The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 18

𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐭 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲

The teachers of Asgard Summoning Academy were gathered in the staff room for a regular meeting.

The number of students exceeds two thousand. Therefore, there are more than a hundred teachers.

Teachers in charge of each class, class, and level discuss and share information about the students’ progress and those who require special attention. Their duty is to provide focused guidance to promising students and mold them into exemplary summoners.

The reports were almost finished.

Meteore, the top teacher and the principal of the academy, spoke while twirling his long beard.

『This year too, we have an excellent batch of students. A rich harvest, indeed.』

Meteore continued without standing up.

His voice echoed throughout the spacious staff room, conveying his happiness to all the teachers.

Meteore is one of the twenty-one strongest A-class summoners and is a special A-class summoner.

His status is high not only in the academy but also in the Asgard Kingdom.

Suddenly, Meteore murmured.

『Dear teachers. . . . . .there have been reports of the existence of a demon.』

For a moment, there was silence━━soon followed by a wave of commotion.

A demon. A summoned beast possessing the will and wisdom left by the worst summoner, the 『Demon Emperor』, who nearly destroyed the world.

Even one demon has the strength of several A-class individuals or more.

『Currently, seven entities have been confirmed. One of them is likely 『Gluttony』 . . . . . .My dear teachers, we can’t inform the students yet. Please be even more vigilant than before.』

After the Demon Emperor was sealed, seven demons were confirmed.

Among them, 『Gluttony』 is particularly active, frequently attacking towns and villages. In the past, thirty A-class summoners formed a hunting party, but only four survived. They managed to injure 『Gluttony』, but couldn’t subdue it.

Such is the ferocity of the demon.

『If you sense the presence of a demon nearby, please inform me immediately. Understood?』

Meteore spoke gravely.


“Albero, let’s grab some food!”

“Yeah, what’s on the menu today?”

“Stew without meat. . . . . .they’ve got to be joking.”

Albero was heading to the dormitory with Ratts.

Two months since their admission, they’ve grown accustomed to their daily lives.

Howl and Marlon, who weren’t present, were probably preparing lunch in the dormitory. Since F-class students aren’t allowed to use the cafeteria, they had no choice.

“Um, can I join. . . . . .”

“Yeah, Laby, come along. Today, it’s meatless stew.”

Albero walked side by side with Laby, who had approached timidly.

And behind them, there was another.

“I’m coming too. Let’s move it.”

“Hey, don’t just pop out of nowhere.”

“Don’t be so loud. Ratts, your shirt’s untucked. Fix it.”

“Annoying. . . . . .”

It’s Ratts and Rachel.

The two don’t get along very well. Albero and Laby tried to mediate as they continued towards the dormitory.

By the time they arrived, the meal was ready.

“You’re late. Sit down already.”

“I seasoned it today.”

Efficient Howl and skilled cook Marlon were there.

Other students also started pouring in, and the meal began.

A stew with only vegetables, hard bread, and just a salad was the meal. But for Albero, a meal shared with friends always felt delicious.


“Ah. . . . . .I really want to eat meat.”

“Ratts, don’t ask for what isn’t there. Right, Albero?”

“True. We can still eat vegetables.”

“I need meat because I’m growing! Meat, meat, meat!”

“Stop being noisy! Eat quietly!”

“You’re loud! You want to eat meat too, right? Right, Rachel?”

“There’s no point in asking for what we don’t have! Once we rank up, we can use the school cafeteria, and then we can eat as much as we want!”

“Oh, right.”

“He’s convinced. . . . . .Marlon, Howl, this guy’s an idiot, isn’t he?”

“Ah, haha.”

“I know, right?”

Laby tried to calm the noisy Ratts and Rachel, and their classmates laughed watching them. Albero, Howl, and Marlon also laughed, and the class meal passed joyfully.

Even being in class F, Albero was having a great time.

After finishing his meal and the afternoon classes, Albero left the classroom to return to the dormitory.

On the way to the class F dormitory, passing through the courtyard. . . . . .

“. . . . . .Ah.”

He encountered them.

There was a group walking straight through the center of the courtyard.

Albero stopped to let them pass.

“. . . . . .”

At the center of the group was Albero’s real sister, Esterize.

To her right was his brother Rashild, on the opposite side was a student with long black hair, and behind them was his other brother, Fugil.

And following Esterize were about ten other students.

“. . . . . .Ah.”

 One of them was Ashe.

 There was also Grits who had previously disparaged Albero.

 Smiling faintly as he looked at Albero, he walked alongside Ashe, placing his hand gently on her back.

“. . . . . .”

Albero felt a slight pain in his chest. But he convinced himself that someone like Grits, an excellent student, was more suited for Ashe than a class F student like him.

Albero looked at his sister Esterize, but she didn’t even glance at him. His brother Rashild did the same, and only Fugil clicked his tongue looking at Albero.

And then, Ashe looked at Albero. . . . . .and quickly looked away.

“I’m sorry. . . . . .”

Hearing that whispered apology, Albero sighed softly.


That night.

In bed, Albero summoned Mog and spoke to it in a whisper.

“Hey, do you think my sister has forgotten that I’m her brother?”

『Mog. . . . . .』

“Well, it’s fine. Honestly, I don’t want to be involved with such a scary person. I want to graduate soon and live in a foreign country with you.”

『Mogu. . . . . .』

“. . . . . .What’s wrong? You’ve been acting strange lately.”

『Mogu, Mogu!』

“. . . . . .?”

Mog started flapping around.

Then it stared intently at Albero.


“. . . . . .I don’t get it.”

『Mogu~. . . . . .』

“. . . . . .”

Actually, he understood.

Mog was asking, 『Is that really okay?』

Albero responded.

“It’s fine. I’m blessed with good friends and am having quite a fun time. I’ll enjoy it this way until I graduate.”

『. . . . . .』

For some reason, Mog looked down, seeming apologetic.


On that night.


“Is this Asgard Summoning Academy. . . . . .? Sniff, it smells nice here!”


In the sky, Abel was floating.

He smirked and looked down at the Summoning Academy, laughing.


“Even if I continue like this, it’s boring. . . . . .Alright! I’ll take a nap until the prey wakes up!”


Saying that, Abel skillfully lay down in the air and started snoring.

Demon Abel.

One of the seven demons, feared as the 『Gluttony』 demon.

Such a formidable Summoned beast was snoring in the sky above the Summoning Academy.

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