The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 233

𝐔𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧

Two years later━━. . . . . .


After graduating from the academy, Albero moved to Isavel territory.

He took over as the lord from Bartholomew and spent his time leisurely while handling the duties of the lord.

Albero had turned eighteen.

Currently, he was writing documents in his office and looking out the window.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the office, and Yuisis, pushing a tea cart, entered.

“Excuse me. I’ve brought some tea.”

“Hmm, thank you. By the way, where’s Ashe?”

“If you’re referring to Oku-sama, she’s gone to see Ridelle with Lapis-sama and Shin.”

“I wish I could go too.”

“You have work to do.”

“I know.”

Lately, Ashe and the others often visit Ridelle.

The reason is that Ridelle is pregnant.

Moreover, it’s her second child. Her first child is a girl who just turned one.

“Is the second one a boy or a girl. . . . . .I never expected Ridelle to get pregnant while still in school.”

“It seems Kid was quite eager.”

“Hahaha. He was really in a hurry, wasn’t he?”

Ridelle’s pregnancy came to light a year after she and Kid became a couple.

It was when Kid was nineteen and Ridelle was eighteen.

Both had qualified to graduate, and they were discussing their upcoming graduation when Ridelle showed signs of discomfort, revealing her pregnancy.

They graduated and considered recuperating and giving birth in the Asgard Kingdom, but since Ridelle wanted to go to the Isavel territory, they both moved there happily.

Everyone remembered hearing the news of the birth of their daughter during class and rejoicing together.

By the way, Leivinia and Nisrok went with Kid and the others.

“Is the next one a boy or a girl?”

“Don’t worry, whichever it is, we are fully prepared with gifts.”

“Good job, Yuisis.”

“Thank you. By the way. . . . . .How about you, Danna-sama?”

“. . . . . .I’m trying my best.”

By the way, Albero hasn’t had any luck yet.

After Ridelle’s pregnancy, his wives became more proactive at night.

“Well then! Let’s take a break and visit Kid!”

Albero stood up, ready to leave his room.


In a forest near the ranch.

Kid activated 『Headsman』 and shot a huge demon beast boar right between the eyes.

“Damn. . . . . .they’re increasing lately.”

After the Demon Emperor War ended three years ago, the number of demon beasts dramatically increased.

These were the beasts that Shin Asgard summoned but couldn’t fully exterminate.

These demon beasts multiplied, and even when defeated, their physical bodies remained in this world. As a result, materials like demon beast meat circulated in this world.

Kid was carrying the huge boar with one hand.

“Meat. . . . . . it’s nutritious.”

I wonder if it’s safe to feed Ridelle?

His thoughts wandered for a moment.



From above, a massive demon beast monkey was attacking.

One of Kid’s arms was occupied, and the monkey moved fast.

He didn’t even have time to curse.

“『Summoned beast punch』!!”

However, a massive fist suddenly emerged from the side, striking the monkey.


“Being off-guard is a big enemy, isn’t it, Kid?”

“Huh, thank you for saving my life, Lord. . . . . .or should I say, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s get going quickly.”

“Yeah. But. . . . . .why are you here?”

“I heard you were hunting demon beasts in the forest. As a lord, dealing with demon beasts is part of the job.”

“I’m hunting around here to ensure no harm comes to my sheep. You take care of the area around the town.”


The two began to walk side by side.

After leaving the forest and walking for a while, they saw a ranch.


“Where is Walken-san?”

“The old man went to the Asgard Kingdom. He’s meeting his son and daughter-in-law.”

“Meeting, huh? Did you do something again?”

“Stop being noisy.”

Only Ridelle knew. Kid had paid a large sum to hire an escort, bought a horse carriage solely for Walken’s transportation, meticulously researched, found Walken’s son and daughter, and arranged for them to meet.

Now, they might be enjoying a family reunion after so many years.

Albero and Kid arrived at a separate part of the ranch. Kid went to the barn to dismantle a giant boar.

Albero went inside the house, where Ridelle and others were.

“Ah, Albero. Welcome.”

“Hey, Ridelle. . . . . .what are you all doing?”

Ridelle was sitting in a rocking chair.

Around her were Ashe, Lapis, and Shin, squatting.

“You know, you can hear a sound from the belly. . . . . .right, Lapis?”

“Yes. . . . . .it’s a baby.”

“That’s nice. . . . . .I want to be pregnant too!”

