The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 117


After the battle with the keeruans, Albero and the others set out once again.

A few hours from the cabin, there’s an abandoned village, and they decided to camp there for the night. The next day, they plan to reach one of the three villages foretold by 『Fate』 Nakshatra’s prophecy.

Esterize looks at the parchment where Nakshatra’s prophecy is written.

“According to the 『Fate』’s prophecy, there’s a 60% chance the first village will be attacked. Three days later, the next village has a 70% chance, and two days after that, the last village has a 90% chance.”

“Then, shouldn’t we go to the third village first?”

The suggestion came from Sanbalt, who was sitting next to Esterize.

However, Esterize shook her head.

“There’s only a 10% chance the third village will be attacked first. Based on probability, it’s more efficient to proceed in this order.”

It seems the likelihood of an attack also depends on the number of days.

Oswald comments while sipping his wine.

“Well, as for the fighting, we do have S-class members. It’s annoying to admit, but they are strong. . . . . .Leave the demon subjugation to them, and Esterize-kun, you should focus on commanding.”

“Yes, Teacher Oswald.”

“Your Highness, I entrust you with protecting Esterize-kun.”

“Of course. I will protect her.”

Sanbalt tried to put his arm around Esterize’s shoulder, but she gently declined.

Then, Wolve, who was with them, spoke up.

“Well, whatever will be, will be, I guess. . . . . .”

Wolve yawned widely and leaned back.


An S-class horse carriage. . . . . .no, since Marcosias is pulling it, it’s a wolf carriage.

Albero stood on the roof of the carriage.


Using the power of the 『Nether Eye Balor』, he surveyed the surroundings.

Overuse can cause severe headaches. At full power, Albero can use it for about three minutes a day.

However, if he adjusts his power. . . . . .

“Minor, activation. . . . . .”

Instead of entering a room by opening the door, imagine just looking inside from the entrance.

Going inside drains his power. So, what if he looked in from outside?

“Grrr. . . . . .”

His vision flickers between a sepia world and a colored one.

Entering, exiting, entering. . . . . .a sensation like that.

And then, even in the colored world, he could see the shining 『meridian thread』 and 『meridian nucleus』 of this world. His vision improved, allowing him to see miles away.

“Argh. . . . . .”

But he immediately deactivated it.

It’s quite tricky to adjust. No headaches, but it’s mentally taxing.

It feels like he’s constantly tensing up.

“It’s tough. . . . . .but I’ll manage.”

Then, he manifested his right arm.

“『Summoned beast strike』 with 『World Stop』. . . . . .”

One of the techniques named by Albero.

He learned and named several new techniques during his training with Damocles and Venus.

Albero has to become much stronger.

He looked back at the horse carriage the A-Class Summoner was riding in.

“. . . . . .”

And quickly turned his gaze forward again.

Whatever scheme they might be plotting, it doesn’t matter.

Demon subjugation. That’s all that matters for now.

“Mog. . . . . .I’m doing my best.”

Cradling his right arm, Albero looked up at the sky.


They arrived at the abandoned village.

Long ago, the villagers abandoned this place because demon beasts frequently appeared.

The houses are significantly damaged, and fields are overrun with weeds, leaving no traces of the past.

Only the river remains clear, and upon checking, the water was drinkable.

Esterize gathered everyone to give instructions.

“We will camp here tonight. The three S-class members will patrol and keep watch. Everyone else, prepare for camping. Rashild, I leave the camping preparations to you.”


“S-class members will take turns on night watch. Yorha, I leave the rotation to you.”

“Should I include an A-Class Summoner in the rotation?”

“I apologize, but only the S-class members, please. We have to prepare a report to send back to our homeland.”

“I wouldn’t think a report is necessary on the first day of camping. . . . . .”

Yorha muttered under her breath, but Esterize didn’t hear.

With the orders given, everyone began their tasks.

Oswald, along with Sanbalt, entered the least damaged house with Fugil. It seems they’ve chosen it as their base. Perhaps they will have Fugil clean.

Rashild began loudly giving orders to the S-class members.

“You and you, gather firewood. There should be enough wood from the old houses around. You, fetch water!”

“””. . . . . .”””

The two tasked with firewood are Ashe and Lapis. The one fetching water is Ridelle.

It appears Rashild can’t say people’s names. He should have known Ashe since they were young.

Albero, Kid, and Yorha decided to patrol the perimeter of the village.

“Listen Albero, I’ll seriously consider the matter of the territory. The Rushout family has been nothing but a nuisance to you.”

“Uh, thanks.”

“. . . . . .Hmm.”

Yorha seemed upset.

For now, the Yorha here is an S-class summoner, not royalty. There’s no need for her to be on high alert, and she could join Sanbalt in the evening’s reflection session.

However, Yorha doesn’t seem bothered.

“Well, it’s fine. They probably won’t openly sabotage us during a demon subjugation mission. They’ll just take out their frustrations on us.”

“I’m getting angry.”

“I don’t really care. More importantly, about the demon. . . . . .do you really think we’ll find one?”

“The prophecy of 『Fate』 is almost always accurate. Both of you, stay alert.”

“Hmm. . . . . .”

“Got it.”

“Hey, you.”

“Hmm. . . . . .what?”

Kid lightly tapped Albero’s right arm.

“If we end up fighting a demon, don’t immediately use 『Total Assimilation』. I can’t imagine you continuing to use such a ferocious power without any limitations. Plus, if you defeat it too quickly, I won’t get my chance.”

“Huh? . . . . . .Well, there aren’t any limitations. Besides, Mog wouldn’t do that.”

“I’m talking about possibilities. Listen, don’t overuse it. If a demon appears, I’ll handle it.”

“. . . . . .Alright, but if it’s a dangerous foe, I’m intervening right away.”

“Hmph, do as you like.”

Kid pointed his left finger at Albero.

“This is a good opportunity. I’ll get it too. . . . . .the 『Total Assimilation』.”

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