The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 166


The bullet Kid fired seems to be drawn directly to Florentia’s forehead.

However, Florentia remains motionless. She smiles sweetly as she accepts the bullet━━but before it reaches her forehead, the bullet disintegrates into dust.

“My opponents are. . . . . .Garnet and that young lady over there?”

“. . . . . .Damn it!”

“Kid, leave it to me!”

Ridelle charges forward, executing a spinning kick using the thrust from her booster unit. Florentia counters Ridelle’s kick with her scythe and skilfully unbalances her with a twist.

“What the?!”

“You’re still too naive. My experience with Bahamut is of a different class!”


In close combat, a scythe is at a disadvantage━━however, Florentia has been using this weapon for centuries. She’s undoubtedly prepared for close encounters.

The shaft of Florentia’s scythe splits into two. The blade becomes sword-like, and the separated end of the shaft transforms into a short spear. In essence, she wields both a sword and a spear.

Florentia swings the sword towards Ridelle.

Kid fires several shots, but Florentia doesn’t seem bothered. The bullets disintegrate into dust before reaching her.

“Damn. . . . . .”

“Hahahaha!! The young lady is quite strong!”

Florentia attacks Ridelle with her short spear and sword.

Her dual-wielding technique is incredibly skillful. It’s not just about raw power; there’s genuine skill there.

Suddenly, Garnet intervenes between the two.

“Play with me too.”

“I have no interest in the likes of you!”

Garnet’s hands elongate and become sword-like.

With those hands, she intercepts Florentia’s weapons and further supports Ridelle’s assault.


“Ahahaha!! This tension, it’s great!!”

Dodging Ridelle’s kicks with only martial arts and deflecting Garnet’s attacks with a weapon.

It was an unbelievable movement. The two of them were evenly matched with Florentia━━no, Ridelle and Garnet were at a slight disadvantage.


“Huh?! Ugh?!”

“Take this!”


A front kick counter timed to Ridelle’s kick lands in Ridelle’s abdomen. Garnet repels both arms with a weapon, and releases a bullet condensed with magical power from the sword.

Both of them were blown away and tumbled on the ground.

Kid raises his left hand, firing shot after shot. But. . . . . .they don’t reach Florentia.

“. . . . . .”

“Heh. It’s useless with just the two of you, isn’t it?”

“. . . . . .Tch.”

Kid clicks his tongue.

Firing alone will never reach.

And then───Kid laughed.

“Old lady, Ridelle. . . . . .can you still go on?”

“Hmph, of course.”

“Me too! I want to go all out but. . . . . .I can’t use it in the middle of the town.”

Ridelle can’t use 『Total Assimilation』. If she releases her armaments, the damage to the town will exceed what Typhon could do.

Ridelle readies herself, Garnet dispels the smoke surrounding him and lights a cigarette once again.

Florentia is grinning.

“Ah~This is really fun. Feels like going back to the old times. . . . . . ♪.”

“Hmph, I don’t want to see your face anymore. Let’s end this quickly.”

“Oh, let’s have more fun, shall we?”

Florentia combines her sword and short spear back into a large scythe.

Kid readies his left arm.

“I’ll provide cover. When she shows an opening, beat her down.”

“An opening. . . . . .how will you do that?”

“I have a plan. Leave it to me.”

“. . . . . .Kid, you.”

“Never mind, let’s go. Ridelle, old lady!”

Kid transforms his left arm into a 『machine gun』 and starts running.

Bullets scatter everywhere, all directed at Florentia. However, the bullets turn to dust without touching Florentia.

As Kid runs, Garnet and Ridelle also start running.

“Idiot! It won’t work!”

“Yeah───I know.”

Kid deactivates the machine gun.

And then───.


“Gu, gah. . . . . .”

Took the scythe with his own body.

The scythe that dug into Kid’s shoulder went further in, reaching his heart.

Kid spits blood. Ridelle and Garnet are shocked.

“Wha. . . . . .”

“If I can’t touch you, then you should touch me!”

“You aimed for this. . . . . .?!”

Kid grabs the embedded scythe.

“I have to risk my life to defeat you! If you die, it’s what I hoped for. I’ll give you the life I once gave up on right here!”

“This brat. . . . . .!!”

Even with half his body torn, Kid was smiling.

If he can’t touch, the only option is to make the opponent touch him. It was a life-risking strategy.

Garnet clicks his tongue, and Ridelle turns pale.

“Old lady!! Riiidelle!!”

“This damn kid. . . . . .!!”

“Uh, uuuu. . . . . .!!”

Garnet exhales black smoke, and Ridelle fires up her booster unit to the max.

Florentia just has to let go of the scythe. However, Kid’s fighting spirit freezes her for just a few seconds.

“『Machine Gun Shoot』!!”

“『Black Smoke Cannon』!!”

Ridelle’s explosive series of kicks strike Florentia’s face, and Garnet’s black smoke blows Florentia’s body away.

“Heh, serves you right. . . . . .”

Blown away and crashing into the wall, Florentia quietly collapses.

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