The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 67

Chapter 67

The second semester has started.

We have to prepare slowly for [fall], but it doesn’t matter.

[fall] is a season where you have to pass the preliminary examination to get the right to present your work, but it doesn’t matter either.

Sajad apparently managed to escape undetected by the teacher after the summer’s brawl, but that doesn’t matter either.

The reason is, there is now a case of unprecedented magnitude among us.

Spring has come for Emilia!

So we gathered in Emilia’s room in the girls’ dormitory and listened to her story. It’s getting late, but tomorrow is a holiday.

“So then, Gadd supported me when I lost my strength…”

“Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! That’s amazing!”

“Yes, just like the heroes in romance novels!”

Of course, the person in question is Gadd Maysen.

As someone who has been watching his one-sided love from the first part, I can’t help but feel moved.

Emilia is holding a cushion, chatting and fidgeting about what happened last summer. Melinda is very excited.

I’ve actually seen it, but when Emilia talks about it, there’s a different kind of fun.

Most importantly, Emilia with her ears blushing red from peek between her silver hair is cute.

“What should you do?! Confess? I mean, Gadd Maysen definitely likes Emilia!”

“There’s no mistake about it.”

Melinda says, jumping up and down in her seat.

I nodded, but Emilia sounded like she was about to disappear, curled up like an armadillo.

“Confession…I’d rather it came from the other side…”



Melinda and I pat and stroke Emilia. It’s so charming to see a girl in love.

Emilia seems to have no resistance at all to being loved like a small dog.

“Then you should invite him on a date! Then he’ll notice and confess to you!”

“Y-Yeah, I’ll try…!”

Melinda makes a fist and Emilia stands up resolutely.

Once it’s decided, there are many things to decide like how to invite him, what to invite him to, when to invite him, and what to wear.

Eventually, we collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep as the day was breaking.

A week later, in the morning, Emilia is waiting for Gadd at the fountain in the academy. She’s fidgeting nervously. The girl’s dress and chain handbag suit her slender frame.

Yeah, perfect. She’s cute, no question about it.

As for me, I was watching that girl from a little farther away, with His Highness.

“Maysen-sama, he’s not coming.”

Even though it’s still 15 minutes before the appointment, the sun is still strong today. But at least it’s not raining or windy.

“Rebecca, it looks like he’s here.”

As usual, the prince has his hand casually placed on my waist.

He’s dressed in a simple outfit of a light shirt and slim pants, but he looks perfect in it. To be honest, he’s so dazzling that I can’t look directly at him since a while ago.

When I look back at Emilia, I see Gadd running towards us in the distance. It’s not a distance where we should be able to hear each other if we talked normally.

The prince said that he will use his magic to amplify the sound today. It’s also a high-level magic.

The reason why I’m following Emilia around like a stalker is because she asked me to.

On the day when she mustered up the courage to invite Gadd on a date to the Royal Capital, Emilia said “Please come with me,” so Melinda and I followed her.

Normally, it would be the opposite. “Don’t come.”

Melinda’s spirits rose, but when she heard the date, she looked up to the sky. It turns out she already had a date with Fried Neher.

So today, it’s just His Highness and me. This is actually more convenient.

Because today I brought the strategy guide. To reference the [Date & Confession Event] of the [Gadd route].

Thanks to the His Highness’s sound-gathering magic, the conversation sounds like it’s right next to us.

[Sorry, I made you wait.]

Gadd said to Emilia,

[No, I got here too early. I’m looking forward to it!]

Emilia replied. Check the strategy guide.

I couldn’t help but clench my fist. It’s a great answer. The conversation started just as it was written in the strategy guide.

“Okay, let’s go,” Gadd said, and the two of them started walking. His Highness nodded next to me.

“Is that the correct answer?”

“Yes, it’s the perfect answer! Let’s go too!”

Emilia has already told us the course of the date. They are going to see a play first, but since they have time, they are going to stop by a tea shop.

We sat away from the two of them and listened to the conversation again.

[There are a lot of cakes, aren’t there? Emilia, which do you like, chocolate, cheese, or fruit?]

If we check the strategy guide together with His Highness, you will find that this was also a conversation involving the raising and lowering of the likability level.

[I like chocolate, cheese, and fruit… but I like cheese the most.]


“She’s good at guessing.”

“Maybe She tried to say all three out loud and guessed by Maysen-sama’s reaction.”

“How scary.”

I nod at His Highness’ words. As expected of a true heroine. Even though it’s her first love, her tactics are those of an expert.

While I was feeling happy watching the smooth development of their date, His Highness spread a menu in front of me.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Um… I’ll have this, or that, or this.”

“Do you want to order both and share them?”

“Is that okay!”

I call the shopkeeper with sparkling eyes.

When His Highness asked me what I liked, I was told that the sweets made by Rebecca are the best. As expected of a true prince.

After the sweet things and the tea that came out afterwards, I noticed that Emilia and Gadd had left the restaurant, so I hurriedly left the restaurant.

Next, we’re going to the theater. Emilia must have deliberately taken the front row seat. I sit a little behind her feeling reassured.

We only just entered the theater and I didn’t know the title of the play yet, but as soon as I saw it written on the curtain, I was speechless.

His Highness noticed me and also glanced at the curtain.

“[Splatter Killer vs Strangler Ghost 3]…”


What is she thinking, choosing something like this? This is definitely not something to watch on a first date.

I thought Emilia would want to watch the heart-warming adventure play [Pochi’s Huaverdon Tour], but what kind of change of heart has she gone through. Well, it doesn’t seem all that interesting.

I thought about leaving, but I couldn’t stand up from my seat anymore.

I spent most of the 90-minute play with my face buried in His Highness’ arm.

In the middle, His Highness whispers in my ear.

