The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 77

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐝𝐚𝐲, 𝐚𝐧𝐝

The next day.

Ashe and Ridelle brought Leivinia along with them as usual.

Kid, who stayed in the discussion room to keep an eye on Nisrok, glared sharply at Leivinia. Startled, Leivinia quickly hid behind Ashe.

As for Nisrok. . . . . .he was sound asleep on the sofa, looking like he might sleep forever.

“Nisrok!! It’s morning, wake up!!”


Leivinia kicked him, and Nisrok finally woke up.

Then, Albero descended from the men’s dormitory, stretching his neck and looking at Leivinia.

“Did you do anything?”

“I didn’t. We had a deal, remember?”

“Hmm, okay then. By the way, today. . . . . .”

“Summon 『lust』. I’ll kill him.”

Kid threatened Leivinia with a murderous tone.

Startled again, this time Leivinia hid behind Albero.

“I, I can call her, but I don’t think she’ll come right away. And my sister Florentia has sharp instincts. If she realizes we’ve betrayed her, she might not come.”

“She probably won’t enter the kingdom. In that case, lure her to the outskirts, where we can fight openly.”

“Ugh. . . . . .alright. Nisrok, call sister Florentia.”


Nisrok closed his eyes.

Then, for a brief moment, his horns flickered with light.

“Sis Flo, Sis Flo. . . . . .if you can hear me, reply. . . . . .hmm, come. . . . . .hey.”

Nisrok grunted in acknowledgment and opened his eyes.

“Called her. She’s busy right now, so she asked to meet in ten days.”

“Ten days. . . . . .good, that’s perfect.”

Kid finally released his murderous intent and headed to the kitchen.

Even though he hadn’t slept a wink, it seems he plans to prepare breakfast.

Albero then inquired of Nisrok.

“Did you really call her?”

“Yeah. Sis Flo seems to be quite far. . . . . .probably doing her favorite village hunting. . . . . .she said she’ll wait for ten days. . . . . .ah, set the meeting at the plains outside the Asgard kingdom.”

“. . . . . .Understood.”

Inside the kingdom, there are twenty-one summoners.

While Kid will likely fight alone, preparations for emergencies are necessary.

Plus, there are ten days. There’s time.

“. . . . . .”

Albero sat on the sofa, lost in thought.

Leivinia, eyes shining, watched Kid make an omelette. Nisrok lay sprawled on the floor, sound asleep. Ashe and Ridelle sat down, fussing over Leivinia.

It was unexpected for two demons to betray. Moreover, for Albero to cooperate.

Collaborators. There’s also the matter with Yorha.

It’s still a secret to Ashe and the others. Yorha will come to the S-class today.

“Sigh. . . . . .there’s so much to think about.”

“Zzz. . . . . .”

While watching Nisrok sleep on the floor, Albero let out a sigh.


After breakfast.

They discussed what to do with Leivinia and Nisrok before going to school.

“I think we should tell teacher Garnet.”


“I agree. Honestly, we could use an adult’s opinion. . . . . .I feel we can trust teacher Garnet.”

“I think so too. Just leaving them here doesn’t feel right. . . . . .”

“What if that old hag says she’ll 『take them』? They might be forced to spill all the information about the Demon Emperor and then get killed.”


Albero looks at Leivinia.

She’s frightened upon hearing Garnet’s name. This fear was not an act.

Therefore, speak properly.

“Leivinia. Will you trust us?”

“Ah, you guys are good. You treated me to a delicious meal.”

“. . . . . .Alright. Will you meet with Teacher Garnet?”

“. . . . . .O, Okay.”

“Hey, are you sure?. . . . . .It might turn out for the worst.”

“I won’t let that happen. If it comes to that. . . . . .I’ll protect you.”

“Ha, you mean to fight?”

“. . . . . .Let’s go.”

Leivinia and Nisrok are covered with large robes, hiding their skin and horns.

Then, everyone goes to school. . . . . .to the S-class building.

Upon arriving in the classroom, waiting there were Garnet and Lapis together, and another. . . . . .a peach-haired girl named Yorha.

“Seriously, after school. . . . . .”

“That, somewhere. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .Hmph.”

“Wow, she’s cute.”

Ashe tilts her head, Kid snorts, and Ridelle’s eyes sparkle.

Lapis sits down with a happy look. . . . . .tilting her head.

“Um, who is that person?”

“Ah, I’ll explain later.”

Garnet says with a very suspicious look.

“Hey. Who are those two in the robes?”

“Eh, well, there’s something to discuss about that. Secretly.”

“. . . . . .Fine. It’s important, right?”

“Yes. Teacher Garnet is the most trustworthy person.”

“Oh, that’s nice to hear. But first, let me introduce someone.”

At this point, Yorha steps forward and bows.

Her peach-colored hair sways, and she gives a radiant smile.

“Nice to meet you. Princess of the Asgard Kingdom, Yorha Prutenism. At Albero’s invitation, I’ve transferred from A-class summoner to S-class summoner. I look forward to working with you!”


Albero burst out.

He didn’t intend to invite her. Yorha said it. . . . . .no, it would be useless to say otherwise.

Ashe glares, and Ridelle is dumbfounded.

“Wait. . . . . .what’s this about?”

“Eh, actually, we met at a tea party yesterday. . . . . .um, she said she’s an A-class summoner, and she was interested in becoming an S-class summoner.”

“Why didn’t you tell me yesterday. . . . . .?”

“Um, things were hectic and I kind of forgot. . . . . .haha, ha.”

Albero struggles to explain. Yorha smiles and sits next to Albero.

“I look forward to working with you, Albero.”

“. . . . . . . . . . . .Same here.”

After all, Albero couldn’t come to like Yorha. . . . . .he thought again.


After Yorha’s introduction, Garnet asks,

“So, who are they?”

“. . . . . .Promise me. First, hear the story.”

“Huh? . . . . . .You’re being dramatic.”


“. . . . . .Alright.”

Maybe realizing Albero’s serious attitude, Garnet nods earnestly.

Albero nods back and unveils the robes of the two.


“Eh. . . . . .?”

“. . . . . . . . . . . .!”

Garnet is shocked, Lapis is taken aback, and Yorha’s eyes widen.

There stood a young girl and a young man with pure white hair, brown skin, and horns on their heads.

Albero steps forward to explain.

“These are the demon of 『Envy』 Leivinia and the demon of 『Sloth』 Nisrok. They bear no ill will. . . . . .please, listen to their story.”

At Albero’s words, Garnet couldn’t respond immediately.

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