The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 168

𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬

Kid spread his wings and spoke to Ridelle.

“Ridelle. Take care of Garnet.”

“Eh. . . . . .?”


“. . . . . .”

Ridelle activated her booster unit and retreated.

She deactivated the Total Assimilation and saw Garnet collapsed beside Kid.

And then, covering her mouth, she quietly shed tears.

“I asked you to.”

“. . . . . .”

Tears flowed as she gave a small nod.

Kid transformed both hands into 『guns』 and aimed at Florentia, who had taken the form of a giant serpent.

Florentia, with her face twisted in grotesque rage, was seething.

『You dare harm, harm MEEEEEEEEE?! This, to ME!』

“You’re damn noisy. You monster.”

Kid spread his wings and flew.

And then━━aimed at Florentia, firing bullets.

『Hmph, I won’t be hit by such━━』

Florentia tried to knock down the bullets with her large scythe, but the bullets 『penetrated』 the scythe and lodged into both of her arms. They pierced her without stopping.


“You idiot. If my bullets can penetrate you, then my 『penetration』 is effective. . . . . .For a massive monster like you, you’re an easy target.”

Kid spread his wings, moving at high speed.

Like a grand eagle. Like a falcon hunting its prey. With eyes sharp as a hawk. Persistent like a crow. He moved through the sky, tracing intricate trajectories.

And during that time━━bullets were released.

『Gu, ga, g, gya?!』

Thump thump thump, bullets lodged all over Florentia’s body.

Florentia, trying to protect herself, coiled her giant snake tail, tensing her muscles. . . . . .But such efforts were in vain.

Kid’s bullets penetrate everything.

『You, brat━━!』

Florentia, curled up in defense.

But, Florentia had a plan.

『Don’t underestimate me━━』

Florentia smirked.

Bit by bit, slowly. . . . . .Florentia was creating a large scythe.

She concealed it, hiding her face and body with her tail, planting the scythe into the ground.

Initially, Garnet had said it. Tell how to stop Typhon. Meaning currently, Kid wouldn’t kill Florentia.

Therein lay the key to victory━━Florentia thought so and decided to endure.

“Stubborn damn snake.”

『Ugh. . . . . .』

Kid ascended rapidly, then descended with force.

Combining the force of the fall with the thrust from his wings, he tore Florentia’s body apart with the claws of a giant raptor.

But, Florentia endured. Waiting for Kid to let his guard down.

And then, scoffing at the immobile Florentia, Kid aimed his transformed left arm, a 『sniper rifle』, at her.

“Stop that monster. And I’ll let you go with a single shot.”

『O, O. . . . . .Okay, okay, just don’t kill me』

“. . . . . .I’ll wait five seconds. Stop it.”

『I said I got it, please, don’t kill me!!』


While floating in the air, Kid calmly counted down.

Letting his guard down━━Florentia grinned and manipulated the numerous scythes she’d set up right beneath Kid.


『You let your guard down!! DIEEEEE!!』

A large number of scythes sprang out of the ground, rotating.

They tore through Kid’s entire body, ensuring an instantaneous death.


“Is that━━Kid?”

Albero was relentlessly whittling down Typhon.

Time and again it would regenerate. However, he began to sense the regeneration slowing down, albeit slightly. It seems Typhon’s regeneration isn’t limitless, but it has an upper limit close to infinity.

In the heat of the battle, Albero noticed Kid had undergone 『Total Assimilation』.

With his vision as Jabberwock-Albero, hundreds of times sharper than a normal human’s, he was sure it was Kid, especially with his jade, bird-like appearance. Moreover, he spotted a giant serpent with the upper half of a woman nearby.

“That must be 『Lust. . . . . .has he cornered her? Alright, I’ll. . . . . .wait, what?”

Albero saw it.

The serpent-like woman. . . . . .Florentia was sending something into the ground.

And right above the spot she targeted, Kid stopped.

It was visible thanks to Albero’s right eye.

“Danger!! Ashe, Lapis, I’m leaving this to you for a moment!”


Stretching out his right arm, Albero hardened a streetlight hundreds of meters away, anchoring it to the ground. Using his arm’s elasticity, he leapt, flying several kilometers to where Kid was.


『You’re off guard! Die!!』


Rotating scythes surged from directly below Kid.

Caught off guard, Kid clicked his tongue and tried to defend, hoping to at least avoid instant death.

But a black mass blocked his vision.

“『World Stop』!”

A right arm.

In its trajectory, space and time were 『hardened』, stopping all the scythes in their tracks.

The suddenly appeared black mass━━Jabberwock-Albero shouted.

“Go on, Kid! Finish off the past!”

“Hmph, I didn’t need to be told.”

Kid’s left arm grew massive, its cannon elongating.

Spreading his wings and flying past Albero, Albero heard him.

“Thanks, Albero.”


It was a brief moment.

It didn’t even last half a second, but Albero felt he definitely heard it.

Kid calling out his name for the first time.

“You took me too lightly. . . . . .”

『Wait! Wait! Without me, Typhon won’t stop!』

“Really?. . . . . .Look over there.”


Though it was several kilometers away, Kid, with his bird-like vision, could see.

Albero saw it too. Florentia didn’t.

What Kid saw was Typhon turning into mud and dissolving.

“Typhon, was it?. . . . . .Its body is breaking down. It’s starting to crumble.”

『That can’t be. . . . . .A side effect of merging multiple summoned beasts?! Why would there be such a flaw in a summoned beast created by Demon Emperor-sama. . . . . .』

“We don’t need you anymore. The rest. . . . . .seems like something my friends and I can handle.”

『Wait, wait, waaaaaaaaaait!』

“Grandpa, grandma. . . . . .dad, mom, everyone in the village. . . . . .it’s finally coming to an end.”

Kid’s wings spread out, shimmering like jade.

『Headsman』 began to emit a brilliant emerald green glow.

“Sarah, I’m sorry for being such a pathetic older brother. Billy. . . . . .keep soaring in the sky of my heart. Garnet. . . . . .you were an incredible woman.”


From the emerald green barrel, a jade bullet was fired.

“『Ultimate Annihilation Bullet』.”

Time, space, existence, life, origin, everything.

The bullet that pierces and destroys all of that hit Florentia directly.

Florentia evaporated in an instant. Her soul disappeared without returning to the world of the Summoned beast.

“Hehe. . . . . .”

Kid smiled faintly, looking up at the clear blue sky.

Simultaneously with Florentia’s disappearance, Typhon turned completely to mud and ceased to function.

Thus, the demon attack on the Asgard kingdom ended.

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