The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 100

𝐍𝐞𝐰𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐲

Benzac, a journalist at the 『Yggdrasil Newspaper Company』, slammed his fist on the editor-in-chief’s desk.

“What is this article?! This isn’t what I wrote!! Wasn’t it an overwhelming victory for Class S in the mock battle against Class A?! Why is this article so sympathetic to Class A, even portraying Class S as a group of monsters. . . . . .Why this misleading piece?!”

“. . . . . .It couldn’t be helped.”

“Couldn’t be helped?! I submitted the draft yesterday evening! Even if it’s for the morning edition. . . . . .I get it, it was decided from the start.”

Benzac realized.

The article to be published the day after the mock battle was already predetermined.

The newspaper company had prepared three versions: one celebrating Class A’s victory, one about Class A’s defeat but portraying Class S as a bunch of monsters, and one saying that Class A and Class S had drawn.

Only the editor-in-chief and a few executives knew this.

In other words, the content to be shared with the public was already fixed.

“Who could’ve done such a thing. . . . . .”

Benzac was furious.

The media, meant to convey the truth, was distorted. Feeling his pride as a journalist tarnished, Benzac clenched his teeth and glared at the editor-in-chief.

The editor-in-chief let out a heavy sigh.

“This Yggdrasil Newspaper Company is the largest newspaper company in the Asgard Kingdom. It has the highest credibility in the kingdom.”

“I know that!”

“But. . . . . .there’s a 『power』 that even the newspaper company can’t go against. If it was just the nobles, maybe something could be done. But. . . . . .we can’t oppose the 『royal family』.”

“. . . . . .Wait, the Asgard royal family?”

“Yes. The fact that Prince Sanbart of the Asgard royal family was defeated cannot be changed. So, they pressured us to publish an article that diminishes the victorious Class S.”

“What?! No matter how royal they are, to crush the largest newspaper company in the country. . . . . .”

“They can. That’s. . . . . .the Asgard royal family for you.”

The editor-in-chief sighed again.

And so, because of the article from the Yggdrasil Newspaper Company, the perception of Class S summoners shifted from admiration to 『fear』.


Asgard Kingdom.

A powerful nation with a population exceeding ten million, the central country of this 『Yggdrasil Continent』.

The birthplace of summoners, the first summoner named 『Asgard』 founded this country.

Yes, the first summoner, Asgard, was the 『Demon Emperor』.

Those who carry the blood of the Demon Emperor are the Asgard royal family, ruling the powerful nation of Asgard.

The royals, by birth, have mighty Summoned beasts within them. Their power is said to be on par with the strongest twenty-one, but recently, there are rumors of their power waning.

Especially the current king, Zenobect, is just a Class B summoner. Frankly, he was incompetent, chosen by the previous king, Asgard, to ascend to the throne.

However, the eldest son, Sanbart, is a talented young man, and the second daughter, Yorha, is a beautiful and gifted woman.

The current generation aside, the next one. . . . . .that was the true sentiment among the king’s close aides.


One of the royals, Yorha, was gritting her teeth in her private room of the vacant S-class dormitory.

Scattered on the floor were torn articles from the Yggdrasil Newspaper Company.

“That damn old man. . . . . .He planned this from the start!! Aaaah, it’s so infuriating!! What’s with this article?! Even though the winner was from the S-class, the A-class is getting all the praise!! And what’s this? 『Fighting like a demon beast, and that appearance』? What the hell?! Ugh!!”

Yorha was absolutely livid.

After the mock battle, she caught a glimpse of Esterize and others retreating with satisfaction. They might have known about this article. And her brother Sanbart. . . . . .he might’ve known too.

“. . . . . .That damn brother of mine, he must be with Esterize today.”

She had to investigate.

Taking a deep breath, Yorha snapped her fingers.

“Fugin, Munin.”

“”Come here.””

From Yorha’s shadow, a young boy and girl emerged.

Dressed in jet-black attire, they appeared to be around fifteen. Their gender distinguishable by hair length and physique. Their faces were masked, making their expressions unreadable.

Yorha spoke to the boy Fugin, who controls the shadow natural-type Summoned beast 『Nahatmuzik』.

“Fugin, I order you to gather information. With Munin, eavesdrop on all the conversations of A-class summoners and record everything. Now, while the heat of the mock battle hasn’t cooled, is the best time.”


“Munin, tail the A-class summoners residing in the academy, and also the Student Council officers.”


Munin’s Summoned beast, a rare 『Possession Type』, can 『possess』 others’ belongings and use its ability. In Munin’s case, she possesses an object to eavesdrop with her 『Voice Gatherer』 Summoned beast.

The Summoned beast appears as a round sticker. Once attached, it integrates with the object and can steal conversations.

Fugin and Munin. They are Yorha’s elite unit working in tandem.

“I’m counting on you.”


The two disappeared into Yorha’s shadow. With Fugin’s power, they travel from one shadow to another.

Yorha took a deep breath and left her room.

On the first floor, Albero was reading an article from the newspaper company while sipping orange juice.

“. . . . . .Oh.”

“You’ve read it, I see.”

“Yeah. Ha, I didn’t expect such a twisted outcome. So that’s why she was so smug yesterday. I thought she’d changed a bit. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .”

Yorha said nothing, simply gazing at Albero for a while.

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