The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 197

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫

The mock battle concluded with Albero’s victory.

No casualties. Over a thousand injured. . . . . .The damage done by just one individual was immense.

However, Ripper━━a doctor and his subordinate, a healing type summoner, treated the injured one after the other. The members of the Peacemaker squad were safe and sound.

This battle proved one thing.

Albero Rushout is the strongest summoner in this world.

Right after the battle, Albero immediately returned to the S-class dormitory.

Once back, he shouted at Ashe and others who were playing board games in the lounge.

“Everyone!! I. . . . . .I felt it!! I might be onto something!!”

“”””””. . . . . .Huh?””””””

“For just a split second, I understood my power. I think it might be the strength that comes after 『Total Assimilation』. I felt it, just for a brief moment. . . . . .Mog might know about this.”

“Wait, wait! Albero, about the mock battle. . . . . .”

“It’s over. I won.”

He replied nonchalantly.

The reason Ashe and others were here instead of watching the mock battle was because Kid said, 『You don’t need to watch. He’s going to win anyway. But no running away from the game.』

Setting aside Kid, who surprisingly isn’t good at betting, Albero was excited.

“Shin Asgard. I won’t lose next time. . . . . .!!”

“Um. . . . . .Albero, are you hurt?”

“Hmm, yeah. . . . . .It hurts, but I’m okay.”

“What?! No, no, that’s not okay!! You need to get treated!!”

Yes, after defeating Esterize, Albero just gave a brief greeting to Fugil and returned here. He was battered with many injuries. But he seemed not to feel much pain, perhaps due to excitement.

Ridelle threw a piece of the board game and went to get the first aid kit.

“Really!! It’s not okay at all, having these injuries. . . . . .We have a battle coming up. You need to be in top condition!!”

“Ah. . . . . .I’m. . . . . .sorry.”

Ridelle scolded, and Albero’s excitement seemed to fade.

Then, he was forcefully told to take off his jacket.

“Come on, take it off so we can treat you!”

“No, no, I can do it myself.”

“No way!!”

“. . . . . .Alright.”

Like an intimidating older sister, Ridelle had Albero obey.

Then, Lapis and Ashe stood next to Ridelle.

“Uh, we’ll do it. Ridelle.”

“Yes, yes. Leave Albero to us!”

“. . . . . .Ah, right! Okay!”

Ridelle, as if remembering something, handed the first aid kit to Ashe and stepped away from Albero.

“. . . . . .?”

“Turn your back, Albero.”

“O, Okay.”

“Ashe, is this the disinfectant?”

“Yes. Lapis, you disinfect it.”

“Alright. Albero, please don’t move.”

“O, Okay. . . . . .Ow?! Hey, Lapis, that hurts!!”

“Told you not to move.”

“You shouldn’t, Albero.”

Albero got treated by the two girls.

Kid, who had been staring at the board game, sneaked a glance at Albero.

“Heh, youth, huh. . . . . .”

“I was about to take on an important role.”

“Hey, Ridelle, who cares about that. Let’s continue the game.”

“Okay, okay.”



Moving aside the sleeping Leivinia and Nisrok, Ridelle tightly gripped the piece.


That night.

The dormitory’s front door was knocked, and when Ashe opened it.

“I’m interrupting.”

“Eh, eeh, Esterize-san?!”

“Is Albero here?”

Esterize was present.

She was alone. Dressed in casual clothes, the ever-present Rashild wasn’t with her. Truly, she was by herself.

As Esterize tried to enter the dormitory, Kid wearing an apron pointed to his left hand.

“What are you here for? Don’t just barge in.”

“I have no intention to fight with you. I have business with Albero.”

“Didn’t you hear? Don’t come in without permission. . . . . .”

Suddenly, his left hand transformed into 『Headsman』.

Kid, who despises Esterize, looked like he would fire any moment.

Ridelle calms such a Kid, while Lapis stands next to Ashe.

“If you have business, please sit and wait. I’ll prepare tea now.”

“Hmm, the Duke’s daughter understands well.”

Esterize took a seat on the sofa.

When Ashe brewed the tea, Esterize smiled.

“It’s been a while, Ashe.”

“. . . . . .Yes.”

“Hmm, don’t be so stiff. I don’t know what you think, but I rate you highly. If you desire.”

“No, I’m good. I will fight with Albero.”

“. . . . . .I see.”

