The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 9

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His surprise, however, is short-lived, and Milius continues.

“Yes, I see. She’s bringing the butler to spite the prince for canceling the engagement.”

“With all due respect, Your Highness Milius, I only requested Evelina Ojo-sama accompany me…”

Sylas tries to intervene, but I cut him off.

“It’s all right, Sylas. I can’t deny that I’m following you around, but it’s not because I’m upset about the failed engagement. I don’t care if Prince Jared ended the engagement in the first place.”

Milius’ mocking look doesn’t bother me, and I return his smile. I’m hoping he’ll leave soon.

“So you don’t mind your ex-fiancé as long as you’ve got a new man in your life—that’s an unusually carefree demeanor for a duchess. Why don’t you follow Camilia’s example—Camilia was devoted to my older brother despite the fact that she was courted by many noblemen.”

I tried to keep a smile on my face, but it twitched.

In my previous life, this man did not give up his love for the saint after Prince Jared broke off our engagement—”You have been rejected, so you should gracefully step aside. Vindictive women are the worst.”—But he said something along those lines. After all, he was just venting his annoyances to me.

Does he really think Camilia is single-minded?

Camilia, I believe, had been flirting with Prince Milius and other nobles before she became engaged to Prince Jared.

After her engagement to the prince, she just hid them in the shadows, but that didn’t change. It’s likely to be the same this time as well.

But I swallow my words, deciding it isn’t worth mentioning here.

If I keep talking, Sylas, who is sitting across from me, shaking his shoulders as if he wants to say something, may lose patience. I believe we should end this here.

“This is a positive development. I am confident that Prince Jared and Camilia-sama will continue to get along well. Milius-sama used to be very close to Camilia-sama, and now that they are engaged, I hope that Camilia-sama will remain wholeheartedly loyal to her relationship with Prince Jared.”

I say this in a calm voice.

But I think I made a mistake in trying to “flatter” Milius and get him to leave quickly… Milius’ face became increasingly distorted.

It was already too late. Milius picked up the glass on the table and splashed me with water without hesitation.

“Are you making fun of me?! Camilia and I are not that close! She never takes advantage of me!”

“Milius-sama! What are you doing?! That was never said by Ojo-sama!”

Sylas rises and is about to grab Milius’ arm. Milius’ two followers are impatient, with one stopping Milius and the other stopping Sylas, who is about to grab Milius.

My cheeks are dripping with water.

Did I make a mistake that would have resulted in water being poured over my head?”

“Heh. Evelina, you’re quite unattractive. Everyone refers to you as a poor woman whose engagement was broken by the prince. You appear to be pretending not to respond, but how long do you expect this to last?”

“Your Highness Milius! If you continue to be disrespectful to Ojo-sama, the dukes will file a complaint with the royal family!”

“The duke filing a complaint?” Is that even possible? When the duke learned that Evelina’s engagement was broken, he came to apologize for her rudeness to Saint Camilia without defending her in any way, saying that if the royal family so desired, he would disown his own daughter.”

Milius looks down at me, his eyes cold.

“What a poor woman she is, abandoned by the prince and her parents.”

I had a hunch as to what he was on about.

Oh, is Milius intending to damage me? Did he want me to be the poor woman who had her engagement broken off, whose social standing had deteriorated, and whose parents had abandoned her?

It’s probably because Milius is shocked by Prince Jared and Camilia’s engagement; otherwise, my casual remark wouldn’t irritate him so much.

Except for Prince Jared, Camilia was especially close to Milius.

I once saw Camilia walking around the royal garden with her hands around Milius’ arms. They didn’t appear to be just mere friends.

It was unexpectedly heard publicly announcing Prince Jared and Camilia’s engagement.

I suppose he was angry, but he couldn’t vent his rage on his brother or his beloved Camilia, so he tried to vent his rage on me, who was in a more pitiful position than he was after the prince called off the engagement.

“Your Highness Milius, please apologize to Ojo-sama. Don’t drag Ojo-sama into your rage just because things haven’t gone your way!”

“What exactly do you mean?! You seem to think I’m being unreasonable!”

Milius’ cheeks twitch as a result of Sylas’ words. At this rate, he’s going to get even more out of hand.

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