The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 94

𝐌𝐨𝐜𝐤 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 – 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟏

“Ah. . . . . .I’m starting to get nervous.”

In the control room of the B-class training ground, Ridelle takes a deep breath, holding her chest.

Albero sips his orange juice, while Kid yawns expansively from his seat.

Watching them, Ridelle speaks up.

“Aren’t you two nervous?”

“”Not really.””

“You’ve got some nerve. Do you realize the press is here too? The princess. . . . . .or rather, Yorha said it herself, if we lose, it’s over.”

The mock battle this time was initiated by a feud that Albero had with Oswald. Yorha transformed that feud into a 『mock battle』, showcasing the superiority of the S-class over the A-class, and even called in journalists from the kingdom.

Yorha’s maneuvering was indeed formidable.

Kid picks at the cookies Ashe bought and placed on the table.

“Well, we just have to kill them, right?”

“No, we can’t kill them! Even if the medical team is skilled, that doesn’t mean you can do as you please.”

“Isn’t that 『Reaper』 doctor? The one with the strongest medical summoned beast, 『Death of the Wild』, among the twenty-one summoners?”

“More like a full-fledged combat beast than a medical one.”

Ridelle gives a wry smile.

True, the name sounds menacing, but doctor Reaper was also known as the 『doctor hated by death』, with legends saying he once resurrected a patient who had been blown to hundreds of pieces.

Albero was about to refill his orange juice when the bottle suddenly froze.

“Enough! You’ve had too much.”

“Exactly. The match is about to start. What will you do if you need to go to the restroom during it?”

It was Lapis and Ashe.

Behind them stood Leivinia and Nisrok, seemingly there to cheer them on.

Leivinia playfully pats Albero on the shoulder.

“We came to support. It seems you’re quite unpopular. Well, do your best!”

“Thanks. . . . . .”

“Yawn. . . . . .Can I sleep now?”

“Why did you even come?”

They were the ever-unchanging demons.

Meanwhile, Yorha was being interviewed outside by numerous 『newspaper companies』.

With the arrival of Ashe and the others, it seems Ridelle’s nerves had eased a bit.

“Excuse me. Representative of the S-class, Ridelle-sama, the first match is about to begin. Please proceed to the venue!”

A female student from B-class reports.

Ridelle’s nervousness intensifies, but then Kid speaks up.

“Hey, just do it like you always do. Like when you’re facing that old hag Venus or that jerk Damocles.”

“W, What?”

“Didn’t you land a blow on that jerk Damocles once? Go with that kind of spirit.”

“Ugh. . . . . .Don’t compare this to Damocles. This nervousness is seriously bad!”

“Geez. . . . . .I’ll treat you to a meal if you win. Now go!”

“Ugh. . . . . .okay.”

Dejectedly, Ridelle leaves the room.

“””. . . . . .”””

“. . . . . .What?”

Albero, Ashe, and Lapis were all staring at Kid.

“You’re kind to Ridelle, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah. Seems like Ridelle isn’t indifferent either, right?”

“Hmm. Does Kid like Ridelle?”

“Are you an idiot?”

Kid brushed it off with a single word.


B-class training ground.

The mock battle is a simple one to see 『which is stronger, S-class or A-class』.

There’s no cover in the training ground, and a transparent wall surrounds the perimeter.

Around the transparent wall, 『photography-type Summoned beasts』 from journalists were flying around.

Ridelle tries to enter the training ground but. . . . . .she can’t get in because of the transparent wall in front of her.

“Um. . . . . .what’s this? A membrane. . . . . .?”

“It’s Orichalcum.”


Next to Ridelle, who was intently looking at the wall, there was an old man with long whiskers, round glasses, and leaning on a cane.

He smiled warmly and spoke to Ridelle.

“My Orichalcum is protecting the venue. It’s okay, go on and do your best.”

“Ah, yes. . . . . .um, how do I get in?”

“Come on, shall we go?”


He is Grey, a 『teacher』 at Asgard Kingdom Summoning Academy, one of the twenty-one most powerful individuals bearing the title of 『tower』.

The summoning academy lasts six years, and after passing three years, students qualify for graduation. When they advance to fourth year, the regular curriculum’s difficulty also increases. The ones teaching them are the 『teachers』.

All the teachers are A-class summoners, and each one of them is formidable.

Pushed by Grey, Ridelle goes through the wall and into the training ground.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! gasp”

She tripped and fell.

