The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 194

𝐏𝐮𝐬𝐡 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟

Approaching Albero were A-class summoners with Equipment-type Summoned beasts.

Their movements were decisive and refined. They held swords, spears, blunt weapons, scythes, and naginatas. Among them was a familiar face, Rashild, swinging a massive battle ax.

It seemed that this unit was led by Rashild.

“Charge! Kill him!”

“They’re really out for blood!”

Rashild’s expression was one of rage.

Upon closer inspection, his overall muscle mass had increased, probably the result of rigorous training.

The giant ax he used to swing with both hands was now effortlessly handled with one.

Albero, in response, enlarged his right arm to meet the attack head-on.

“Take this!”


As Albero caught Rashild’s ax with his right hand, the ground cracked beneath them.

Feeling stronger than before, Albero grinned.

Then, purple lightning surged from Rashild’s ax.

“Lightning! Lightning, lightning!”

“What the, huh?!”

A numbing sensation spread throughout his body.

Then, from both sides of Albero, summoners with spears and naginatas closed in. Behind Rashild, several summoners with bows were readying their shots.

They were clearly intent on killing him.

Yet, Albero was grateful for this intense situation.

“Hahahaha! How do you like that?!”

Rashild laughed.

Albero’s right eye suddenly opened wide, revealing a golden iris with a unique pattern.

With as much power as when he defeated Shin’s Barol, he unleashed a new strength.

“Nice. Give me more. . . . . .『Nether・Eye-Opening Sin』!”

“””””What the?!”””””

Suddenly, Rashild and his subordinates froze in place.

Originally, the Barol could see the 『meridian thread』 and manipulate 『life energy』. . . . . .Albero acquired the ability to control 『life energy』, albeit slightly.

As all living things have circulating life energy, he could manipulate its flow to a small extent. Albero named this ability 『Nether・Eye-Opening Sin』.

The physical strain of using it was significant.

Currently, Albero could only control the life energy of about ten people at once, and for merely five seconds for each individual. Furthermore, its range was limited to twenty meters.

It’s a rather restricted ability, but quite handy.

“What’s happening?!”

“Take this! 『Summoned beast Slash』!”


Albero’s enlarged right arm swung sideways, sending the approaching summoners flying.

Only Rashild managed to stay grounded using his 『Leibold Ax』 as a shield, but the force made him kneel.

“Damn you.”

“See ya!”


Albero leaped, stomping on Rashild’s head, and knocked away the archer summoners who had been aiming at him from the back.

With this level of opposition, he didn’t need to resort to 『Total Assimilation』 yet.

First, he’d push his body to its limits.

The opponents numbered twelve hundred, and all were A-class summoners.

“Here they come!”

Approaching was a horde of Partner-type Summoned beasts.

Wolves, birds, lizards, dragons, giant oxen – they had it all. There were too many to control their life energy. Moreover, due to the energy spent on Rashild and his team, Albero already felt exhausted.

So, Albero enlarged his right arm and leaped again.

“『Summoned beast King’s Fury』!”

And with that, he slammed his hand onto the ground, fingers spread wide.

Cracks appeared in the earth, momentarily halting the movements of the summoned beasts.

However, the summoned beasts proceeded to their next action━━using their abilities.

Breathing fire, water, and lightning from their mouths, there was a massive bull that charged forward, ignoring the cracks in the ground.

Albero landed and hardened his right hand using the 『Hardening』 ability, holding it up like a shield.

Flames struck his right arm directly but left no mark. However, he couldn’t withstand the charge of the massive bull and was sent flying.

He managed to regain his posture, but another summoned beast lunged at him.

“Damn. . . . . .they’re relentless!”

He knocked away a beast that resembled a pig.

But their numbers didn’t decrease at all.

This pig was of a swarm type. . . . . .a summoned beast that comes in large numbers.

“Oh, come on! So annoying! I’ll roast and eat all of you pig!”

He continued to knock away the swarm of Summoned beasts.

Not only were there other Partner-types, but the number of weapon-wielding summoners was also increasing.

Their number reached twelve hundred. Albero had taken down less than ten.

Little by little, fatigue began to build up.

“Heh, good, this is good. . . . . .! More, I want more!”

He pushed himself to the limit.

Albero seemed to be even enjoying this situation.

While the Esterize side was conserving their forces, Albero was going all out.


“I will become stronger. So, Mog. . . . . .don’t be scared, lend me your strength!”

Albero kept on hitting the summoned beasts relentlessly.

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