The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 11

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After that, I took Sylas on holiday to various locations, gave him various gifts, and had a good time with him.

When I realized that Sylas would refuse my gifts if they were too expensive, I began to give him gifts that were not too expensive and that I thought he would enjoy.

Sylas appeared to be in trouble at first, but recently he appeared to be having a good time, which made me very happy.

People still whisper when I go to a party, and the number of people approaching me has decreased significantly compared to before, but this is insignificant.

I’m free to move around, and Sylas is alive and well. What else do I wish for?

Oh, right. At the other day’s evening party, I overheard an intriguing rumor.

There appears to be a rumor circulating among the nobles that “Miss Evelina of the Duke’s family is in shock after her engagement to the Prince was broken off, and she is forcing a handsome butler to live with her.”

I suppose a story like that must have spread because I took Sylas around without fear of being seen. When I thought it was true, I had to laugh. It appears that I imprisoned him.

On the contrary, I was humbled when I apologized to Sylas for the strange rumor.

I asked him if he didn’t want the rumor about us to spread, and he denied it as best he could, so I decided it was fine.

The days following the regression have been a lot of fun.

Every day, I am so happy that I even smile at the sarcastic ladies at the party.

I forgive the servants who have clearly changed their attitude since the engagement was broken.

I’m not sure if it was because of how I spent my time, but people’s perceptions of me began to shift after that.

Whenever I went to a party, or walked around the city, or in the house, everyone looked at me with a calm expression, as if they were watching over me.

I was perplexed.

Then, it happened at a party when I went out on the balcony to rest for a while. Countess Enora approached me. She was one of the few friends whose attitude had not changed since the engagement had ended.

“Do you know what people are saying about Evelina-sama right now?”

“The poor girl who has kept a butler in her house because her engagement to the prince was broken off?”

“Absolutely not! No, I can’t deny that people said that rude thing not long ago—but no one believes it now.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Everyone says Evelina-sama adored the butler, Sylas-sama, but she couldn’t do anything about it because she was engaged to the prince and felt an unrequited love. And now that the engagement is over, she can finally do what she wants…!”

“Eh? Is that what they’re talking about?”

“Actually, Evelina-sama, what do you think? Everyone is gushing about how exciting it is to fall in love with someone from a different background!”

Enora inquires, a twinkle in her eye. I apologize for not living up to your expectations, but that is not the reason. I simply want to repay Sylas.

“That is not the case. I just want Sylas to be happy.”

“You don’t have to be shy. Evelina-sama appears to be in a good mood when she is with Sylas-sama.”

“I’m not trying to be shy, but…”

“Well, it’s difficult to say that the duke’s daughter loves her butler, even though her fiance is no longer with her.”

She nods her head, persuaded by herself.

“But, Evelina-sama aside, I believe Sylas-sama adores Evelina-sama. For a very long time.”

“Eh? What exactly did you say?”

“You can see Sylas-sama’s love for Evelina-sama in his eyes because of the way he looks at her. Please keep me updated on any developments!”

Enora left in good spirits when she said so.

She’s a good girl, but isn’t she full of assumptions?

I took a deep breath and returned to the hall.

But for some reason, I’m feeling strangely unsettled, and my face is hot from what Enora says.

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