The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 56

Chapter 56

One day, after a string of humid and sticky days, I peeked into my locked locker after school and found a piece of paper sticking out through the crack in the door.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a summons from a male student——not the kind that would make my heart race, however.

The sender was someone I knew well.

I was already on my way back to the dormitory, but I returned to the school building instead. After searching for the designated classroom and entering, I found him there, already waiting for me.

“Rebecca, I’m sorry to have bothered you to come all this way.”

“No, Maysen-sama, how can I help you?”

The person there was a male student with a cool demeanor who looked good in glasses. The orange sunset outside the window, combined with the light, made it look like a painting.

He was Gadd Maysen.

In the same second year as me and in love with Emilia. He holds the title of five highs and he seems to have grown taller since I first met him.

“I’ll be blunt.”

Gadd started the conversation with a serious face.

“Do you have something with Sajad Mahajanjiga-senpai?”

The name of the person I’ve been thinking about lately came up and I almost let out a “huh?”

I purposely tilted my head.

“…No, not particularly. Why do you ask?”

“No… It’s just that, personally, I don’t trust him. I saw you talking to him in the staff building before.”

Gadd smiles wryly. The reason I had been called was because I thought it was related to Emilia, so I was honestly surprised.

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And, this time, I finally said “Ah” A page from the strategy guide came to mind.

This, could it be an event?

Let’s not hide it, Gadd Maysen this man, was promoted to a target from the second part!

Last year, he was a support character. Players voiced their frustrations “Why can’t I fall in love with this handsome, tall man?” and even the behind-the-scenes were written in the strategy guide.

[Gadd Maysen calls her to an empty classroom and tells her to be careful of Sajad. This act is a milestone for the main character who is brainwashed by Sajad from [summer] onward.]

It’s definitely this event in terms of content. But it’s strange.

Because, this event was supposed to be a [reward event]. It only occurs when the target’s favorability is extremely high at that point.

The [cold nursing event] that happened around the fall of the first part was also a kind of reward event.

I’m sure after this, there will be an [accidental chu(kissチュー)].

That’s where the problem is. I, with my arms crossed, faced Gadd.

――――What is [chu (kissチュー)]?

I understand the [accidental] part, but what is this [chu]? Either I’m ignorant or it’s something in [Japanese].

I intended to look it up and read later, but eventually left it as is because it was supposed to be an event that should not have happened.

So, the details of what will happen next are unknown. However, it goes without saying that I don’t intend to participate in an event with Gadd Maysen, so let’s leave here for now.

I thought about it and opened my mouth. I stopped crossing my arms and bowed.

“Maysen-sama, thank you for speaking to me. There’s no problem with Mahajanjiga-sama, so I apologize for leaving.”

After properly refusing the kind person who seemed to have spoken to me, I tried to head for the exit.

It was at that moment that I took a step forward.

“Wha, Kyah?!”

My foot slipped spectacularly. It was a slick, slippery feeling like oil had been scattered.


I couldn’t help but grab Gadd’s uniform. It seems that he also lost his balance due to the sudden event.

But it was as if he were a target to be captured, he sheltered me and ended up lying on top of me. We fell together.

In the falling moment, my lips overlapped his————

But that did not happen.

Because, almost at the point of kissing, I twisted my hand on the floor and turned my head, just barely avoiding it.

The air froze. My heart was pounding and I broke out in a cold sweat. Even though we were in an abnormal situation of being pushed down and pushed, we couldn’t say anything.

D-Dangerous. I almost just kissed Gadd.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…”

“N-No, it’s okay.”

I carefully stood up while holding onto a nearby wall.

Gadd’s face is bright blue. I understand how he feels. On the day that you kissed someone like me, I have to say, I had no idea what His Highness would do to you. I even feel like there’s a possibility that you might not be able to live in this country anymore.

I stood up carefully so as not to step on the spot where I slipped just now. Gadd was doing the same.

Immediately after that, however, it was Gadd who suddenly and vigorously stumbled down, even though he was not even walking.


Gadd’s hand sought support and cut through the air. He slammed both hands on the wall behind me as if he were collapsing.

But he couldn’t kill the momentum, and his face approached mine.


I couldn’t take it anymore and squeezed my eyes shut————

Whoops, I bent over.

There was a loud noise above me. If I were to put it in words, it would be “Bam!” Gadd must have hit his forehead or nose, or maybe both, on the wall.

“Maysen-sama! Let go———.”

“Wait, Rebecca-san! Let’s stop moving for a moment!”


Gadd stops me as I try to stand up. Looking up, I see that he’s holding his forehead with teary eyes. That’s going to be a bruise.

Even so, I stare at the floor that looks like nothing has changed.

“What’s wrong with the floor in this classroom? Did we use the wrong amount of wax?”

“Ah, maybe that’s it…I’ll tell the teacher about it later.”

“That would be good.”

Gadd seems to have recovered for the time being. His voice becomes serious.

“Rebecca-san, the floor here is dangerous. Let’s try to escape without stepping on the floor by using our powers together.”

“Yes, but how…”

“What about your Phantom Beast today?”

“It’s still in my pocket, but it’s not much help in this cramped classroom.”

“I see. I didn’t bring my Phantom Beast today, and the conditions aren’t right right now…”

Gadd looks around the classroom. It looks like he’s measuring the distance to the exit.

“Okay. Let’s use wind magic to jump to the exit all at once.”

“With wind magic?”

“Yes. But it’s impossible for me alone to lift one person. We’ll use our wind magic together.”

“I see…!”

I sat at Gadd’s feet and nodded mysteriously.

“I don’t know if it will work, so I’ll go first.”

“That’s dangerous.”

“Even so, I am a noble. I cannot let the future queen get hurt… If something happens to me, could you please feed the goldfish in my room?”

I held my breath.

“What would happen if there was an “what if” in a room with a slippery floor like this——what would happen?”

I don’t know, but it’s probably dangerous.

But Gadd’s voice was genuinely serious. Seeing his eyes, filled with strong will, I thought that I couldn’t panic.

“…Understood. Let’s definitely make it a success.”

Gadd nodded deeply.

As I focused on the destination and quietly increased my magic, I naturally understood that my breathing was in sync with Gadd’s.

“Three, two.”


Gadd took a big jump and immediately caused a side wind that pushed him forward. Gadd caused a vertical wind from below to delay his landing.

The two forces harmoniously blended without collision, and Gadd’s body was carried to the exit.

Gadd turned back with a smile as he landed in the hallway.

“Rebecca-san, I did it!”


I followed by jumping in the same way, and landed even more smoothly and lightly on the hallway.

Gadd and I shook hands firmly, facing each other. It was the moment when a certain friendship had sprouted in our hearts, which had overcome the crisis together.

After congratulating each other on our successes, we parted ways. However, telling Emilia about this event was a mistake.

Emilia was not at all impressed by the whole flow, and if anything, she was a bit put off.

Gadd’s love journey was still one step away. Somehow, it was pitiful that he still couldn’t find love, even after a year.

Anyway, I returned home in a good mood and checked the strategy guide, and I quickly turned blue. I should have thoroughly read it to the end.

This matter is something that I will keep secret even if I die.

The next morning, there was a letter outside the window. I wondered what it was, and when I opened it, it was from His Highness saying “I want to talk to you for a bit soon.”

I don’t believe that the incident with Gadd has been exposed.

Please, I really believe that.

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