The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 187

𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞

Ridelle was walking alone through the town of Isavel.

In her hand was a simple, unadorned handbag. She wore a simple shirt, a skirt, and boots. Ridelle preferred rough, masculine designs over girlish frills.

She was heading to the most prominent western clothing store in Isavel.

Located in the center of the town, it seemed like all the residents bought their clothes here.

According to Yuisis, the main branch of the store was in Isavel, and they had a branch in the royal capital. Moreover, it was quite popular.

Ridelle gripped the pattern of her handbag tightly.

“. . . . . .Alright!”

Gathering her resolve, she arrived at the western clothing store.

She immediately entered.


A gentle woman, or “Onee-san”, greeted her.

For some reason, she had a kitten on her shoulder. But a bright red-haired kitten? It wasn’t normal. . . . . .It was a Summoned beast.

The Onee-san, smiling, said to Ridelle:

“Oh my, what a cute girl! And such a great figure! Hmm. . . . . .I might get some ideas!”

“Um, excuse me.”

“Fufu. . . . . .Hold on! Let me take a look.”

“W, Well, actually. . . . . .”

Onee-san circled around Ridelle.

And, it would be fine if she just looked, but she started touching her.

“Ah! E, Excuse me.”

“Sorry! I’ll be done soon. . . . . .Hmm, hmm.”

Neck, shoulders, cheeks, arms, waist. . . . . .and when she touched her chest, Ridelle pulled away.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

“Oh. . . . . .I did it again! I’m so sorry, so sorry, so sorry! When I see beautiful girls or ones with great figures, I just want to touch.”

“. . . . . .”

Ridelle decided in her heart never to bring Ashe, Lapis, or Yorha here.

The Onee-san, still smiling, said:

“Welcome. I’m Mahoroa, the owner and designer of this store.”

“Designer. . . . . .”

“Yes. Fufu, I’m quite famous, you know!”

Mahoroa, still smiling, petted the kitten on her shoulder.

“This is 『Kett-C』. My adorable Summoned beast!”

“Oh, yes. It’s cute.”


“Eek! Y, Yes.”

“Fufu. Cute things and kind-hearted girls. . . . . .”

“Um, excuse me!”

Seeing that the conversation wasn’t going anywhere, Ridelle took the initiative.

She took out a sketchbook from her handbag and showed it to Mahoroa.

“Please look at my designs!”

Yes. Ridelle was taking her first step towards her dream of becoming a designer.


Mahoroa, who received the sketchbook, flipped through the pages on the spot.

Her atmosphere changed; her gaze was serious.

“Is this yours?”


“You want to be a designer?”

“. . . . . .Yes!”

“. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .Um.”

“Let’s go to the back.”

Mahoroa starts walking while looking at her sketchbook.

Ridelle follows, passing through the shop’s backyard and into a spacious private room.

It became clear immediately. This is Mahoroa’s office. . . . . .a designer’s room.

Kett-C jumps off Mahoroa’s shoulder and curls up on a small cushion on the desk, yawning cutely before falling asleep.

Mahoroa silently flips through the sketchbook.

Ten minutes later. . . . . .around the time Ridelle’s stomach started to grumble, Mahoroa closed the sketchbook.


“. . . . . .”

“Not bad, but it’s like a child’s drawing.”

“Ah. . . . . .”

She said with a bright smile.

Trying not to show her shock, Ridelle clenches her teeth silently.

“Whenever a child tells me they want to become a designer, I make it a point to take them seriously, whether they are a three-year-old girl or a lady over seventy. I face them sincerely.”

“Y, Yes.”

“What’s your name?”

“R. . . . . .Ridelle.”

“So, Ridelle-chan.”

Mahoroa holds the sketchbook to her chest.

“This is like a child’s drawing.”

“. . . . . .”

“Fufu, I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s a wonderful drawing with a childlike perspective that adults lack. This creativity. . . . . .it’s brimming with a youthfulness I don’t have.”

“Th. . . . . .Thank you very much.”

Mahoroa flips through the sketchbook.

“It’s clothing for girls, right? But instead of being cute, it focuses on style. . . . . .it feels like a design for boys. Removing unnecessary frills and ribbons and focusing on a simple design. . . . . .”

“Ah, I. . . . . .don’t really like girly clothes. I thought it would be nice if there were clothes for girls that looked like they were for boys.”

“Exactly! Such a perspective is essential. So. . . . . .what do you want to do with this design?”

“I wanted to hear a professional’s opinion.”


“Yes!! Even though I’m still a student and inexperienced. . . . . .I think I will live in Isavel in the future!! I really want to study design more. . . . . .that’s why.”

“Oh, I see! You want to study here with me.”

“. . . . . .Yes.”

Ridelle has always thought about living here once everything is settled.

She has the rewards from the demon subjugation, so she doesn’t need to work to get by. But a lazy life doesn’t suit Ridelle. She has always yearned to pursue her dreams.

Mahoroa nods in understanding.

“Here’s a challenge for you! Create ten handkerchiefs with your design. Change the design for each one. If even one of them sells in the store, I’ll hire you right here!”

“. . . . . .Really? Is that okay?”

“Yes♪ You have talent. I’ll teach you all sorts of things♪.”

“P, Please be gentle with me.”

Ridelle bows her head and lifts it. . . . . .saying with determined eyes.

“I’m sorry for being presumptuous. I’m still a student, so I will seek your guidance after I graduate.”

“Of course! Your student life is important too.”

That’s one reason.

But now. . . . . .there’s the terror of Shin・Asgard.

She needs to settle things there first.

“Thank you, Mahoroa-san. I’ll do my best!”

“Yes, do your best, young one!”

This marks the beginning of Ridelle’s dream. Her first step towards becoming a designer.

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