The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 80

Chapter 80

Llewayne Huaverdon headed south as soon as [winter] began.

Even if Oswald is there, he will not lose as long as he is there. He entrusted half of the tower’s defense and the army to Fried, and led the rest of the half through the wilderness.

When he arrived at the camp, the person standing at the top of the tower was a face he knew.

“Ara, Your Highness…well, it’s okay, I won’t lose.”

Melinda Cuey, who gathered her deep purple hair at the back of her head, looked at Llewayne with a clearly unpleasant face, and quickly and accurately deployed her troops.

It felt like two commanders were playing chess. Llewayne found a slight flaw in the opponent’s strong defense and created a breakthrough there, pushing the front line forward.

“Melinda is really smart,” he remembered his fiancée saying. Indeed, she has the talent of a military strategist.

Llewayne, who viewed the battlefield like a board and moved his pieces, frowned in the middle.

But the situation was gradually diverging from the expectations. Melinda Cuey’s strategy was faltering.

It’s as if they have an inexhaustible supply of soldiers.

Llewayne trusts his intuition. He took a crystal out of his chest and asked the soldiers who had gone to scout for reports.

Llewayne, who sought the cause of the discomfort that occurred in front of him in another battlefield, was ultimately correct.

The answer he wanted was obtained from a certain soldier heading west.

The female student——Hanna Horton – excitedly shouted through the crystal for communication.

Her Phantom Beast, which ranked tenth in [summer], is a trembling rabbit that is good at sensing the surroundings because it is too scared.

[I sense Oswald Ceden’s presence from Kyaran Goudes’ camp!]


Llewayne guessed ten from Hanna’s one report.

Oswald’s movement was too fast, but probably used the ability of Gadd Maysen, who was probably assigned to his army.

Oswald and Kyaran are also in their final year of school this year, like Llewayne.

Llewayne grinned with a sense of knowing, choosing to win at all costs, just like the two of them who chose to win at all costs, even if it meant being dirty.

But it’s sweet.

They underestimate Llewayne’s fiancée.

If Llewayne went to help Rebecca as planned by the two of them, she would surely smile and quietly go crazy with anger.

The final line might be “I didn’t see it.”

To keep the worst-case scenario purely in his imagination, Llewayne contacted Fried this time. He told him to leave himself behind and send all the other soldiers away. There is no point in defending if no one will attack.

Although it was too early for the entire army to arrive, Llewayne quickly defeated Oswald’s army.

He poured all the power he had into a full-scale attack and ended the short-term decisive battle without allowing reinforcements to show their strength.

Even when Melinda Cuey became the last one standing, she stood in front of the flag and, just before being hit by Llewayne’s attack magic, bitterly muttered, “I’ll give you a 50% discount” and collapsed.

When he took Oswald’s flag and looked at his pocket watch, the matter was settled in half the time he had expected.

Since defeating the opponent also helps Rebecca, Llewayne’s motivation increases.

While receiving a report on Rebecca’s movements from Hanna Horton, Llewayne got off the tower and mounted his horse again.

[Winter] is a serious showdown that carries the fate of 600 people. There is no need for hesitation, and it would be rude to do so.

Therefore, Llewayne’s next destination is Rebecca’s army of only 200 people and Phantom Beasts.

“It’s 50-50 whether Rebecca will come back before I knock down the tower.”

Llewayne ran his horse, taking into account that he may have to engage in a sword fight with his fiancé.


Oswald Ceden suddenly dropped his sword and knelt down just after Brian showed off his sword skills.


When Judith rushed over, Oswald had already lost consciousness. Without a gap, all of the Ceden army lost their fighting ability and were disqualified.

His Highness took the flag.

I frowned in impatience. Much faster than expected. Although my predictions were sufficient, only three minutes had passed.

This is not the time to be impressed by Brian’s strength.

I stood up and ran.

“Let’s go!”


With a short voice, Brian nods heavily. Judith takes her sword and watches us move.

However, Brian’s swift feet are no match for her. After pouring one sword stroke on Judith, he takes on the remaining Goudes soldiers one after another.

I headed straight for Kyaran Goudes.

Unlike her, who was on a horseback, I was on foot. Kyaran flips her red hair and calls her Phantom Beast’s name.



The small bear roars and activates its ability. Any living creature that hears this voice becomes motionless for a few minutes.

I closed my ears as I expected, but my arms and legs were numb. My head stopped spinning and I was about to lose consciousness.


I strongly bit my tongue. The taste of iron helped my blurred thoughts recover. I continued to whip my arms and legs and run.

Kyaran seems intimidated by me. She widened her eyes and reflexively tried to back away.

The fact that she did not launch a full-force attack magic here was her first and last mistake.

What she chose was to stack her specialized defensive magic.

She should have noticed that it would not work on me if she were her usual self.

I opened my mouth wide and inhaled a large amount of oxygen. White magical power that envelops a blazing flame in my body burns up.

I had saved magical power for this one shot. I always prepared to use the one I received from Christina in perfect condition.

————My research that ranked first in [fall].

By the time the blood drained from Kyaran’s face, it was too late.


The [Dragon Breath] shot out of my mouth collided with Kyaran’s defensive magic.

A mass of light that was too bright to keep my eyes open tore through Kyaran’s shield, broke it, and disappeared one after another with a crackling sound.

They turned into fine particles and were swept away by the momentum of energy colliding.

Finally, just before the last one breaks.

“——I can’t match up.”

I think Kyaran muttered softly. Without trying to escape at all, she fell back onto the ground from the horse’s back.

But when I confirmed that Kyaran had stopped moving, I also collapsed to the ground.


Breathing hard while holding my neck with both hands. My throat felt scorched.

Although I established a method in [fall], I realize that it is impossible to shoot it several times a day.

But [Winter] is not over yet.

“Help Emilia immediately. Gather the soldiers who can move immediately and return to the camp.”

I forcibly squeezed out a hoarse voice and gave instructions to Brian, who was trying to help me up.

When I was besieged in the tower, there was no option to move my own soldiers here. It was because I thought about what would happen after defeating Kyaran and Oswald.

They are contacting me now that they are under heavy attack from His Highness. I have to return while they are somehow holding out.

Brian ran off and soon after, Emilia crawled out of the hole with his help.

She runs towards me, sitting on the ground.


“Emilia, I’m sorry, thank you for helping me.”

“No, it’s just what’s naturally expected! Do you want to heal your injuries?”

“I need you to prioritize healing the minor injuries of the soldiers. We have to return to our camp right now.”

But I couldn’t finish my sentence.

My vision suddenly lost color, and my consciousness began to fade like a toy whose power had been cut off. I could feel Emilia supporting my body, but I couldn’t hear her voice.

——The flag has been taken.

With an indescribable sense of regret that I wanted to fight more, I lost consciousness.

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