The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 3


Esterize is the eldest daughter of the Rushout family.

At the age of 15, she controls an A-class Summoned beast, making her the rising star of the Rushout family.

Controlling an A-class Summoned beast at 15 is rare throughout the history of summoners.

The head of the Rushout family, Alban, is currently an A-class Summoner. However, he received his A-class certification in his mid-forties. This highlights how extraordinary Esterize is.

Esterize was a beautiful young girl.

With silky black hair and deep crimson eyes, she possessed an exceptional physique for her age. Furthermore, she demonstrated a rare talent in swordsmanship, defeating all the knights of the Rushout family even at 15.

But that’s not all.

Esterize’s Summoned beast, Arknight, is a rare humanoid Summoned beast.

Its form is that of a 『knight』, standing about two meters tall, clad in pure white armor with a blue cape. In its right hand, it wields a decorated round shield, and in its left, a large double-edged sword.

Esterize, alongside Arknight, fought in a style where both wielded swords.

Esterize’s name is gradually becoming known throughout the Asgard kingdom.

This is because the young lady of the Baron Rushout family defeated summoners of the kingdom, an unprecedented event.

This happened when her father, Alban, made a request to the kingdom for training for Esterize. The knight who came to train her was soundly defeated by Esterize.

Esterize’s name continues to spread throughout the Asgard kingdom.

It’s astonishing that a girl who hasn’t yet entered the Asgard Summoning Academy possesses such strength.

If she’s that strong, perhaps she could be a guard for the prince.

The daughter of the Duke family is also of the same age and an excellent summoner.

The Grand Duke’s son is also of the same generation━━and there’s excitement in the capital about this.

Later on, Esterize’s generation would be called the 『strongest generation』 and would also be referred to as the golden generation due to the numerous outstanding summoners that emerged.


The Rushout family sat together at their dining table.

Father Alban, Mother Sally, eldest daughter Esterize, eldest son Rashild, second son Fugil, and the youngest son Albero.

At the dinner table, Alban spoke.

“Esterize. Are you prepared to head to the academy?”

“Yes. I am all set.”

“Alright. . . . . .I’ve said it many times, but you will be carrying the name of the Rushout family. Don’t embarrass us.”

“Yes, father.”

“Esterize, did you write the letter?”

“Yes, mother.”

The words of the father are of expectations, and the mother’s words are of care.

Esterize understood that and was smiling.

Then, Esterize spoke to her younger brothers.

“Rashild, you’ll be going in a year, and Fugil, in two years. Both of you, don’t neglect your training just because I won’t be around.”

“Yes, sister.”

“We know. Hehe, we’ll become stronger than you by the time we enroll.”

“Fufu. . . . . .I’m looking forward to it.”

The sister and her two brothers engaged in a heartwarming conversation.

Listening to their conversation, Albero quietly left his seat.

He didn’t feel like he belonged there.

Returning to his room, he sat on a chair by the window and placed both hands on his thighs.

“Come out, Mog.”

As he said that, the Summoned beast Mog was summoned onto Albero’s thighs.


“Sigh. . . . . .the academy, huh.”


Although it wasn’t mentioned in the conversation, Albero also has to go to school.

In three more years, Albero let out a deep sigh.

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