The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 72

𝐓𝐞𝐚 𝐜𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬

The royal tea party is scheduled to be held in the gardens of the castle.

The castle garden is filled with various blooming flowers and is truly beautiful. The sunlight was soft, making it the perfect place and weather for the tea party.

As Albero and the Rushout family entered the garden, nobles immediately approached them.

“Lord Rushout, congratulations on this occasion!”

“Haha, it’s an honor beyond my worth.”

“Nice to meet you. I am from the Count family━━”

And so, the flurry of greetings began.

Alban introduced his wife and sons as they responded to the greetings.

“This is my daughter, Esterize. She is an A-class summoner affiliated with the academy and serves as the Student Council President.”

“Ah, the famous Student Council President. . . . . .”

“She’s absolutely stunning. . . . . .”

“Should we describe her as a red rose, or perhaps a black rose? It’s hard to decide.”

How trivial━━Albero deeply wished to go home.

For now, he decided to go along with Fugil’s request and engage in harmless greetings.

It’s Alban’s introduction.

“This is my youngest son, Albero. Well. . . . . .He is an S-class Summoner, renowned for his achievements in demon subjugation.”

But Alban couldn’t finish his sentence.

The atmosphere became noisy and chaotic.

“The king has arrived. Everyone, please remain silent!”

The arrival of the host.

This signals the start of the tea party.

The king, prince, princess, and several guards step into the garden.

King Zenobect of Asgard spread his arms wide.

“Welcome! To the tea party I am hosting! The weather is great, and both familiar and new faces have gathered. Enjoy the day!”

What a concise and unkingly greeting.

Maids started serving tea. Alban and Sally were busy with greetings, not paying attention to Albero. Esterize was cheerfully chatting with a nobleman.

Then, the noblemen swiftly made way.

“Hello Esterize. You look beautiful today.”

“Prince Sanbart. Thank you for inviting us today.”

It was the prince and future king, Sanbart.

He’s eighteen, the same age as Esterize. There are rumors that Sanbart, who is not yet engaged, aims to have Esterize as his fiancée, which Albero has heard of.

Notably, Sanbart is an A-class summoner and also a student at the academy.

The noblemen who were courting Esterize are not of low rank, but against the prince of this country, they stand little chance. . . . . .or rather, the two seemed a perfect match in terms of beauty.

Fugil and Rashild were also chatting with the guests.

But Albero couldn’t care less about what his brothers were discussing.

Thinking it’s a good opportunity, he decided to have some tea and approached a maid.

“Albero, I found you.”

“Ah, Lapis?”

Soon, Lapis came to Albero’s side.

Her long silver-blue hair was tied up, and she wore a dress of the same color. The dress was slightly revealing at the chest. Albero wondered why noble dresses often emphasized the chest area.

Unaware of such concerns, Lapis smiled brightly.

“You, are the greetings over?”

“Yes, all done. My grandmother was considerate. . . . . .Ugh, I get tired of all these men wanting the support of the Duke family.”


“Yes, I don’t have a fiancé yet. . . . . .”

“Hmm. Well, let’s have some tea. I smell something nice.”

“Yes! Ah, the dried fruit tea here is delicious.”


Albero hasn’t noticed.

That Lapis is showing her brightest smile today. That the noble men who were courting Lapis just a moment ago are watching her joyful laughter.

He’s just having a relaxed tea with Lapis.

“This is good. It tastes somewhat like orange.”

“It’s true. . . . . .It’s my first time tasting this as well.”

The deep orange tea has a refreshing citrus taste.

Albero, who likes oranges, decided to ask a maid if he could get some tea leaves as a souvenir.

Then, a girl with peach-colored hair and wearing a peach dress appeared in front of Albero.

“Are you Albero?”

“. . . . . .Eh, yes.”

“Hmm. . . . . .you’re quite handsome.”

“. . . . . .Who are you?”

“Oh, you don’t know me?”

The peach-haired girl looked surprised, and Lapis turned pale.

“A, Albero!! She’s the princess!!”


“Fufu. Nice to meet you. I’m Yorha Pratinusm Liliandor La Name Asgard. It’s a bit long, so just call me Yorha.”

It was the princess of this country, Yorha, who appeared in front of Albero and the others.


“I’m interested in you.”

Yorha brought her face close to Albero.

Since she’s shorter than Albero, she naturally had to look up. As a result, her ample cleavage became quite visible, causing Albero to turn his face away slightly.

“Int. . . . . .interested?”

“Yes♪ As the demon subjugator and the fourth-ever Parasitic type summoner. . . . . .you’re the reason, right? There have only been three Parasitic types since the history of Summoned beasts began, and two more have been added because of you.”

“. . . . . .!”

Albero realized.

Yorha’s eyes had changed, they were now probing, not playful.

She’s not ordinary━━Albero became instantly cautious.

“Who are you? That right arm. . . . . .what is 『hosting』 inside you?”

“. . . . . .”

Albero felt a chill in his heart.

Caution. Enemy. Such words circled in his mind. Then, Yorha chuckled.

“Just kidding. But. . . . . .I truly am interested in you. Nobody else could accomplish demon subjugation, but maybe you and your companions can. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .I’ll do my best.”

“Isn’t that right, Lapis?”

“EhWha?! Y, Yes! Yorha-sama!”

“Come on, I told you to just call me Yorha. We’re friends of the same age, so just be yourself.”

“Um. . . . . .I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. By the way, Albero.”


Before he realized it, she was using his first name, and she had taken the initiative.

Albero felt it. Yorha had the dignity of a 『queen』.

Considering they’re the same age, she should only be fifteen. Yorha whispered into Albero’s ear.

“━━Do you want information on the demons?”


A ticklish, warm breath in the ear.

Yorha had a mischievous smile.

“I haven’t told anyone because the information is still unconfirmed. If you want this information. . . . . .come to my room alone tonight.”

“Huh? Alone. . . . . .and at night?”

“Hehe. I won’t tell the guards, soldiers, or knights in the castle that you’re coming. Sneak past the guards and come to my room. Then I’ll tell you.”

“. . . . . .I see.”

“My room is on the top floor of the northwest tower of the castle. I’ll be waiting there.”

“. . . . . .Understood. I will visit tonight.”

“Yes. Fufu, I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and if you illegally enter the castle, even you, who is a demon subjugator, will be punished. If it’s found out that you entered the room of an unmarried woman like me, it’s an instant death penalty, you know♪.”

“. . . . . .You sly fox.”

“Oh my, how rude. Calling such a cute me a fox? Hehe, see you then♪.”

Yorha bowed and went to Esterize and her brother.

Lapis looked bewildered throughout.

“Um. . . . . .what were you two talking about?”

“A bad story. Hey Lapis, tell me about that princess.”

“. . . . . .You seemed quite familiar with her.”

“There’s no way. I probably just don’t handle that kind of situation well.”

Albero decided to infiltrate the castle tonight.

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