The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 2

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My first life ended in disaster.

It all started when my fiancé, Prince Jared, called it quits on our engagement. In front of everyone, he accused me of bullying Saint Camilia.

The fact that the prince had broken off the engagement and Evelina had harmed the saint will put the duchess in a difficult position, regardless of her wealth.

I was pushed to the margins of society, cursed at home like a plague, and quickly fell out of favor.

I cursed my fate numerous times.

Even though my parents chose my fiancé, I had feelings for Prince Jared.

I’ve always tried to be worthy of being his fiancée, suppressing myself, never being selfish, and repressing everything I wanted to do and everything I wanted.

Despite this, Prince Jared chose the free-spirited and self-centered Camilia.

Camilia, who was discovered to have special magical powers and who transformed from a commoner into a saint living in the royal palace, drew the attention of royalty and nobility on a regular basis.

Her sweet and innocent smile drew not only Prince Jared, but also the second prince, Milius-sama, the Prime Minister’s son and the royal court’s chief mage.

I was dropped to the point where I could no longer crawl after inciting resentment from those in power by harming their beloved Camilia.

At the time, all I could do was cry aloud in the Duke’s room, alone, hating Prince Jared and, above all, Camilia.

After what they had done to me, I couldn’t let them be happy.

So I resolved to exact my vengeance.

Camilia, a saint, travels from the royal palace to the temple every day. I hired a man to stab her when she was alone on her way to the temple.

I had no idea where to look for an assassin, but a man who sympathized with my predicament offered me an introduction.

However, the assassination attempt failed. Camilia’s arm was only slightly injured by the assassin.

It turns out the prince had a hidden bodyguard to guard Camilia at all times, and the assassin I hired escaped briefly but was quickly apprehended.

Now that I think about it, I think the man who offered to introduce me to the assassin was deceiving me. because it was overly simplistic.

I felt like an idiot for getting involved in such a shady story, but I was so broken at the time that I couldn’t think rationally.

I was imprisoned for my role in the attempted assassination of Camilia.

I was sentenced to death for attempting to murder Camilia, a saint and the Crown Prince’s fiancee.

I spent my days locked up in a dark cell, cursing everything that had happened to me. All I could see as I waited until they cut off my head was the view of that dark prison. It makes me depressed just thinking about it.

However, I was easily released the next day.

I was informed that the true perpetrator had been identified.

That can’t be right. I was the true offender.

After I was released from prison, I spent several months in bed recovering from a debilitating illness.

When I was finally able to stand, I realized why I’d been released.

The butler, Sylas, surrendered with a bloody knife. According to investigations, Camilia’s blood was found on the knife.

Sylas, who is only a year older than me, is a butler who has worked for the Duke’s family since he was a child.

He comes from a merchant family and is the second son. My father admired his wit and brought him here because he wanted someone who could serve the Duke from childhood and become a loyal servant.

My father liked Sylas even more after seeing how he worked and made him my personal butler. As a result, I’ve been under his constant supervision since I was a child.

But why is that?

He should not be forced to atone for his master’s daughter’s sins simply because he is her personal butler.

Was it ordered by my father? That’s not possible. My father cut me off as soon as he discovered that I had ordered Camilia’s assassination. He would never have prepared a substitute for me now.

So, why is Sylas protecting me?

I’m having trouble getting my foggy brain to work.

Sylas, my memory tells me, was the only person who was always kind to me as I was losing my place in society. He was the only person who never gave up on me, no matter what happened.

While I was hiding in my room, terrified, Sylas kept coming to me with my favorite sweets.

Despite being chastised by my father and mother, who had cut me off after the prince called off our engagement, he insisted that “Ojo-sama had done nothing wrong.”

But I paid no attention to it.

I run out of the house and head to the jail, where Sylas is imprisoned. But, of course, they’re not going to let me in.

I stand at the gate and yell for them to let me in, but the gatekeeper turns me away.

“Your sentence is fixed, so please give up,” the gatekeeper said angrily as he grabbed my arm.

I was released, and the trial had progressed to the point where it could no longer be reversed while I lay powerlessly in bed.

As a result, unable to intervene, the innocent Sylas was executed in place of the foolish woman.

I was in a daze for days, unable to think of anything else.

Why Sylas? Why not me? These were the only words that stayed with me and wouldn’t leave.

My resentment was focused on the prince, Camilia, and the people who had abandoned me, so I didn’t notice Sylas, the only person who still cared about me.

He attempted to cheer me up.

He was convinced of my innocence.

I let Sylas die without even saying thank you.

Even after I returned home, the people around me remained as cold as ever. But it no longer mattered. I was unconcerned about my family, the nobles around me, or even Prince Jared and Camilia.

Only the fact that I allowed Sylas to die suffocates me like a piece of lead in my chest.

My despair grows stronger by the day.

I couldn’t see how I could go on living like this. Because I had lost the only hope that I had.

After a few months of living like this, I finally gave up the life that Sylas had risked his life for.

I repented with a knife to my chest.

God, forgive me.

I kept hoping for what I couldn’t have while ignoring the salvation that was right in front of me.

Please consider my one request if you have mercy on me.

I don’t care what happens to me, but I hope Sylas has a happy afterlife.

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    They Romeo-Juiliet-ing it with some distance in between, ehhhh, I love it though.

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