The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 182

𝐌𝐨𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐉𝐚𝐛𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐰𝐨𝐜𝐤

He turned his will inward on his own accord.

Somehow, he felt like he could do it.

Queen of Hearts and Shin. . . . . .since the time he fought with them, he had a strange feeling.

When Albero opened his eyes, he was not in the backyard of the Isavel territory’s lord’s mansion, but in the Rushout family’s backyard.

What Albero saw was the softened ground.

The ground swelled, and a small mole peeked out.

“Mog. . . . . .”

『. . . . . .』

As the mole crawled out from the ground, it floated lightly.

Albero reached out, but he couldn’t touch it.

『Albero. I’m sorry』

“Huh, for what. . . . . .?”

『Shin. She resurrected. . . . . .If I had defeated her properly, this wouldn’t have happened』

“That’s not true. Mog, didn’t you defeat a lot of the summoned beasts called by the Queen and the Demon Emperor? If you hadn’t fought for humanity, the world would have ended.”

As Albero said this, Mog quivered.

『But in the end, Albero had to struggle. . . . . .』

“It’s no big deal. Because I have you. Together, we can take on anyone. . . . . .”

But, Albero stopped mid-sentence.

Mog understood immediately.

『My Nether Eye Balor is too powerful for Albero to handle in a human body. But Shin transformed her body, using the material of summoned beasts, making it compatible with Balor. In every way, she’s superior to Albero, and she has the ability of the Queen of. . . . . .The power of the 『King』 doesn’t affect the 『Queen』. My 『End of the World』 and 『Hardening』 abilities are also ineffective against the Queen』

“Even so, I have to fight. The only one who can fight Shin is me. Mog, I need your strength to protect this world.”

『. . . . . .』

Mog looked down.

Even the king of the summoned beasts, Jabberwock, cannot match Shin Asgard, who harbors the Queen of Hearts. That was his demeanor.

But Albero wouldn’t give up.

“Isn’t there something, some way? I must defeat her, no matter what.”

『. . . . . .I’m sorry』

“Mog. . . . . .”

『I don’t want to see Albero die. I. . . . . .love Albero』


『I’m sorry, Albero. I. . . . . .』

“There is a way, isn’t there? A way to fight her.”

『. . . . . .Yes』

Mog looked into Albero’s eyes.

Reflected in his round eyes were sadness. . . . . .and hesitation.

『Shin was the first in this world to use a summoned beast as a parasitic weapon. Not an equipment-type summoned beast, but using her own body as a weapon. . . . . .It manifested when I was fighting the Queen』

“Mog. . . . . .?”

Mog began to speak.

Albero decided to listen silently.

『I managed to defeat the Queen in a manner akin to mutual destruction. However. . . . . .Shin, fearing the loss of the Queen, summoned her again using her own body as a medium. This resulted in Shin harboring the Queen within her. But. . . . . .It was incomplete. Though incomplete, it was more than enough to defeat me in my wounded state. My physical form perished and returned to the world of the Summoned Beasts. The incomplete Shin was defeated by twenty-one heroes and sealed.』

“. . . . . .”

『Then, I learned. Shin would 『become one with the Summoned Beast. A completely new form, the parasitic type』. I realized from our battles. True to its name, the parasitic type heightens physical abilities to the extreme by parasitizing humans. But, it is still 『parasitism』. Maybe. . . . . .if we can remove the Queen. . . . . .』

“Is, is that even possible?”

『I’m not sure. But there’s a possibility. If we can remove the Queen parasitizing Shin, maybe we have a chance to defeat her.』

“. . . . . .”

『However, it’s not just me, but also Kid and Ridelle. The parasitic type doesn’t just inhabit the physical body. It’s a state of parasitizing soul to soul. The soul of a Summoned Beast loses its will, leaving only power behind. I can converse like this because I’m a bit special. . . . . .but I suspect this won’t last long.』

“. . . . . .”

『To separate soul from soul. Whether that’s even possible. . . . . .but that’s the only possibility we have.』

“. . . . . .Are you serious?”

Albero holds his head in distress.

But, a glimmer of hope has appeared. Separating Shin and the Queen of Hearts. This is the path to victory.

『Also, one more thing. . . . . .』

“Wait, there’s more?”

『Yes. But, this is the last resort. I can’t tell you now.』

“. . . . . .What’s that about?”

『It’s scary. This is something we should never resort to. I don’t want to do it, and I don’t want Albero to either. But. . . . . .maybe, just maybe. . . . . .』

“Mog?. . . . . .What are you talking about?”

『Sorry, Albero. . . . . .Let’s think about it together. A way to separate Shin and the Queen.』


Suddenly, Mog’s form began to fade and the scenery started to distort.

It seemed as if Mog was smiling.

『I think. . . . . .we can only have such a conversation one more time. Albero━━see you again━━』


Albero reaches out for Mog.



There was a soft, squishy sensation.

“Hmm. . . . . .what was that?”

“A, A, Albero. . . . . .what are you grabbing?”


When he opened his eyes, Albero found himself firmly grasping Ashe’s chest.

Soft and too large to fit in his right hand. Even through her shirt, it was evident she was lightly dressed after a bath, revealing its shape and size. Apparently, Ashe came to wake the sleeping Albero.

With sleepy eyes, Albero immediately turned blue and let go.

“A, Ashe. . . . . .um, sorry, I mean. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .”

“Ah, haha. My, my bad. . . . . .”



After receiving a strong slap, Albero was flung off the bench.

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