The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Wow, you scared me. Are you okay?”


“Hey Lance, was it in the first description that [a beautiful woman may fall]?”

As I was helped up, I subtly observed the two of them.

One was a young man with light blue hair and thin lines. He had a cheerful and likable appearance. The other was a young man with hair that could be described as dark red-brown and thin lines as well. This one had a bit of a smirk on his face.

Both of them were good-looking, which was a problem. Good-looking people were potential targets for conquest.

In any case, I didn’t want to be too cautious. I discreetly hid my short sword in my skirt and made a beautiful curtsy.

“Thank you for your help. My name is Beth.”

“Oh, thank you for being polite. My name is Larry.”

“You can call me Hal. Nice to meet you, beautiful lady.”

Hal was the one with the dark red-brown hair. Larry had light blue hair, but I had just heard Hal call him Lance earlier.

It seemed that not revealing one’s real name was the best strategy. If someone was famous, their name alone could reveal what magic they possessed and what Phantom Beast they commanded.

By the way, as was mentioned in the Principal’s greeting, this “Phantom Beast” is a partner that new students can obtain during the summer event. I heard that you hatch them from eggs one by one. Second and third-year students can participate in the [spring] event with their Phantom Beast.

The opponent doesn’t seem to have a Phantom Beast with them, but it’s not good to assume that they are a new student. There is also a possibility that they approached me, who is a hint, pretending to be by chance.

Then, Lance pointed to my body.

“By the way, you, aren’t you kind of glowing?”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing!”

It’s different. It seems that my encounter with them was a coincidence.

What should I do? I can guess that the mysterious magic is a hint, but I don’t want to take on two men. What are Lance’s and Hal’s tools… hmm? Lance? Lance?!

Suddenly, I remembered a section of the strategy book.

Isn’t the Lance with ash-colored hair [Lancelot]?!

He is, “Lancelot・Charity. Target of strategy, first-year student, light brown hair and eyes of the same color, talented with a bow and magic, father is Prime Minister, note: refreshing but has a tendency to be reckless before meeting the protagonist.” He is the 15-year-old who gave me a shock with his tendency to be reckless.

I was surprised but I had to deal with this. All of the targets for the strategy are good character. Even though I am a villainess, I wouldn’t attack a girl who has done nothing, even if it’s just for hints.

Plus, if you have the ability, you can aim for the goal together. I don’t have information about Hal, but they seem like a friend and I think I can handle it if something happens with Lancelot by my side.

I opened my mouth,

“Actually, this seems like a hint…”

When I confirmed, it was that I had to knock three times on the east exterior decoration on the first floor of the boys’ dormitory.

I said that and closed my mouth.

“I’m not sure how to confirm it though.”

And I smiled and connected it as naturally as possible.

What am I doing?

Where is the proof that this man is the real Lancelot Charity?

“So, I’m sorry, but would you mind talking while we move?”

Even if it’s a fake made by the teacher’s copy magic, or even if it’s the real one, it’s bad to part here. I can’t be aimed at or followed from behind.

There must be limits to copy magic. It’s highly likely that they don’t know my personal information, and by talking, I might be able to lead them to expose me.

“Is that so… I see, shall we go then?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter.”

We enter into a cooperative system as soon as we are certain that they are not fake.

Just as I was solidifying this thought, I suddenly voiced a question.

“By the way, Larry-sama… why haven’t you been making eye contact and speaking since earlier?”

When I asked Lancelot, he answered in his usual cheerful manner.

“I am making eye contact, aren’t I, and speaking properly.”

“No, not with me… “

I mean with the person next to you.

Just as I was about to say that, Hal laughed happily.

“You noticed! Actually, since I took one of his girlfriends away a month ago, he hasn’t talked to me or made eye contact on purpose! But it wasn’t intentional! Even though we were conveniently transported here today and finally met, he’s completely ignoring me!”

“I, I see…”

For that reason… and also because of one of his girlfriends. It seems Lancelot has been walking the path of a carefree son(prodigal son), as expected from the information in the strategy book.

When I weakly answered, Lancelot’s face became even more cheerful and he opened his mouth.

“Miss Beth, who are you talking to by yourself?”

I gradually became scared, of this smile.

I became uneasy and looked away.


It was a light rain but it had started to rain.

It’s been about 30 minutes since I was transferred, if the rain becomes stronger, I’ll look for a place to take shelter instead of talking to Lancelot. I was thinking this when.

Hal narrowed his eyes, and muttered something while looking somewhere.

“Hey Miss Beth, someone’s coming.”

“Eh, let’s hide.”

I quickly pulled Lancelot’s hand and hid behind a big tree. Because it was an herb forest, there were poisonous ferns nearby, so I pushed them away with my shoes.

“Miss Beth, what’s wrong?”

“Shh. Be quiet Larry-sama.”

Hal hid nearby and still looked somewhere. I followed his gaze. Lancelot also took out a folding bow from his coat and looked that way.

While trying to avoid the rain with his hand, the person who appeared, I opened my eyes wide.

Lancelot was there.

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