The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 115


Before reaching their destination, there are several scheduled breaks.

The first rest stop is near a river that flows alongside the road. There’s a large hut built there, which travelers and merchants often use for breaks.

Fugil unhitched the horse and left it under Grits’ care.

He then went inside the hut, cleaned a table and chairs, laid out a tablecloth, and prepared five chairs. From his belongings, he got out some tea utensils and lit the stove inside the hut.

Shortly after, Oswald entered the hut. Without acknowledging Fugil, he took a seat.

As Esterize was about to sit, Wolve discreetly pulled out a chair for her.

“Here you go, my lady.”

“Thank you, Wolve.”

“Not at all.”

“Ugh. . . . . .”

Sanbalt, who entered the hut a bit later, expressed his frustration.

Then, he spoke to Fugil in a slightly stern voice.

“Hey, hurry up and boil the water. I will serve the tea. Move quickly.”

“Y, Yes!!”

He was clearly taking out his frustration on him.

Wolve is very considerate. His subtle acts of kindness were highly appreciated.

Then, Rashild said to Esterize:

“What should we do with the S-ranked members?”

“Let them maintain the horse carriage. Also, ensure the surroundings are secure. The break is only for an hour.”


Rashild bowed and left the hut.

Naturally, only the A-ranked summoners get to rest. The rest have duties to perform.

Nonchalantly, Wolve sat next to Esterize.

“My lady, are we camping out tonight?”

“Yes, we will rest in an abandoned village a few hours from here.”

“I see. I’ll make sure to protect you then.”

“. . . . . .Wolve, about calling me ‘my lady’…”

“Haha, to me, all beautiful people are royalty. But among all the ladies I’ve seen, you are exceptionally beautiful.”

“Stop teasing. . . . . .seriously.”

“Oh? Haha, I love that expression. . . . . .Like a black rose with a hint of the radiance of a peach rose. I might just fall for you.”

“Wolve━━” ” Esterize! The tea is ready!”

At that moment, Sanbalt interrupted.

Wolve raised both hands in a jesting surrender, while Esterize sighed.

Oswald, who had been silent, then spoke up.

“Esterize, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you now.”


“It’s about our future plans. Fugil, I’d like you to keep watch outside.”

“Y, Yes!”

Fugil quickly exited.


“Why do we have to take care of the horse carriage?”

“Well, after all, I did say I’d be under the A-class summoner.”

“Being under someone and doing odd jobs are two different things.”

Kid and Ridelle were tending to their horse carriage and Esterize’s horse carriage.

Checking the wheels, inspecting for damages, and cleaning off dirt. . . . . .Ridelle didn’t complain at all, but Kid was continuously grumbling as he worked.

If it were only Kid, he probably wouldn’t have even touched the A-class summoners’ horse carriage. However, since Ridelle said she’d do it, he reluctantly helped.

Ashe, along with Yorha, was cleaning the hooves of Grits’ horses and brushing their manes.

“A, Ashe. . . . . .Thank you.”

“Hm, it’s nothing. But, what’s with this amount of luggage. . . . . .Grits, didn’t you get a Dimension sparrow from Albero?”

“No, Rashild said 『It’s outrageous to let such an unpredictable demon beast carry luggage!!』. . . . . .So, only my luggage and Fugil’s luggage are in there.”

“Hmm. . . . . .(The yellow one is cute, isn’t it).”


“N, Nothing at all!”

“Hey, you two over there! Your hands have stopped working!”

“Ah, sorry. But Yorha, you’re royalty, why not take a break over there. . . . . .”

“I don’t need to. Besides, it’s absurd to take an hour break after just a few hours in a horse carriage. What a waste of time.”

Yorha brushes the horse with vigor. Pleased, the horse whinnied in response.

Grits looked at Ashe.

“Ah, Ashe.”

“Hm, what?”

“Uh. . . . . .it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”


“So. . . . . .is being an S-class fun?”

“Very much so. I’m glad I left the Student Council, to be honest.”

Ashe flashed a radiant smile at Grits.

Her emerald green hair fluttered gently. The proximity between the two made Grits nervous.

It’s clear that he has feelings for Ashe.

“. . . . . .I sense impure intentions.”


“You. Bring the horse feed. Quickly!!”

“R, Right away?!”

Grits ran off as if Yorha had kicked him in the rear.

“Yorha? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, just. . . . . .ohohoho.”


Somehow, Yorha felt that she shouldn’t let Grits get too close to Ashe.


Albero, with Lapis, was brushing Marcosias.

Having drunk plenty of water by the river, Marcosias lay down on a sheet spread by Lapis, and with brushes in Albero and Lapis’s hands, he was being carefully groomed, looking utterly content.

“Marcosias, do you feel good?”


“He says it feels good.”

“Do you understand?”

“No, there’s nothing else.”

The two comb the nearly white blue hair of Marcosias.

While thanking Marcosias for pulling the carriage this far. For Marcosias, pulling a cart of that extent is not a big deal.



“. . . . . .Your sister, are you okay?”

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘okay,’ but I’m not interested anymore. . . . . .They probably don’t care about me either. Most likely.”

“Is that so. . . . . .Somehow, it seems the Class A summoners are up to something.”

“R, Really?”

“Yes. Be careful, they might stab you from behind!! Just kidding.”

“You, your sarcasm is too much━━.”

Albero and Marcosias reacted simultaneously.

Albero held his right eye, and Marcosias slowly got up.

What Marcosias saw was the opposite bank of the river. . . . . .From where Albero and the others were to the opposite shore, it was about ten meters. Beyond that was a forest.

“. . . . . .This feeling, they are here.”

“Huh? What?”

“Lapis. Call everyone. . . . . .They’re coming!!”

The moment Albero threw away the comb and readied his right arm━━huge 『beetles』 flew out from the forest on the opposite shore.

“B, Bugs?! Eek. . . . . .”

“Lapis, protect Kid and the others!”

“Yes, got it! Marcosias, support Albero!”


Albero shouts, readying his right arm.

“Take it━━『Jabberwock』!!”

The battle with the demon beast, after a long time, began.

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