The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Oswald was standing in front of Kyaran’s camp as if it were natural. When I saw Judith Ceden standing behind him and Kyaran Goudes standing in front of him, I finally understood the situation and was horrified.

“Are you guys… working together?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Oswald replied calmly.

There was no precedent for an alliance. However, the traps set around the tower clearly indicated that fact. To successfully trap only the Slutarch soldiers and not the Goudes soldiers, both Ceden siblings were essential.

The cause of my discomfort earlier was that Kyaran’s goal was to gain time. Oswald would somehow move instantly from his own camp and make traps with Judith.

“So you guys made the tower…”

Oswald raised one eyebrow as if to say ‘correct.’

Earlier, Brian was amazed when he saw inside the tower. There was no flag inside. Probably the real tower and flag were buried underground.

Biting my lip. Oswald had a sword in his right hand. But he didn’t attack me, who was wide open. He was taking his time, who was confirming the unbelievable facts one by one.

“Am I a hostage and the target is Your Highness?”

“As expected, you have a quick understanding of the situation, Miss Rebecca.”

Oswald smiled apologetically for a moment.

“Llewayne is superior in every way——intelligence, leadership, and individual combat ability. But, it’s easy to predict his movements.”

Oswald said, looking away towards the distant East, where His Highness is.

“The way of saying it is bad, but——I can use your existence. You will not attack each other. Even today, you headed west and Llewayne headed south. Even if you are in a difficult situation now, I know it’s because of Llewayne. If I can take advantage of the opportunity and join forces with Miss Kyaran to attack you, even you would fall. It’s the same for him.”

After defeating His Highness, Oswald and Kyaran probably plan to have a fair and square showdown.

“I see——.”

I understand what they’re trying to do, but I have something to say that I won’t put into words.

Instead, I smiled innocently.

“You think I’ll play the role of a hostage obediently?”

“If you kill yourself, that would be fine——.”

Who would do such a thing?

I turned over and stood up quickly, running towards the fake tower.

They probably think that there is no way you can escape from one of the top three and two of the top five.

That’s the case when I’m alone.


“Yeah, yeah, alright.”

From the shadow of the tower, a boy with navy hair appears. He comes towards me with his strong legs.

I knew that Brian, with his reflexes, could react to the activation of the pit that Emilia had just barely reacted to.

He’s the only one in the Slutarch army who avoided the trap by himself.

When Brian passed by me, the Phantom Beast on his shoulder activated its ability.

Brian’s Phantom Beast is a lion cub. Even though it’s a child, it’s the king of all beasts.

It’s said that it can make the creatures around it lose their fighting spirit once it appears, even if it’s just for a moment.

Humans are animals too. Oswald and Kyaran stop in their tracks, and Judith can’t help but kneel.

I took the opportunity to get to the tower. As I move to close the door, Brian, who was with Oswald and the others just a moment ago, comes running in already.

We closed the door tightly. Since this was something that Oswald and Judith had made, it is possible to break it, but if I were to be buried alive, it would have no meaning as a hostage, so probably that will not happen.

I sit against the wall, dejected. Brian also drops his back next to me.

————It’s a complete defeat. I didn’t notice a single thing.

I force myself to gather saliva from my dry mouth and swallow it.

There is no time to be down. The time left for us is not much.

“I’ll check the situation.”

I stand up and stretch my back, and draw a map on the ground. It represents the positions of the north, south, east, and west.

“We are currently in Kyaran’s territory. His Highness is in the south in Oswald’s territory. If we look at where Oswald hasn’t fallen, it’s likely that some of Kyaran’s troops have gone to support. They’re probably trying to stall for time.”

Brian leans back and looks at the picture I drew.

I drew an arrow from His Highness’s territory to Oswald’s territory.

“If His Highness knows about this hostage strategy, he’ll leave the defense to Fried Neher alone and go to take Oswald’s flag with all his might. Our chance is there——.”

“Ah? Wait a second.”

I turn my face to Brian’s voice. Was there something unclear?

“If we just wait, won’t Prince-sama come to help us?”


I exclaimed in surprise.

Is he serious? I was surprised and looked at Brian, who had a curious expression.

“He’s not going to come.”

I didn’t think he needed an explanation from there. Even when Oswald was explaining the hostage strategy, I was listening while thinking “What is he saying?”

I wiped the sand off my finger and turned to Brian.

“If this were spring, His Highness would certainly come to help me. He would only lower his rank if he searched for me or tried to help me.”

Brian took a sharp breath.

“Now, we are generals. Our heads are not our own. If he came to help, I would scold him.”

That’s right, [winter] is different from spring in personal battles. We have responsibilities.

I came west without attacking His Highness in the first move, not because I have a relationship with him or because I don’t want to fight, but purely because it’s disadvantageous.

“We can’t give up… we’ll try to make it through this situation somehow.”

I looked at the ground and thought again.

Even if we’re holed up, it won’t change anything. If we go out after Oswald fell and beat Kyaran, we might still be able to recover.

But outside, there are at least three hundred enemy soldiers. If we go out, we’ll be captured again, or we’ll be defeated and it’ll be over.

I grip my fist so tightly it hurts.

I don’t have a strategy to open up this situation.

Brian scratched his head restlessly at that time.

“Being one of the three strongest is pretty cool.”

I looked up at the unexpected words. His blue eyes were staring straight at the door.

Brian in front of me looked very calm in spite of the situation.

“You can use me.”

Brian made a loud noise with Jakin and pulled out the sword on his waist that had only been for show until now. He raised the corners of his lips in an expression of composure that seemed familiar from somewhere.

“…No, it’s not necessary.”

“No, I can.”

“I know.”

Brian, who was going to open his mouth again with a surprised expression, repeats as if to cover it.

“I know. I know you’re really strong.”

I have known since the first time we met.

[Brian Marc doesn’t fight].

He doesn’t fight, not that he can’t fight.

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