The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 17

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“Please, this way.”

Milius interrupted us on the way, but we arrived on time. When the maid opened the door, Prince Jared and Camilia, among others, were present.

With a clear mind, I reasoned that the prince had probably invited them to be the audience for his punishment play.

“You’ve arrived, you villain.”

Prince Jared looks at me coldly.

People come to a halt, and I make my way over to him.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting. As you requested, I am present.”

I smiled, but Prince Jared’s face remained expressionless. Saint Camilia stands next to him, entwined with him as she was when the engagement was broken off, her eyes moist with anxiety.

Among the crowds gathered around the prince, a man with platinum blond hair stands out.

I almost burst out in shock. He was the duke’s eldest son and a friend of my eldest brother.

He was also the one who introduced me to the assassin who inspired me to assassinate Camilia in my first life after the breakup of our engagement.

It was strange to see his calm expression as people stared at me with confusion and tension in their eyes.

“Heh…you almost killed Camilia and you come to me with a smile?”

After my distraction, Prince Jared says, Bringing me back to reality.

“In that regard, I believe your highness is misunderstood. I’m not planning to assassinate Camilia-sama.”

“The perpetrator, who was apprehended in the act, testified that you asked him to do it. How does one explain that?!”

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but isn’t there no proof that the criminal’s words are true?”

As I said this with a raised eyebrow, Prince Jared’s face contorted in rage.

I was simply being truthful. Why do these brothers get so worked up over the smallest words, as Milius did the other day? I don’t want to offend them, but I’m perplexed.

“Clever C*nt! There is no doubt about it as long as the criminal testified clearly. And you have a reason!!! You sought my love unworthily and were envious of Camilia! You’re a terrible woman to resort to assassination!”

Prince Jared looks at me as if he were looking at something foul.

“Your Highness, please stop. Ojo-sama would never do something like that.”

Sylas approaches the prince and says.

“Who are you—oh, Evelina’s butler?”

When Prince Jared looks at Sylas, his mouth twists into a grin.

“I’ve heard rumors, Evelina, that you were so shocked when I broke off your engagement that you became involved with your butler. It’s pitiful that a duchess would seek solace from a servant!”

“Jared-sama, it’s pathetic to talk like that~”

Camilia chastised Prince Jared with a face that appeared to be trying not to laugh.

Nothing but the sound of the two unpleasant people laughing filled the room.

“Your Highness, Ojo-sama is—!”

“Hey, Evelina.”

Prince Jared faces me, ignoring Sylas.

“Do you like having a commoner as a partner like him? A worthless man with no social standing and no money?! If you admit your guilt and crawl on your knees to apologize, I’ll even make you my concubine.”


My blood rushed to my head the moment he said this, and I found myself slapping Prince Jared’s cheek as hard as I could.

The room fell silent after there was a dry cracking sound.

Camilia, Sylas, and the rest of the people in the hall. Everyone was staring at me and the prince with their eyes wide open.

“What are you doing!!”

“…your Highness is talking nonsense.”

“What nonsense?! I was simply telling the truth!”

I cast a sidelong glance at the screaming prince and grab Sylas’ arm, who is staring at me with a surprised expression on his face.

“Sylas is excellent, kind, and cool, and he’s been watching me for a long time. You called him a worthless man? Sylas is the most wonderful man in the world, unlike you, whose only merit is your position!”

I told the prince so clearly.

Sylas, who I was still clutching his arm, was red and his mouth was open, as if he wanted to say something.


The prince’s face was flushed with rage as he placed his right hand on his hit cheek.

Then he gave the order to the soldiers who were waiting.

“Capture Evelina for attempting to assassinate Camilia and endangering the royal family! Throw her in the lowest level of the prison!”

I clench my fists in response to the prince’s words.

I could have made a mistake. No, I’m sure I made a mistake. I had planned to live this life without holding grudges, focusing solely on Sylas’ happiness.

But as soon as someone said something negative about Sylas, I couldn’t think of anything else.

When I looked up, I saw Sylas standing in front of me, as if he was guarding me. Despite the situation, I felt relieved when I looked at his broad back.

Oh, I’ve had enough. Even though I didn’t do it in this life, I once tried to assassinate Camilia. Maybe I deserve to be punished.

But I can’t let Sylas take my place this time.

That’s the only thing I need to do.

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