“Rebecca, Gadd seems to like scary things. He’s clearly enjoying it.”

“Emilia and he are a perfect match…”

His Highness seems to pity me for not wanting to watch the play. He speaks kindly to me.

“Don’t be so scared. The red is just paint, the people on stage are just actors, and the corpses are probably made of cloth.”


“Hey Rebecca, this scene is not scary, why don’t you try looking up?”

I look up fearfully. I saw a scene where a person being strangled by a ghost explodes and dies.

Without saying anything, I returned to my position. The trembling His Highness couldn’t hold back his laughter, and I hit his arm quite seriously.

“Stupid, stupid…”


Finally, His Highness who started laughing, probably looks like a bad guy laughing while watching a horror movie to the people around him.

We finished the 1.5 hours of the three-hour live experience and left the theater. It seems that only I was physically exhausted among the four of us. Emilia and Gadd are rather shiny.

Emilia fainted during the test of courage, but I guess she is the type of person who likes to make people yelp.

Instead of tired me, His Highness was looking after Emilia and Gadd with his eyes. I was pulled by the hand that was connected, and moved my feet slowly.

“The two of them went into the store.”


That’s the next fork in the road.

If you have been able to increase the likability so far smoothly, Gadd will try to buy something for Emilia, who is just looking at the cute accessories.

But you must firmly refuse that. Because if you refuse properly, you will get a surprise present at the end of the date.

“Surely if we enter the store, we’ll be found out by Maysen-sama. Your Highness, can you pick up the sound?”

“No, the glass is thick and there are many people. It’s difficult.”

“I understand. Let’s wait outside.”

We drink the cold drinks that the Highness bought for us and discuss the identity of the strangling ghost while waiting.

“Ah, Your Highness, they’re coming out——.”

My eyes were drawn to Emilia’s right hand as she skipped out of the store.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a paper bag from the store.

“He bought something!”

The Highness resumes his magic for sound collection. I listen in on the conversation of the two people walking away from the store. I heard Emilia’s cheerful voice.

[Phew, I had a good shopping! Where should we go next?]

“She’s buying it herself!”

I panicked. If she doesn’t maintain the favorability, it’s sure to echo in the final confession of the date. But if she buys it herself, it’s alright, right? She’s not particularly bothering Gadd.

For the first time today, I chased after the two people and became increasingly anxious and followed them down the darkening road.

In terms of time and course of the date, the next place is definitely the last.

We arrived at a romantic and secluded, but crowded, square in front of the church.

I sat on a bench away from the two people sitting on the bench.

[Today was really fun, wasn’t it?]

[Yes, it was!]

Two people laughing together.

His Highness and I have opened the strategy guide. It seems that a small incident happened afterwards. A small bug seemed like it was going to hit Emilia.

Surprised, Emilia clings to Gadd with a “kya.” From that, a good atmosphere developed and Gadd confessed his feelings. It’s a 120% sweet confession.

It seems that Gadd’s confession starts with “I’ve wanted to say this for a while now.”

If you hear this, stop eavesdropping and go back to the Academy first.

Just when I thought that.

“[Ah, a bug——]

Gadd’s voice raised and I could see His Highness’ gaze also turn that way.

In front of our gaze, Emilia was surprised by the small bug that flew in————

But nothing happened.

[Ah, it’s true.]

Her right hand quickly sliced through the air.

She calmly caught the bug with her bare hands and slowly opened her hand, showing a gentle smile, and sent it into the sky.

[Well… Welcome back to the Sea of Corruption.]

I opened my mouth wide. It seems His Highness couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing beside me.

What just happened? What was Emilia imitating?

Gadd, who was also at a loss like me, came back to his senses first.

[You’re not bothered by bugs, are you?]

[Yeah. A lot of people in the city are afraid of bugs. I used to wonder how people live like that. I grew up in the countryside.]

I scratched my head. What is she talking about? Didn’t she say she was born and raised in the Royal Capital just now?

I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up. But what came into my ears were words that Gadd didn’t intend to say.

[…I like that about you. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while…]

It’s starting, a confession!

The normal route that had escaped from Emilia’s full-power was dragged back with incredible force.

His Highness stood up, pulling my hand that was still open in surprise.

He seemed to be still laughing, and casually walked along the road, and sat on the bench he found first.

“Huff… hahaha…”

“Your Highness, you’re laughing too much…”

“Rebecca’s many faces are… hahaha.”

To my surprise, he was laughing at me.

I glared at him in embarrassment. His Highness raised his hands as if he was sorry, and took advantage of the few people around, and hugged me close. He was in a good mood.

“Today was fun,” he said with a tone that made me want to ask him what he was thinking all day.

“Your Highness, is it possible that you didn’t come here today to see Emilia and Maysen-sama’s date, but to go on a date with me?”

“Of course.”

He replied immediately. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I also had fun. Next time, let’s go see a normal play.”

I stood up and was led by His Highness, and Gadd and Emilia also seemed to be leaving as we headed back to the Academy.

After returning to my room in the dormitory and doing some things, someone came to my room. As soon as I opened the door, a silver color flew in.

“Rebecca-sama, Gadd and I have become lovers!”

“I see, that’s great.”

For a moment, I was worried about what would happen. But as I absorbed those words, Emilia handed me something.

I looked at it closely and was surprised. Along with her shining smile, she handed me a paper bag that she had bought along the way.

Pressed by the silent pressure to open it, I opened it, and inside were some lavender-colored handkerchiefs with silver embroidery that were cute.

“Thank you for following us today! I love you, Rebecca-sama!”

After I accepted Emilia’s hug, I finally realized that it was a present for me.

“I love you too.”

I hugged her back with strength that was not inferior to Emilia’s. I had such a good friend.

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