The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 142

𝐎𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞

“How pointless. . . . . .”

Kid looked back on the past and muttered in a bored tone.

Alone, reflecting on the past while walking.

Finding a pleasant shade of a tree, he put down his belongings and sat down heavily.

Looking up at the sky, it was irritatingly clear and blue.

“. . . . . .Tsk.”

He looked at his left hand.

The day his left arm became 『Headsman』. At first, he didn’t understand and just cried uncontrollably.

Not a single injury on himself. The dead bodies of his family. The dead bodies of friends, comrades, and villagers. No matter how much he called, Billy didn’t appear. . . . . .When Kid came to his senses, he buried his family and villagers, packed his belongings, and left his hometown.

At first, he was so heartbroken that he couldn’t even eat.

He developed insomnia and constantly thought about wanting to die. . . . . .he even considered ending it all.

However, one day while wandering aimlessly, Kid accidentally stepped into a forbidden forest and was attacked by a demon beast.

The enemy was a kobold. A mere weakling, but Kid thought of giving in and dying without resisting.

But. . . . . .regardless of Kid’s will, his left arm went berserk. It felt as if the left arm was shouting 『Live』. And he realized for the first time. What resided in Kid’s left arm was Billy.

At the same time, what surged within him was anger.

The woman. . . . . .Florentia who killed his family and comrades.

“The demon of 『lust』. . . . . .”

Kid muttered to himself.

After losing his family, he wandered for two years. He trained rigorously to master his left arm and earned a living as a wandering mercenary. He then learned that the method that destroyed the village was the same as the demon of 『lust』, and its name was Florentia, so he pursued the demon.

And then, after finishing a mercenary job, while having a drink in a tavern, he heard about it.

“In the Asgard Kingdom, one of the demons was defeated.”

Kid immediately headed to the Asgard Kingdom.

And when gathering information, he met Albero in the town below the castle.

The man who defeated the demon.

The demon. . . . . .Blood rushed to Kid’s head, and he involuntarily aimed 『Headsman』 at him. However, Albero also had a deformed right arm and had lost everything just like him.

After reflecting on everything up to this point, Kid picked up his belongings and stood up.

“Hmph. . . . . .How pointless.”

It was curious.

He had always been alone. He never needed comrades.

During his mercenary days, various organizations and clients tried to recruit Kid, seeing his strength. But he rejected them all, thinking they would hinder him in his pursuit of the demon.

But Albero and the others were different.

He initially thought of them as naive nobles who knew nothing of battle. However, he found that he could trust Albero and the S-class more than any organization.

Even now, he continues to walk back to his comrades, showing that Kid trusted them.

“. . . . . .Comrades, huh?”

Kid pondered as he walked.

Then, he suddenly remembered.

A casual conversation he once had with his father, Clint.

『Kid, find yourself some comrades.』


『Yes. It’s crucial to have comrades you can trust with your back. Guns are indeed powerful. But they run out of bullets. If you have comrades, you can reload with peace of mind. Have such comrades.』

『That’s pointless. I’m fine being a lone wolf. It’s cooler that way.』

『Oh boy. . . . . .You still have a long way to go.』

Comrades aren’t just there to buy time to reload a gun.

Create trust and have comrades you can rely on. Now he fully understood what those words meant.

“. . . . . .Damn it.”

But, Kid gritted his teeth.

No matter how many allies there are, Florentia is too strong.

She’s on a completely different level compared to Hublis and Abel. Thanks to her abilities, even Ogre can’t inflict any damage on Florentia.

We need a countermeasure.

If not a man, then a woman. That’s the only option. . . . . .however, Kid shook his head.

“It’s no use. . . . . .Florentia, I am.”

This revenge, I’ll take it with my own hands.

But, there’s no countermeasure.

Without any plan in mind, he kept walking and finally arrived at the Kingdom of Asgard. . . . . .Kid headed straight to the S-class dorm.

Without a word, he opened the door, and everyone was already there.


Albero, Ashe, Ridelle, Lapis, Leivinia.

Nisrok was sleeping on the sofa. Kid gave a slight nod.

“Hey, are you okay?!”


“We were worried about you!”


“I’m so relieved. . . . . .really.”


“Kid, are you hurt? Are you okay? Hey!!”


“I thought you might have died.”


“Phew. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .”

Kid responded vaguely.

Albero asked Kid once again.

“What happened?. . . . . .Are you okay?”

“Annoying. Sorry, I need some sleep. . . . . .we can talk later.”

“Y, Yeah. . . . . .”

Kid entered his room, threw his belongings, and went to bed.

He had returned. However. . . . . .he didn’t want to talk to anyone for now.

“. . . . . .Tsk.”

Only the sound of his tongue clicking echoed emptily.

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