The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 136

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭’𝐬 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭

As the horse carriage arrived at the royal castle, Oswald was arrested.

Even the typically composed Oswald was looking dejected. He didn’t have time for any scheming, having just arrived in the Asgard Kingdom. The news had already spread throughout the country, and Oswald’s credibility was now close to zero.

Albero watched Oswald’s retreating back as he was taken away.

As he walked inside the royal castle, he asked Yorha,

“Such a pitiful end. What’s going to happen to him?”

“For now, there will be an investigation. They’ll interview the newspaper reporters, and if we don’t act quickly in Alfheim Kingdom. . . . . .it will undoubtedly become an international issue. Oh, what a foolish thing he’s done.”

“Well, hang in there.”

“Hmm. I suspect the involvement of my uncle and aunt. . . . . .Though there’s no evidence, but first, we need to deal with Oswald. With such a tarnished reputation, the 『masquerade ball』 won’t protect him anymore.”

“Masquerade ball. . . . . .”

“You don’t need to worry about that. For now, we should go and see Otou-sama.”

“Right. . . . . .Oh, there’s Ashe and the others.”

In the entrance hall of the royal castle, Ashe and the others had gathered.

Kid was not present. It seems he hasn’t returned yet.

“Albero, Yorha! Hey, did you hear about Teacher Oswald?”

“We know. We saw the newspaper and saw him get arrested right before our eyes.”

“Ugh, it’s so frustrating! While we were fighting, he sneakily helped a prince!”

Ashe was furious.

Ridelle was angry as well.

“. . . . . .Those residents came to me, did Oswald send them? If he had properly directed them elsewhere, Bahamut wouldn’t have attacked.”

“Ridelle. . . . . .”

Lapis gently touched Ridelle’s shoulder.

Albero then asked Ashe,

“Where’s Kid. . . . . .?”

“Hmm, he hasn’t returned yet. . . . . .but I’m sure he’ll come back on his own.”

By the way, no one present believes even for a moment that 『Kid was defeated or killed』.

Yorha then spoke up,

“What about the A-Class Summoner?”

“They’re in a room within the castle, waiting for you, Albero.”

“And about Oswald?”

“I believe they know. . . . . .Esterize-san looked quite shocked.”

Albero snorted.

“Whether they knew or not. . . . . .it seems Oswald didn’t tell the A-Class Summoners. Though it could be an act.”

The shock of Oswald’s arrest. What will happen in the upcoming audience?


They met up with the A-Class Summoner and entered the audience chamber.

Everyone kneeled before the king seated on his throne, and then Esterize reported,

“We have successfully defeated two demons and report this accomplishment.”

“Ah!! Well done!!”

King Zenovect, overjoyed, clapped his hands.

With a beaming smile, he said to Esterize,

“You truly did well. We are one step closer to world peace! I expect you all to defeat the remaining two demons and the Demon Emperor, bringing peace and happiness to this world.”

“Yes. . . . . .”

“Of course, you all can expect a reward.”

Zenovect kept smiling.

Yorha then said,

“Father, there’s something I need to report. . . . . .about Oswald.”

“Yes. . . . . .I heard about it this morning. I was truly shocked. I never expected Oswald to. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .May I take charge of this matter?”

“What? Yorha, you?”

“Yes. I believe this issue isn’t just about Oswald. Let’s thoroughly investigate Oswald and everyone behind him, and eliminate any threats to the nation.”

“Hmm. . . . . .But having a young girl handle 『eliminations』. . . . . .”

“There’s no issue. I am of the Asgard royal family. Before being a girl, I have dedicated myself to this nation. There’s no distinction between boy or girl in protecting our country.”

“A, Alright, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Thank you.”

Zenovect was overwhelmed by Yorha’s authority.

The matter of Oswald was entrusted to Yorha. With Yorha’s 『resources』, by thoroughly investigating every corner, it’s unlikely another Oswald would appear. That’s what Albero thought.

Then, Zenovect asked Albero a question.

“Albero, did you eliminate the demon again this time?”

“Yes, I took down one of the two demons that appeared, and Ridelle took care of the other.”

“Oh!! That’s amazing. . . . . .Well done.”

“Ah, th-thank you. . . . . .”

Ridelle was extremely nervous.

Thus, after their audience with Zenovect ended, Albero and the rest left the audience hall.

There was no more business in the castle. On the way to the courtyard with the A-Class Summoners, Esterize spoke.


“. . . . . .What?”

“You did well with this. This is the fourth demon subjugation. . . . . .As the Rushout family, I’m proud.”

“It’s not for the sake of the Rushout family.”

“You’ll be granted a territory as a reward, right? You’re trying to change your family name and leave the Rushouts, but it’s too late. The Rushout family has already grown sufficiently. The rest. . . . . .is my job.”

“. . . . . .”

“So, this is my gratitude as your sister.”

Esterize approached Albero and touched his cheek.

Albero didn’t resist or avoid her. . . . . .and then, Esterize kissed Albero’s forehead.

“Leave the Rushout family to me and follow your own path.”

“. . . . . .Thanks, I guess.”

“Hmph. You’re an annoying little brother. . . . . .But, I’ll acknowledge your contributions for the prosperity of the Rushout family.”

“. . . . . .”

With that said, Esterize began to walk away.

Rashild stood in front of Albero and grinned.

“All your achievements have been claimed by our sister. Hehe, let me tell you. While you definitely were the one who subjugated the demon, the overall command was hers. The most praised for this demon subjugation will be our sister. And the Rushout family. Albero, you really did well.”

“. . . . . .”

Rashild, grinning, walked away.

Then, Fugil and Grits approached.

“Albero, um. . . . . .thank you for everything.”

“No, thank you. Nii-san.”

“Hey, Albero Rushout. . . . . .Take good care of this 『little one』, okay?”


Grits was holding a large yellow baby bird.

Fugil seemed about to say something, but shook his head.

“Well then, see you.”

“Yes, nii-san , thank you for your hard work.”

Fugil and Grits left.

The only ones left were Albero, Ashe, Lapis, and Ridelle.

Albero stretched out and turned around.

“Well, should we head back to the dorm? Leivinia and Nisrok are probably waiting.”

And so, the battle ended. . . . . .and their regular lives returned for a while.

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