Then, she heard soft laughter. . . . . .in front of her were two boys and one girl. They are the Student Council officers of the Asgard Summoning Academy, which means three of the strongest eight in the academy.

Ridelle hastily stood up. . . . . .she hasn’t realized yet that her fall was perfectly 『captured』 on camera.

The Student Council officers. And the opponents are nobles. Moreover, they are senior students.

All these facts combined made Ridelle extremely nervous. . . . . . she greeted them while swaying her red ponytail.

“Ni-ni, nice to meet you!! Um. . . . . .”

“Ah, it’s okay. Don’t say anything.”

The boy stopped her with a gesture.

The Student Council’s secretary, Avoid, is a young noble with a large, muscular body accentuated by the suit he’s wearing. His rank is B, making him quite the powerhouse.

Avoid looked at Ridelle and smirked.

“S-class. Huh, I heard that apart from Albero Rushout, the rest aren’t that great. He, being the hero of the demon subjugation, will be executed personally by Esterize-sama. The small fries like you will face us.”

“Um, yes. . . . . .okay.”

Then, the Student Council’s public relations officer, Raven, spoke.

“Hey Avoid, don’t let your guard down.”

“As if. Carla, don’t interfere. . . . . .I’ll be the one to deal with this.”

“Can’t be helped then. . . . . .”

Carla, the Student Council secretary with short hair, crossed her arms and gave a wry smile.

Ridelle wasn’t quite getting the vibe.

“Um, when are we starting?”

“Hmph. . . . . .it’ll start soon. Look, the princess is explaining to the journalists.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

Yorha was speaking to the reporters.

From Ridelle’s side, it was unclear what was being said. And when Yorha bowed, all the reporters started preparing their notes, and they ordered the Summoned beast to take pictures.

Then, there was the voice of Faluo, who was the judge for today’s exercise inside the training ground.

『Now, the Summoned beast. . . . . .』

Then, metal gauntlets and shin guards appeared on Avoid’s limbs, crows circled around Raven, and around Carla, about four 『mirrors』 emerged.

Ridelle took a deep breath. . . . . .and then took a stance with half her body.

“Run━━『Red Queen』.”

Ridelle’s legs turned red, transforming into metallic prosthetics.

The armor opened, releasing steam. Inside, gears turned, currents ran through wires, and a blood-like liquid flowed through the pipes.

This was the true form of the Summoned beast that Ridelle loved, in pink.

“So that’s the Parasitic type, huh. . . . . .Hmph, don’t think you can beat my 『Kaiser Weapon』.”

Avoid took a stance like a martial artist.

『Then. . . . . .let’s begin!!』

At Farlio’s signal, the match began.

At the same time, Avoid started running.

Equipped-type Summoned beast Kaiser Weapon. Its ability is━━



Right in front of Avoid’s eyes, there were Ridelle’s legs.

As shockwaves coursed through his body, he lost consciousness.

The moment the match began, Ridelle’s 『jets』 propelled her forward, delivering thirty consecutive kicks to Avoid.

All of this happened in half a second.

With all limbs crushed and bones broken, internal organs damaged, and pelvis and spine shattered, Avoid crashed into the wall at hundreds of kilometers per hour. He didn’t die on impact. The wall absorbed the shock, sending him outside.

“Ha!! Ca━.”

Raven couldn’t finish.

But Carla was moving.

Equipped-type Summoned beast 『Mirror Force』 deployed all in front, reflecting enemy attacks.

Ridelle jumped, folding her right leg.

“『Guided missile』.”

The bent knee opened, firing a small missile.

The missile flew straight, changed its trajectory in front of the mirror, went behind Carla, and hit the ground.


A loud explosion ensued, and Carla’s right arm was blown off by the blast, her body covered in burns.

At that moment, Raven realized their defeat.

They were on different levels. But━━Raven didn’t even have time to surrender. Ridelle was too fast.

“『Spider Woman』.”

Ridelle’s legs were reassembled.

The metal deconstructed and reformed into large, multi-jointed legs, four on each side, making eight in total.

With spider-like agility, Ridelle closed the distance. Raven, unable to even split his Summoned beast, looked up at the approaching Ridelle.

“Is this for real?”

“It’s over.”

Thud, thud, thud. . . . . .all eight legs pierced into Raven’s body, causing him to lose consciousness.

It was just a few seconds since the start of the match. The three strongest members of the Student Council were easily defeated.

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