The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 63

Chapter 63

I spent August at my father’s house in the Royal Capital. Today, I woke up early and went to have breakfast while stretching a little.

My father was already there, looking at documents while drinking soup.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Rebecca.”

While waiting for breakfast to be served, I looked at the letters on the table.

There were two letters addressed to me, one in a cute pale pink envelope and the other in a plain brown envelope.

“Oh, this one’s from Emilia.”

“Really? What does it say?”

I carefully opened the pale pink envelope with a paper knife and took out the letter. There was another piece of paper inside.

“Let’s see… It looks like she’s doing well. Apparently she came up with a workout called [muscle-building exercises].”


My father raised his head from the documents with a confused voice.

“She’s being called a “captain” by her “team members” and seems to be enjoying it.”

“…What does that mean?”

“I don’t know what it means.”

Ultimately, the letter was an invitation to a [Muscle-Building Camp.] The attached brochure had a picture of a man with dark skin showing his teeth, smiling and saying “Let’s get muscular together!” Who is he?

I decided not to pay attention to that and opened the other envelope. The sender was from the Royal Academy.

The letters began with seasonal greetings and eventually a ranking list.

“Oh, it’s the results of the June test.”

I checked the second year first and looked up at the sky.

“You’re good, Gadd Maysen…!”

My name was not in first place. I was in second place, and Emilia was in third place.

“It’s your first time not being in first place, but your father thinks it is still amazing.”

“Thank you very much…”

I was disappointed because I had taken time to prepare. I decided in my heart that I wouldn’t lose next time and looked at the other years.

The third year was, as expected, first place was His Highness, second place was Kyaran Goudes, and third place was Fried Neher.

The first year was Brian Marc in first place, so I was surprised. The difference between him and his sister, who is still fresh in our minds as “the student who kept getting the lowest scores in the Academy on the tests.”

I put down the letter I had finished reading and took a deep breath.

I slid my hand into my pocket. I took out my white snake, who still looked sleepy, and placed it on the table.

“Hey Christina, it’s almost a year since you were born. Is there anything you want?”

“Kyuu? Shuu?”

“Of course. I am still a Duke’s daughter.”

“Cuey… Cuey, Cuey.”

“Fufufu, stop, don’t say such things.”


“Fufufu, that’s enough, Christina! Fufufu.”

I laughed so hard that I held my stomach and tears came out. My father, sitting across the table, opened his mouth and looked at me with amazement. He said,

“Amazing. Rebecca can understand what that child is saying.”

“No, I don’t really understand. It’s just a feeling.”


I tried to return to my conversation with Christina, but I felt someone’s gaze. Father is hesitantly putting his hand on his mouth.


“Oh, um, does Christina want something?”

“Yes. She taught me some clever jokes.”

“Clever jokes.”

A maid came into the room with breakfast. I thanked her and received it, and told her to “wrap it up so I can eat it outside.”

“So, I’ll be away for the day. I have a plan to come up with Christina’s [special move].”

I said that and looked at Christina with a “Okay?” face.

Father looked at me with a complicated expression and muttered “Is it really just a feeling?”

After finishing breakfast and receiving a sandwich, I put on only my hat and climbed on the back of Christina that had transformed into the shape of a dragon in the garden.

Christina’s idea of [training] and [learning a special move] probably should be done somewhere in a disinterested forest. We should probably leave the Royal Capital and go into a mountain somewhere.

There is no clear reason for this. It just feels “right.”

“That’s right, that’s perfect. If you can make something good, let’s show it off in the [summer].”

As I was flying leisurely, I thought of this.

It’s just half a month until the summer, but honestly, there’s still no plan. Christina is just perfect as she is, so it’s hard to say anything else.

I landed randomly on the mountainside that came into view.

“Well, shall we start right away?”


Christina breathed out as if she was full of motivation. She’s cute.

“Speaking of dragons, the legends has it that they exhale something amazing. Christina, can you do it?”

There should be some kind of legend about dragons that have a breath that can mow down everything around them. I think I’ve read about it in a book.

Christina raised her face and opened her mouth with a pop. She tried to force something out with a “shu, shu,” but nothing seemed to happen.


Christina dropped her shoulders. No, she doesn’t have any shoulders, but she’s feeling down.

“It’s not your fault, Christina. We really don’t know if there’s such a dragon.”

After all, Christina is the first dragon Phantom Beast in the Academy’s hundred-year history. I stroke her scales all over her arm.

“Your claws are sharp. Let’s use them. Christina, [some sort of amazing claws]!”

Pointing to a handy thick tree, I say. Christina originally sharpened her claws like cutters, and scraped the trunk of the tree diagonally.

Just when nothing seems to happen, the tree moves as if it is the first to realize that it is being cut. The tree falls in half.

“Wow, amazing!”


I clapped my hands and was pleased. It was a great sharpness. A sword would not be a match for it, perhaps the highest quality sword.

Christina also seemed happy and coiled around me, hugging me tightly.

“It’s a matter of how to say it! Christina, [some sort of amazing breath]!”

I stuck my arm out of the sleeve and pointed to the sky. Christina responded to my voice and opened her mouth in that direction.


In an instant, a white flame enveloped the roar that covered the sky. It reached high and broke through the huge cumulonimbus clouds. The cumulonimbus clouds were instantly swept away by the light.

I am at a loss for words. With my mouth half open, I lowered my raised hand.

I made a sound and looked at Christina. Christina also looked at me fearfully.

“Wow, that was amazing! Christina!”

I jumped onto her white body and stroked her within reach.

Christina seemed surprised that she wasn’t getting scolded, but she soon submitted to me.

Perhaps, this practice that Christina has suggested is for me.

[Spring] probably thought of her as she saw me getting shot by arrows or falling from stairs, “I need to become stronger.”

Even so, getting angry at just burning the sky a bit, is not becoming of a master.

“Thank you. I love you.”

I pressed my forehead against hers and hugged her big head. Love is never enough, no matter how much you express it. I am a lucky master to have such a good child.

After that, for a while, the talk of the legendary [Dragon Breath] being observed took over the Royal Capital.

As I was pressed for confirmation, His Highness contacted me first. I apologized. This was also part of my job as her master.

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