The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 71

Chapter 71

What are the necessary qualities for an aristocrat?

In the kingdom of Huaverdon, combat strength is essential. Additionally, knowledge and skill in managing territories, leadership in assembling armies in battle, and charisma as a leader.

And, the depth of knowledge in magic.

Living in a kingdom and magic are inseparable. And research in this field, sometimes suddenly makes great leap forward during a certain time of year.

The reason is that the Royal Academy holds the [Fall], commonly known as the “Magical Research Presentation.”

Even among students, the level of skill is recognized. It is famous because the great researchers and authorities of magic research gather.

And today, the [Fall] is being held at the Royal Academy, where all the magic enthusiasts, even those who are already considered eccentric, have gathered.

At the start of the event, I was sitting in one of the chairs set up on the podium. I was one of the twenty students who passed the first selection and gained the right to present.

The Principal appeared with dignity, and in front of all the students and guests, began with a greeting for the start of the event.

“Even though this is an Academy, it is also on the front line of magic research. Success at the [Fall] can also open the way to become a researcher. Presenters, I look forward to it.”

The Principal’s face, deeply etched with wrinkles, smiled at the nervous faces of the presenters. As the Principal took his seat, the first presenter stepped forward.

“Hello everyone, I’m Emilia. This time, I conducted this research with the desire to be able to help as many people as possible with the healing magic that I am good at.

The auditorium was slightly noisy. It was probably because the first-hand was a nameless civilian, not because she was a rare healing magic user, but because the silver-haired girl looked like a pure saint.

I don’t know about Emilia’s research. In the past month, she was more serious than ever. She naturally stood up.

Emilia waited until the auditorium was quiet before opening her mouth.

“Do you all know about super muscle recovery? Muscles that are injured by weight training become thicker and stronger during regeneration. My research aims to make this super recovery more effective and faster——by drinking only, muscles will increase in brilliance like a dew! It’s called “Dew brilliance drinking protein!”

Emilia then proudly opened her arms. She probably waited for applause. I was just looking at her with surprise.


However, there were certainly men who shouted out lavish praise. Some of the students, some researchers with bulky bodies, and also my neighbor Gadd Maysen.”

Emilia listened to the joyous voices of those who love muscles, happily talked about the details and principles of [Dew brilliance drinking protein] and returned to her seat with satisfaction.

It doesn’t seem to matter that most of them are dazed.

“Let’s get back on track for the next person——.”

Leaving Emilia who is getting back on track, [fall] is progressing.

The order of presentation is determined by a lottery. Kyaran Goudes, who thought of applying a remote defense magic to a distant opponent, followed by Oswald Ceden, who tried to bring out the abilities of his sister’s Phantom Beast and his own Phantom Beast more efficiently, and Hanna Horton, who proposed a new idea for teaching magic.

Especially when His Highness’ presentation was made, the venue shook.

What he explained was a study that cannot be asked “Your Highness, are you stalking someone?” because it was a study that by casting magic on the opponent, the map in the possession always shows that position information.

It’s amazing and it should be able to play an active role in various scenes, but I felt like running away when I saw people glancing at me from all directions.

But the most impressive was Sajad Mahajanjiga’s research.

“Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wanted to change your Phantom Beast’s ability?”

At the beginning, the venue was noisy. It was a strong feeling of confusion, different from when Emilia was there.

Phantom Beast research is a major field in the kingdom. It is common knowledge that their abilities cannot be arbitrarily modified.

“You know that Phantom Beasts are strongly affected by the emotions of their master, right? Occasionally, there are rare cases of sudden mutations, known as the emergence of new abilities. I want to cause that artificially.”

I was startled by the knowledge. In the first part of the [Summer], there was an incident where Kyaran’s cub transformed into an adult and attacked me.

Wake it up yourself?

Sajad Mahajanjiga’s presentation continued and finally settled on the conclusion that there was no success at this stage. It is an inadequate study and not very commendable.

However, I had always felt my back tingling.

Sajad doesn’t know that His Highness and I are correctly aware of his abilities .

That’s why I never even dreamed of it. The possibility that Sajad succeeded in modifying the ability of Phantom Beast, comes to mind for me and His Highness.

——His Tapir suddenly mutated. And probably the conditions for activating the ability have changed to something simpler.

But, what kind of [emotion] was there.

Some kind of passion that Sajad had, which doesn’t exist in the scenario, deviated reality so much from the scenario.

“Well, the last presenter is.”

I interrupt my thoughts with the voice of the host. I straightened my back and stood up.”

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