The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 199

𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧・𝐀𝐬𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝・𝐌𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐲 ②

The Queen, upon experiencing a world filled with color, changed.

She began to desire beautiful things and gradually became more selfish.

“Hey Shin, I want more beautiful things.”

“Beautiful things? Like jewels and dresses aren’t enough?”

“Yes! I. . . . . .I want even more beautiful things.”

The mansion, jewels, luxurious furniture, and dresses Shin prepared.

Shin did everything for the Queen. What she gave him in return, the 『Capricious Queen』, was invaluable for her magic research, particularly in summoning beasts.

With the results of her summoning magic research, Shin became renowned worldwide. Many sought to study under her, so financial concerns were nonexistent thanks to the support she received.

But. . . . . .only Jabberwock seemed troubled.

“Queen, you shouldn’t be so demanding. . . . . .”

“Jabberwock!! Why would you say that? It’s not you who introduced me to this beautiful world! It’s because I learned about this world that I became like this! Fufu, it’s only natural I’d want more.”

“. . . . . .”

Jabberwock went silent.

The Queen had changed. Before, she was happy just being with others.

Shin patted Jabberwock’s shoulder.

“Come on, it’s fine. Here, have some sweets, Jabberwock.”

“Shin. . . . . .thank you.”

Jabberwock munched on the cookies Shin gave him.


Time flew, and many years passed.

Shin appeared to be in her seventies. Thanks to one of the 『Capricious Queen』’s abilities, 『Infinite life』, she had a lifespan close to forever. Thus, her mind aged but her body remained that of a young girl. Jabberwock and Queen still looked the same, but their inner selves had changed significantly.

The Queen had become arrogant.

“Jabberwock, what did you do with my gold coins?”

“I distributed them to the people. Queen, why would you triple the nation’s taxes all at once? Think about the citizens’ lives.”

“So what? The gold coins are shiny and so pretty! Perfect for me.”

“Queen. . . . . .!”

This is the Kingdom of Asgard.

It began with the mansion given to Queen. As people gathered, it slowly became a town. The mansion was demolished, a castle emerged, and before anyone realized, a kingdom was established with Shin as its queen.

Although Shin ruled as queen, she was indifferent to politics. She entrusted governance to her former disciples and their descendants, assuming a role that only made decisions and took responsibility.

While eating sweets, Shin spoke.

“Hey, Jabberwock. Listen, the Summoned beasts I called forth seem to be doing well in the forest. Maybe it would be fun to call all the Summoned beasts from that world and live together harmoniously!”

“Shin. . . . . .That’s not a good idea. I’ve told you countless times, not all the Summoned beasts in that world are like us. There are many with malicious intentions.”

“But, aren’t Jabberwock and Queen here? Both of you are the strongest Summoned beasts.”

“True, but. . . . . .there are limits. Shin, trust me. Even if you can summon infinite Summoned beasts, recklessly inviting them to this world isn’t wise.”

“Ugh! Jabberwock, you’re so annoying! I just want to be friends with the Summoned beasts. Is that so wrong?! What do you think, Queen?”

“I will follow Shin’s wishes. Fufu, I love Shin after all.”

“As expected! Fufu, I love Queen too!”

“. . . . . .Shin, Queen.”

The rift had already grown too wide to mend.

And the cracks, once formed, would never heal.

Queen’s interference reached political levels, raising taxes threefold just because she wanted more gold coins. The Prime Ministers and nobles who protested were purged by Queen.

Gradually, gradually. . . . . .discontent built up.

Several years later. . . . . .in the devastated Asgard Kingdom, a coup erupted.


The start of the coup.

It all began with a single statement from Queen.

In Queen’s room, located in the Asgard Kingdom.

“I want this world for myself.”

“The world?”

“Yes. There’s too much I desire. . . . . .So, let’s make the entire world ours.”

“Oh, sounds good. If we have the world, maybe no one will nag about my research anymore.”

“What are you. . . . . .”

Jabberwock was horrified.

Neither Shin nor Queen were in their right minds.

The Queen he once loved, and Shin, were gone.

All that remained were beings consumed by their desires.

“Then, let’s immediately raise an army━━”

“No need. Shin, with 『Capricious Queen』, you alone will suffice. Plus, you have a lot of pets, don’t you?”

“Pe, pets. . . . . .Queen, don’t tell me you mean our comrades. . . . . .”

Jabberwock couldn’t believe Queen was referring to their allies as pets.

Both Shin and Queen were acting strangely.

“Shin, Queen. . . . . .Are both of you sane?”

“Jabberwock? What’s wrong?”

“Odd Jabberwock. Are you feeling unwell?”

“. . . . . .I won’t let it happen.”

Jabberwock made up his mind.

He stood up, enlarging his right arm━━shedding tears.

“Shin, Queen. . . . . .This world belongs to the humans. We are mere guests. Taking this world for ourselves is wrong! So. . . . . .I’ll stop you!”

“”. . . . . .””

Gently swaying, Shin and Queen both stand up.

What faced the two was disappointment. And anger━━and a slight sorrow.

“Jabberwock. . . . . .it’s a pity. I never thought I’d lose you.”

“It’s alright. Even if the body perishes in this world, the soul does not die. It returns to the other world. Well, it takes over ten years to reconstruct a body, and I don’t intend to summon him again anyway.”

“I see. . . . . .I’m sorry, Jabberwock. I don’t need you anymore.”

“Shin, Queen!!”

“There’s no planning or anything, but let’s do it. Come on, everyone!!”

Shin summons 『pets』 and ravages the Asgard Kingdom.

Jabberwock fights alone against thousands of troops to protect humans and manages to defeat Queen in mutual destruction.

Then, squeezing out his last strength, Jabberwock inflicts a fatal wound on Shin. . . . . .and Shin, using her own body as a vessel, re-summons Queen. The first 『parasitic type』 is born.

As a parasitic type, Shin’s body is unstable, and here he battles with twenty-one summoners of the Asgard Kingdom and is sealed.

This was. . . . . .Shin’s past from fifty years ago.


“. . . . . .”

“Demon Emperor-sama?”

“Hmm, ah. . . . . .it’s nothing.”

Called by Beelzebub, Shin has detached from her past.

The will of Queen, which has become a grotesque left arm, has already vanished. However, Queen is still there.

It’s the same with Jabberwock. Becoming Albero’s right arm, he is again trying to interfere with Shin’s 『human extinction plan』.

“. . . . . .I won’t stop.”


“I hate humans. I love summoned beasts. That’s why. . . . . .I’ll annihilate humans from this world.”

Twisted thoughts were trying to ravage the world and turn them into reality.

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