Then, a toddler of about one year old came riding on a small tiger named Leivinia.


『Hahaha! Don’t fall off!』

“Go, go! Oh, there’s Albero!”

“Hey Selsa. Have you been well?”

Albero lifted Selsa, who is Kid and Ridelle’s daughter.

She somewhat resembles Kid. It seems she’ll grow into a mischievous girl.

Perhaps tired, Leivinia went to Nisrok sleeping by the fireplace and curled up to sleep.

“Where’s Kid?”

“He’s dismantling a demon beast in the barn. It’s a huge boar; he said he wants Ridelle to eat it.”

“That’s lovely. Everyone should eat as well.”

“Wanna eat!”

Selsa playfully wriggled in Albero’s arms.

That day, they had a feast.


After having a meal at Kid’s house, they decided to take a walk for digestion.

Immediately, Shin spoke.

“Albero. We’ll go again tonight. . . . . .I want a baby.”

“. . . . . .Uh, okay.”

“Shin, you shouldn’t say such things out loud!”

“You want one too, Ashe.”

“It’s not your business!”

“Hahaha. Calm down.”

“Lapis wants one too.”

“Well. . . . . .we don’t have to talk about that!”

The three were making cheerful noises.

Then, Albero remembered and said.

“Oh, by the way. Yorha will be coming soon. Uh. . . . . .well.”

“. . . . . .successor?”

“So, does Yorha have priority?”

“Hmm. . . . . .okay. Ashe, Lapis. How about the three of us tonight?”

“No objections.”

“Wait, what?”

It will be a little longer until Albero’s successor is born.


The Isavel territory was peaceful.

With the increase in migrants and people coming from various countries, a unique culture was formed, and it became a hub for trade.

In the Kingdom of Asgard, Yorha was chosen as the next queen. Two years later, when she turns twenty, a coronation ceremony will be held. This news reached Albero.

The reason it’s in two years? Currently, she is pregnant.

Once the child is born, Yorha plans to recuperate in Isavel.

In his office, Albero stretches grandly.

“Well, maybe I’ll go out and get some fresh air.”

Going outside doesn’t mean heading to the town.

He heads to the backyard, leans against the mansion’s wall, sits down, and leisurely looks over the garden he started as a hobby.

From his pocket, he pulls out a letter and reads it.

“Elder sister. . . . . .coming to visit again? Fugil-niisan said he’d bring the kids too. I wonder if Rashild, my brother, will come.”

The letter mentioned Esterize coming for an inspection. It was written by Fugil, stating he would bring his child for a vacation.

They’ve become great friends. Albero doesn’t mind. However, he does wish Esterize would marry soon, but it seems she has no such intention.

“Oh boy. . . . . .things will get noisy.”

Alone in the empty backyard.

Such scenes were common in the Rushout house.

Recalling the past, he is immersed in nostalgia when suddenly the soil in the garden bulges up.


『. . . . . .』

It turned out to be a black mole.

It stares intently at Albero.

“Ah. . . . . .Mog.”


A small mole.

Named Jabberwock, it once served as Albero’s right arm.

Now, its consciousness has faded and it’s nowhere in this world.


『. . . . . .』

“Ah. . . . . .”

The mole lets out a cute chirp and burrows back into the ground.

Then, perhaps its partner, a female mole emerges with it.



The two snuggle up to each other, looking blissful.

It’s reminiscent of Jabberwock and Queen of Hearts from a dream Albero once had.

Albero watches them until they burrow back into the earth.

“Mog. . . . . .I’m doing my best.”

He has lost a lot to come this far.

But he has also gained much.

What Albero holds in his right hand is the “future” that Jabberwock gave him.

“Even if you’re not here, the right hand you gave me has provided a future. Mog, I’ll keep living. So please, watch over me from wherever you are.”

Albero murmurs this, raising his right hand to the sky.

His time as the weakest student was never easy.

He lost a lot. But there were things he gained only after losing.

There were hardships. Painful farewells.

But overcoming all, Albero is here.

“Mog, no. . . . . .Jabberwock. Until the day we meet again.”

Murmuring this, Albero, with power in his right fist, stands up.

There’s a lot of work to be done. The break is over.

Albero starts walking towards the mansion.

『Stay strong, Albero━━』

The two moles watch Albero with kind eyes as he goes.

━━𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐧𝐝━━

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