The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 89

𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞

The night before the press conference.

This press conference is for the unveiling of the S-class and an interview with Albero Rushout, who defeated the demon.

At first, he thought it was a press conference only for Albero, but it seems Yorha had some involvement.

Then, Yorha, who had moved to the S-class dormitory, hands a box carried by her attendant to Albero and the others.

Upon opening the box, there was a uniform primarily in black.

“This is the new uniform for the S-class. It’s a special uniform woven from the fur of the Summoned beast ‘Tricky Tricky’, a 『magician』 trickster.”

‘Tricky Tricky’ is a Summoned beast that can best be described as a furball covered in hair all over its body. This hair is a visualized 『meridian thread』, a special fiber charged with strong life force. The fiber is flexible, sturdy, absorbs impacts, and is fire-resistant. It is also a premium material for armor.

Yorha says proudly.

“Also, I’ve been chosen as the leader of the S-class Summoners. It was hard convincing Otou-sama. . . . . .but from now on, you’ll be operating under my instructions.”

“Yorha, isn’t your personality a bit different?”

“Ah, well. . . . . .this is more like my true self.”

Ashe whispers a confirmation to Lapis.

Only Albero and Lapis know Yorha’s true nature. Kid noticed but doesn’t care, and Ridelle is still nervous around royalty.

Uniforms were also prepared for Leivinia and Nisrok, but the two, who could be said to be disguised as 『demons』, did not care about such things as clothes and went to bed after taking a bath. They belong to the S-class but this is kept secret. They won’t participate in the press conference.

“Um, Your Highness.”

“Just call me Yorha. What is it, Ridelle?”

“Uh. . . . . .Can I wear this uniform?”

“Of course. In fact, put it on and show me!”

“Y, Yes, ma’am.”

“And drop the formalities! You’re sixteen, right? That’s a year older than me, so no need for formality.”

“But. . . . . .you’re royalty.”

“It’s fine!”

“O, Okay!”

Yorha assertively takes Ridelle to the girls’ dormitory. Albero and the others decide to try on the uniforms as well.

When they gather again in the lounge, they are all in black uniforms.

“It’s pretty easy to move in.”

Albero activates his right arm to test it.

The sensation of the material made from the Summoned beast and his right arm feels fused. It’s easy to move in, and it feels as if it has its own will.

The girls, Ashe included, playfully twirl in their skirts.

“It feels really nice against the skin.”

“Indeed, it’s very comfortable.”

“Yes. It’s good. . . . . .”

The girls all liked it.

Moreover, the black uniform looked good on everyone.

Especially, it suited Albero the best.

“Alright, if it’s over, I’m going back. I’m getting sleep. . . . . .”

Kid yawns and heads back to his room.

Ashe and the others also return to their rooms, leaving only Yorha and Albero behind.

“Tomorrow is the debut of the S-class and your press conference. Are you ready?”

“Ah, I think I can handle the questions. I just want to get it over with.”

“Fufu, do your best.”

“Yeah. And. . . . . .hey Yorha, can I ask something?”


“Can one earn a territory for their achievements?”

“Why the sudden question? . . . . . .Ah, you’re talking about the Rushout family. Well, next time if you defeat a demon, I’ll talk to Otou-sama about getting you some land. But, you know, the territories they usually give out are on the borders, right?”

“Any place is fine as long as it’s not with the Rushout family.”

“You really hate them that much. . . . . .okay, got it.”

Albero nodded and as he was about to return to his room. . . . . .Yorha grabbed his sleeve.

“What is it?”

“I realized, I haven’t paid you yet.”


“For the demon subjugation.”

“No, I did receive it. A barrel full. . . . . .”

“That was from the kingdom. I haven’t given you my payment yet.”

“No, no, I don’t need it.”

“No excuses. . . . . .I’ll come to your room tonight.”


“Fufu. Just kidding.”

Yorha quickly stepped back with a mischievous smile and headed to the girls’ dormitory.

Albero clutched his chest with his right hand, trying to calm his racing heart.

“Seriously, that woman. . . . . .she’s like a real witch.”

Tomorrow is the press conference.

Albero returned to his room, took off his uniform, and got into bed.


The day of the press conference.

The press conference was held at the biggest newspaper company in the Asgard kingdom, the 『Yggdrasil Newspaper Company』.

Many journalists were present, and the atmosphere was lively.

It was the debut of the topic of the day, the S-class Summoner. Small summoned beasts were flying around the venue.

Ashe was sneakily observing from the wings.

“Why are so many Summoned beasts flying around?”

“Those are camera-type Summoned beasts.”


Camera-type Summoned beasts.

They can capture and store a moment in time. . . . . .Ashe was explained this by Yorha, but she just tilted her head in confusion.

Lapis then showed her a newspaper.

“Look, see the pictures in the newspaper? They look just like the real thing, right? They were ‘captured’ by those camera-type Summoned beasts.”

“Wow. . . . . .I never read newspapers, so I didn’t know.”

The images printed on the newspaper looked exactly like the real thing, as if a moment was captured and pasted onto the paper.

With casual conversation like that, the tension seemed to ease. Although Ridelle remained nervous.

“Hey, don’t be so nervous. We just have to stand there, right?”

“But. . . . . .there are so many people. . . . . .”

“Come on, you’re a Parasitic type and yet you’re so scared.”

“Being a Parasitic type has nothing to do with it!”

It seems Ridelle and Kid get along better than expected.

Albero was mumbling as he looked at the question sheet for the press conference.

“Albero, are you okay?”

“Hmm, I guess.”

Yorha gave him a reassuring pat on the back.

Then, a staff member said, “It’s almost time.”

Albero said to everyone,

“Let’s wrap this up quickly and head home.”

It was a casual way to say it. But, it seemed to relieve everyone’s tension.


The press conference began.

First, an introduction to the S-class Summoner. Before anyone knew it, Faluo was introducing each of them.

Starting with Albero, followed by Kid, Lapis, Ashe, Ridelle, and lastly, Yorha was introduced.

Yorha, despite being of royal blood, declared in front of many reporters that she would lead the S-class Summoner in the demon subjugation.

At that moment, the eyes of a photography-type Summoned beast gleamed brightly. It seemed this was the act of 『photography』.

After basking in the light of the Summoned beast for a while, it was time to ask questions to Albero, the demon subjugator. Ashe and others retreated, and a seat was arranged for questioning Albero.

Once the seat was prepared, Albero was instructed to sit.

“Whoa. . . . . .”

There were many microphones, and water was also provided.

Above all, a large number of reporters surrounded Albero.

A barrier was set up, so no one could get any closer.

“Now, let’s start with questions for Mr. Albero Rushout.”

Faluo took charge, and the questioning began.

Reporters raised their hands all at once, and Faluo picked them one by one.

Questions as directed by Faluo continued.

Albero, without showing any signs of nervousness, felt like he just wanted to get it over with and head home.

Amidst this, one of the reporters asked the following question.

『I’ve heard that you were originally from F-class. . . . . .Were you on good terms with your classmates?』

It was an unexpected question.

Albero gave a straightforward answer.

『Of course. They were all my friends. I almost died when the 『Gluttony』 Demon Abel killed them. . . . . .If the Student Council Presidents, who were nearby watching, had helped before Abel attacked us, the damage might have been less. I will never forgive the Student Council for using F-class as a decoy, and whoever ordered the Student Council to stand by.』

Little did Albero know that this statement would ignite both the citizens and nobles praising the S-class Summoner, leading to a flood of protests against the B-class Summoner and the Student Council.

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