The answer was predictable. Esterize seemed to have just mentioned it for the sake of it.

After a few minutes of silence. . . . . .Ridelle and Albero came down the stairs.

It seemed like they had been asleep. Albero gave a big yawn.

“Hmm?. . . . . .What is it, do you need something?”

“Yes. I thought I’d make things clear here.”

“Yawn. . . . . .Ashe, make me a strong coffee. I’m so sleepy.”

“Alright. Despite your love for orange juice, you haven’t changed, still drinking strong coffee to wake up.”

Ashe chuckled.

Esterize doesn’t know anything about Albero.

This was the first time she learned he likes strong coffee.

Albero was savoring the strong coffee brewed by Ashe. He didn’t look at all like someone who had single-handedly beaten a thousand A-class summoners.

Once Albero finished his drink, Esterize spoke up.


“Hmm. . . . . .?”

Esterize was serious.

Both of them, with the same black hair and red eyes, looked similar. They undeniably resembled each other as siblings.

“This time, I have officially become the successor of the Rushout family and have been granted the title.”


“I want to confirm for the last time. Do you have no intention to return to the Rushout house?”


“Is that so. . . . . .? Then it’s fine, right?”

“You’re persistent. If you want to expel me, go ahead. I’m also a Baron and have my own territory.”

“True. But. . . . . .always remember this. Regardless of being granted a title or being given a territory. . . . . .You have the blood of the Rushout family. Your reputation is linked to the Rushout family’s reputation.”

“So? You’re saying I should do my best for the Rushout family?”

“No. Just don’t tarnish the name. At the very least, don’t show any disgrace.”

“Disgrace, huh? Just a few hours ago, weren’t you the one disgracefully defeated by me?”

“. . . . . .Hmph.”

Esterize snorts.

“Let’s admit it. Without a doubt, you’re the strongest summoner.”

“You’re acknowledging that, huh? Then, don’t try to fight with me or pull any stupid tricks. Well, I guess you’re probably someone’s puppet anyway.”

“. . . . . .What?”

“That’s what Yorha said. The title 『High Priestess』 isn’t something you inherit. It was given to Teacher Garnet, who sealed the Demon Emperor. It’s not a title someone like you, who hasn’t done anything, should claim.”

“. . . . . .”

“Hey, tell me. Are you being influenced by 『Judgement』?”

“. . . . . .”

“Silent, huh? Well, whatever. So, is the conversation over?”

“Yes. . . . . .”

Esterize stands up.

She heads to the entrance, and Albero opens the door and goes out.

“I’ll see you off.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Then I’ll take a walk.”

“. . . . . .Do as you like.”

Albero and Esterize start walking together.

Albero isn’t sure why he’s seeing her off.

As they walk, Albero expresses his current feelings.


“You can use 『Fusion』 huh.”

“. . . . . .”

“You must have worked really hard, right? Honestly, I can’t forgive you for leaving everyone in Class F to die, and I never will. But. . . . . .we need your Peacemaker squad in the battle against the Demon Emperor. So please, if the Demon Emperor’s Summoned beasts come in hordes, fight with us.”

“I would, even if you didn’t ask. It’s my duty.”

“I see.”

Esterize stops and says to Albero,

“Class F. . . . . .do you resent?”

“Of course. But I have mixed feelings.”

“. . . . . .Why?”

“I was heated up back then too. I directed all my anger at you. But. . . . . .if that attack hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been able to manifest Jabberwock. Also, you were just following orders. . . . . .I understand the logic, but I can’t come to terms with it.”

“That’s fine. I never thought for a moment that you’d forgive me. Besides, even without that order, I would have commanded them to wait. Class F was perfect to stall while analyzing the demon’s combat capabilities.”

“Huh. . . . . . “

Albero starts walking. Esterize follows.

They can’t forgive each other emotionally. They have no intention of getting along or reconciling.

But Albero and Esterize share the same blood. No matter how much they hate each other, the bond of siblings will never change until death.

So, just for now. . . . . .Albero forgave her.


“. . . . . .!”

“I’m looking forward to our battle against the Demon Emperor.”

“. . . . . .Hmph.”

Without replying, Esterize starts walking, leaving Albero behind.

Albero also doesn’t follow her, turning on his heel to walk away.

They didn’t exchange words. But. . . . . .they understood each other through the bond of siblings.

A truce, just for now.

The battle with the Demon Emperor is just a short while away.

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