The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 11

𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐜𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐲

Entrance ceremony.

Albero and his friends, dressed in brand new uniforms, arrived at the large auditorium where the entrance ceremony was being held.

Upon entering the auditorium, they saw a vast fan-shaped space. The frontmost rows were reserved for A-B class Summoners, followed by C-class and D-class. The F-class students, as seemed to be tradition, were seated at the very back in the corner.

As Albero, Ratts, Howl, and Marlon walked in line, Ratts suddenly collapsed.

“What happened?!”

“Out of the way, trash. Don’t walk in front of us.”

“Ouch. . . . . .What’s your problem?!”

Ratts’ anger was justifiable.

Albero helped Ratts up and looked at the three boys and two girls standing in front of them.

One of the boys turned around, revealing a 『C』 embroidered on his back.

“We’re C-class. . . . . .You guys are trash from F-class, right? You’re an eyesore.”

“W, What did you say?”

“Stop it, Ratts.”

“Albero, let go of me!”

“Sorry. Please go ahead.”

“Howl! Marlon!”

Albero and Marlon held Ratts back while Howl bowed his head to the boys.

Marlon then covered Ratts’ mouth.

“※Muffled sound.”

“Good. You lowlifes should stick together and maybe have some tea in the corner.”

One of the boys lightly kicked Albero’s foot and took his seat in the C-class section.

While Marlon continued to hold onto Ratts, Albero and the others took their seats in the F-class section.

“Phew, why did you. . . . . .”

“Keep it down. You know. . . . . .being a summoner is all about rank.”

“. . . . . .”

“We’re F-class, they’re C-class. If we stand up to them, we’re going to get hurt, right?”

Ratts tried to confront Howl but couldn’t argue with the truth.

Ratts, becoming emotional, took a deep breath and finally calmed down, shrugging his shoulders.

“Sorry about that. . . . . .”

“It’s fine. We’re outcasts. Let’s just stay out of the way of the top-tier students and take it easy, right Albero, Marlon?”

“Yeah. I never intended to become a summoner anyway, and I only attend this school out of obligation.”

“Same here. . . . . .”

As they chatted, the rest of the F-class students gathered, and all the new students took their seats.

The auditorium quieted down, and a man appeared on the stage.

『Now, let’s start the entrance ceremony. First, a greeting from the principal.』

The man must be a teacher.

He stepped away from the podium, and an elderly man walked up slowly. Standing in front of the lectern, he gave a slight bow.

Albero thought to himself while looking at the man.

“He’s impressive. . . . . .He looks quite old but has a very well-trained physique.”

“Really? That’s what you’re focusing on?”

Ratts teased him, but Albero just nudged him with his elbow to end the matter.

Then, the principal began to speak.

『Congratulations on your admission, students. I am Meteore, the principal.』

“Meteore. . . . . .If I remember correctly, he’s one of the 21 special A-class Summoners, right?”

“Yes, he’s the 8th ranked 『Power』 Meteore. . . . . .The hero who fought against the Demon Emperor’s army.”

Listening to Ratts and Howl, they paid attention to Meteore’s speech.

『All of you here are brilliant gems. Some of you may still be raw, but I believe you will all shine brightly in time. Study hard, play hard, make good friends, and grow stronger. I have high hopes for the future you will face.』

 It was a simple greeting.

 Meteore smiled and left the stage.

 And then, the male teacher cleared his throat and returned to the stage.


『Well then, now we’ll have a speech from the representative of the new students』

With that said, a young girl began to walk from the back aisle of the auditorium.

Her faintly blue, shimmering hair glittered as it was illuminated by the lights within the auditorium.

She had a small face with large eyes, and her firmly set mouth gave her a dignified look, almost like that of a knight.

The girl bowed once she reached the stage.

『I am the new student representative. Lapis Lazuli・Kirara・Fragment』

“Fragment? Wait, from the Duke family?”

“Seems like it. . . . . .It’s my first time seeing one.”

The Fragment Duke family.

A renowned family of summoners and also sponsors of this Asgard Summoning Academy.

They’re in a completely different league compared to Baron families like Albero’s.

Lapis Lazuli took out a piece of paper from her pocket and began reading. It felt as though she was reading a pre-written speech; these weren’t her own words.

After finishing her speech, Lapis Lazuli concluded with:

『I will strive to join the Student Council. To all my fellow new students, I look forward to our time here until graduation.』

The auditorium buzzed with whispers upon hearing her words.

Even Albero and his group seemed surprised.

“Joining the Student Council. . . . . .Seriously? For a freshman to say something like that, she must be pretty confident.”

“. . . . . .”

“Albero, what do you think?”

“Who knows? Maybe. . . . . .”

Albero replied, sounding uninterested.

“Knowing my sister, even without saying that, she would probably invite her to be part of the top ranks.”

Asgard Summoning Academy Student Council, also known as 『Asgard・Eight Rounds』, consists of the eight strongest Student Council members of this academy.

The current Student Council President is 『Esterize・Rushout』. . . . . .in other words, Albero’s older sister.

While Albero’s brothers, Rashild and Fugil, aren’t yet on the Student Council, it’s said their entry is a sure thing.

And thus, the eventful entrance ceremony came to a close, marking the beginning of Albero’s life at the academy.

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