The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 15

𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐬

Albero has been enrolled for a month.

He’s gotten used to the school life. However, the treatment of the F-class was indeed the worst.

Subpar classrooms, similarly subpar dorms, the need to prepare their own meals, and lessons that merely consisted of reading out of textbooks. It seemed almost pointless to attend school.

Still, attending the summoning academy is a noble’s duty.

Even if they aren’t expected to achieve much, even if there’s little hope for a bright future after graduation. Studying as a summoner is a duty for the nobility. . . . . .for all citizens.

After class, Albero stands up with his textbook in hand.

“Hey, Albero. What about lunch?”

“I have some leftover bread from the morning, I’ll eat it in the courtyard.”

Ratts seems to be heading back to the dorm for lunch.

He invited Marlon and Howl, and the three of them returned to the dorm together.

Albero considers them good friends. However, he also enjoyed his alone time, occasionally taking his bread to the courtyard and reading his textbook.

“Now, should I feed Mog some worms?”

By the way, there are places where students aren’t allowed based on their rank. The library, for example, can only be accessed by C-class students and above. Special sections of the library, like the restricted books section, are only accessible to B-class and above.

The courtyard of the Asgard Summoning Academy is open for students of all ranks.

Albero headed towards the courtyard located in the center of the school from the F-class building.

The courtyard is spacious and frequently used by many students. Embroideries of 『C』, 『E』, 『D』 are stitched on their backs, making it easy to identify their ranks.

“Such a distasteful design. . . . . .”

Muttering to himself, Albero sits beside a flower bed in a corner of the courtyard and bites into his bread.

He then summons Mog and lets him roam around the flower bed.

“Go ahead, eat the worms if you find any.”


Mog, possibly excited, digs through the soil of the flower bed.

Albero opens his textbook, nibbling on his bread as he reads.

“. . . . . .The Demon Emperor, huh.”

Demon Emperor.

Once, a summoner who almost destroyed the world.

He is said to have controlled tens of thousands of Summoned beasts all by himself, a heretic.

Currently, the Demon Emperor is sealed by a particular summoner, and the Summoned beasts he left behind are rampaging around the world.

The beasts left by the Demon Emperor are called 『demon beast』, and the higher-level ones with wills are called 『demons』.

The demons are conspiring to revive the Demon Emperor, while the demon beasts rampage out of resentment for the Emperor’s sealing.

Summoners are needed to subdue them. Hence, attending the summoning academy is an obligation, and excellent summoners are managed by the nation.

“My older sister and brother are sure to join the 『Summoner Knights』. . . . . .What about someone like me?”

Saying so, he looks up at the sky.

The same blue sky as always. A gentle wind feels good━━

“Uh, um. . . . . .”


Suddenly, he’s approached by someone.

He looks in the direction of the voice to find a peach-haired girl shyly looking at Albero.

“Uhm, aren’t you. . . . . .having lunch?”

“Yeah, I ate. Um. . . . . .did you need something?”

“Well. . . . . . I saw you heading out alone, so I got curious.”

“. . . . . .”


The girl with peach-colored hair was Laby.

Laby, who had the best classs in the F-class and was on the verge of being promoted to E-class, was shyly looking at Albero.

Albero made some space where he was sitting.

“Want to sit?”

“Ah. . . . . .yes.”

Laby sat with a bit of distance.

Perhaps it was related to her hair color, but there was a faint peachy fragrance.

“Um, where’s Mog-chan?”

“Mog? Oh, he’s digging for worms in the ground.”

“I see. . . . . .”

Albero understood.

Laby had come to see Mog.

Amused, Albero commanded Mog to 『return』. Then, appearing in Albero’s palm, Mog cutely tilted its head.


“Ah, Mog-chan! Wow, so cute~♪.”

“Haha, you wanted to see this little one, huh? Here.”

“Whoa, haha, so fluffy~.”


Mog, being held by Laby, seemed comfortable.

Such a soft and gentle moment was flowing.


“Ah. . . . . .Ashe.”

“Finally found you. . . . . .stay in the courtyard longer!”

“Sorry, sorry. But our classs are different.”

“Doesn’t matter! Me and Albero. . . . . .huh, who’s this?”

It was Albero’s childhood friend, Ashe.

With emerald-green hair swaying, she enthusiastically approached Albero. Upon noticing Laby hugging Mog, she seemed a bit sour.

“Hmm. . . . . .Despite having a childhood friend like me, you go for such a cute girl.”

“C, Cute?!”

“Hey, don’t get the wrong idea! She’s just a classmate who thinks Mog is cute.”

“Yeah, I totally get that Mog is cute! Let me hold him too!”



Ashe, who took Mog from Laby, hugged it as if rubbing her cheek against it.

Mog seemed delighted because he loved Ashe.


“Hehe, cute, Mog~♪.”

“Yeah, so cute~♪.”

“You guys. . . . . .”

For a while, there was a peaceful moment.

Then. . . . . .several students approached the trio.

“Ashe, so you were here. . . . . .huh, who are you guys?”

“Ugh. . . . . .”

Ashe frowned, but the male student said,

“Didn’t we promise to read in the library today? Let’s go.”

“No, I didn’t promise. . . . . .”

“Really. . . . . .huh? You guys. . . . . .oh, just F-class. Do you need something from our Ashe?”

The male student was in the same B-class as Ashe.

Not just him, all of the surrounding students were in B-class. . . . . .elite freshmen.

Laby turned pale, and Albero bowed his head.

“Albero, you don’t have to bow!”

“Idiot, it’s not that simple.”


“Albero. . . . . .oh, right, you. You’re her so-called childhood friend.”

The male student glared at Albero with disdain.


“I’m Grits. The B-class second summoner. I don’t know if you’re childhood friends or what, but you, an F-class, are not suitable for her. Hang out with those appropriate for you, in an appropriate place.”

“. . . . . .”

“What are you saying?!”

“Ashe, don’t be selfish. This is for your sake too. If the Student Council President’s favorite like you is seen getting along with the bottom of the F-class. . . . . .”

“That doesn’t matter!! And, about Esterize-san. . . . . .”

“Ashe. . . . . .that’s enough.”

“Albero. . . . . .”

Albero restrained Ashe.

And then, he whispered.

“As they say, you are expected as a summoner. As a childhood friend, I want you to do your best. . . . . .so, it’s better to get along with your classmates.”

“Albero. . . . . .”

“Now, excuse me. . . . . .let’s go.”

“. . . . . .”

Albero walked away with Laby.

Grits sneered, watching his 『F』 badge on his back, and the others with him had the same look.

And. . . . . .they never realized that Albero was Esterize’s younger brother and the third son of the Rushout family.

“. . . . . .Albero, I’m sorry.”

Ashe was filled with feelings of guilt.

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