like I’m just going through the motions at work.

It’s clear that I’m not into it.

I know the reason why.

“It’s over… isn’t it?”

I murmured in a small voice that only I could hear.

After meeting again with Prince Laurus, I was made to recognize my own past foolishness.

To settle things with my past self.

For this purpose, we made a whitewash with Yuren-kun’s help.

I think the results were as intended.

Although I don’t know the details since it’s about another country, the Mayquin Kingdom has been in a hurry since that day.

According to the reports, the second prince seems to have been dismissed.

The reason has not been clearly stated.

At the same time, the Lawrence family’s name was also mentioned.

It seems that His Highness Laurus’s collaborator was my sister, Celica, who worked at the palace and was involved in a scandal.

I never thought she was involved, and honestly, I was shocked.

“Did you want to bring me down that badly…”

I was aware that I was hated.

I could vaguely imagine the reason.

Yet, did she really want to tear me down at the expense of others?

I cannot understand it.

However, this is where it all ends.

The long-lasting tragedy has come to an end.

As well as my past…

“Onee-sama, this is the material…Onee-sama?”

“Oh, sorry. What is it?”

“Well, I was thinking of proposing a fusion, but…are you tired?”

“No, I’m not. Which one is it?”

I must not do that.

I have to concentrate on my work.

I have worked hard for the past few days to continue working at the royal palace.

To settle my past and move forward.

I cannot worry Irina-chan, who helps me, and Yuren-kun and those who cooperated with me.

I have to be strong.

I tell myself that in my mind.

However, I can’t help but think sometimes.

Was this really the right choice?

Have I settled my past?

No matter how much evil is exposed, the fact remains that some people have been hurt by my foolishness.

In the end, I wonder if I should be hated.


One evening.

The sky was cloudy and darker than usual.

In Head Department Laura’s room, four people, including her, were gathered.

“Well, it’s like Onee-sama is not feeling well.”

When Irina told the other three about Aria’s usual behavior, Head Department Laura continued the conversation.

“I feel the same way. She’s doing her job as usual, but her heart is not in it. She seems to be worried and depressed, and it’s a complicated feeling.”

“I see…”

Yuren, who heard the story from the two of them, looked sad and looked down.

Hisui asked when he saw that.

“That plan went well, right? The one with the second prince and the collaborator.”

“…Yeah, as far as I heard, everything went according to plan perfectly. The second prince was overthrown, and the collaborator was punished.”

“Then there’s no need to be depressed, right? You’ve brought justice to the wrongdoers.”

“I think so too… but, it’s not that easy.”

The source of evil has been punished.

She doesn’t need to worry about that.

With the collaborators clearly identified, she will not be charged with any crime.

“Aria did nothing wrong. Even if we think that, she cannot forgive herself. She’s so kind because… she’s Aria.”

“I see. It’s a difficult problem.”

“If only she were the kind of person who could let go of the past like it’s the past.”

“Onii-sama, is there anything we can do?”

Yuren is lost in thought at his sister’s words.

He wants to do something for her.

However, he cannot think of the right thing to say.

“I think it’s best to just leave her alone in the end. That’s what I think.”

“I agree. Interfering in someone’s personal problems won’t help.”

“You’re right.”

“But… Onee-sama looks like she’s going through a rough time.”

Irina’s sad voice echoes in the room.

Everyone present is concerned about Aria, and they all have the same problem of not coming up with a good solution.

“Well, there may not be a good solution, but we can try to distract her.”


The first one to react to Laura’s comment was Yuren.

She grinned.

“Yes, yes. We have a method that’s just perfect for Yuren-sama.”


“Yes. Well, you see, since Aria-chan has a day off tomorrow——”


Looking at the clock, it was 7 PM.

It had already gotten dark outside.

“That’s it for today.”

I finished my work for the day and cleaned up.

Tomorrow was a day off, but I didn’t have any particular plans.

My research wasn’t progressing well, so maybe it was better to work.

Also, I just couldn’t relax without doing anything.

As I was thinking about such things…



He had entered the workshop without my noticing.

Did he come to check on me?

But something seemed off about him…

He appeared to be nervous.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh, so tomorrow’s your day off, right?”


“Well then, would you like to go out with me… I mean, would you like to do something together?”

Yuren-kun said while blushing.

I froze for a few seconds trying to understand the meaning.

Isn’t that what you call a date?

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