The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 5


Ashe, a childhood friend of Albero, is the granddaughter of a family of butlers who have served the Rushout family for generations.

Her long emerald green hair and eyes shine like jewels, captivating boys of her age.

Furthermore, the Summoned beast that Ashe possesses was unmatched in strength among her peers.

The Summoned beast 『Gryphon』

The large falcon soaring in the sky had fur shining in emerald green.

It’s a B-class. A powerful Summoned beast on par with the Rushout siblings.

Esterize was fond of  Ashe.

Since she was young, she was adored like a younger sister and was taught about battling with Summoned beasts and studying.

Ashe, in turn, looked up to Esterize like an older sister. Ashe had no siblings, so she had no reason to dislike the affectionate Esterize.

And then, Ashe had. . . . . .a childhood friend.

Albero, the third son of the Rushout family, a boy with black hair and red eyes.

He adored his mole Summoned beast and was an unusual boy who wanted to be a farmer.

Being the same age, Ashe often chatted with Albero.

“Albero, why don’t you train?”

“I don’t need to.”


“Because I’m a dropout. I’m not a talented summoner like my older siblings. Plus, my Summoned beast is weak.”


“Mog is cute though.”


Albero cherished Mog.

At this time, Ashe’s Gryphon was also a youngling. The little green bird was good friends with Mog.

However, as time passed. . . . . .when Albero and Ashe turned fourteen.

Albero was digging in the usual backyard when Ashe arrived.

“Albero, you’re here again.”

“Ashe. . . . . .I told you not to come, didn’t I?”

“That doesn’t matter. It’s my decision.”

“Sigh. . . . . . Why would the star everyone expects great things from, bother with someone like me?”

“Are you still talking about becoming a farmer?”

“Of course. I’ll leave the Rushout family and become a farmer with Mog.”

“. . . . . .Sigh.”

“You’re going to be directly under our sister, right? Gryphon is B-class after all.”

“Yes, but. . . . . .I wish you were with me.”

“Like I said, it’s impossible. Why would our sister care about me? It’s been almost ten years since we spoke.”

“. . . . . .”

Ashe knew that Albero was treated like air in the Rushout family.

But to Ashe, he was an important childhood friend.

“Only one year until we enter the Summoning Academy. . . . . .sigh, it’s such a hassle.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I get to meet Esterize-oneesama!”

“Top students are different. . . . . . I’ll probably be at the very bottom of F-class. You’ll be among the elites of B-class.”

“Always so negative. . . . . .You’re such a pessimist!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Suddenly, the ground around where Albero stood rose, and a black mole appeared.


“Welcome back, Mog. Did you eat a lot of worms?”


“Mog! So cute♪ Albero, let me touch him!”

“Hey, stop!”


Ashe has loved Mog since he was young.

She didn’t mind getting dirty and would hug Mog.

Seeing this, Albero chuckled.

“Honestly, what a strange girl. . . . . .”

“Did you say something?”

“No, not at all.”


Albero and Ashe. Childhood friends.

Between the two, there was an indescribable 『bond』, for sure.

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