The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Gon, gon, gon, gon.

Llewayne Huaverdon used the transfer magic as soon as [winter] began. It easily overcame the obstacles and roads that should not have been able to pass, taking him to the flag inside the rock tower.

However, as Llewayne expected, there was a man waiting for him in front of the flag.


The man, Vanderlei Slutarch, greeted Llewayne with a sparkling smile, wondering what was so fun.

This was the second time they were facing each other in a [battle]. Both of them were generals last year.

Vanderlei, who fought on horseback, was truly a one-man army. In order to avoid letting him run wild this year, Llewayne brought it to a one-on-one indoor battle. He used his transfer magic, which can only be used once a day, as soon as he started.

“Come on.”

“Wait a minute!”

Vanderlei stopped Llewayne, who had drawn his sword.

Llewayne remained expressionless, stopping his movements abruptly.

“I also wanted to settle things with you this year! We couldn’t defeat each other last year!”


“That’s why! I have one proposal! If you lose this match, don’t get involved with my sister!”

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and cracks ran across the floor. It spread out in a concentric circle, with Llewayne at the center, and it was making a hissing noise. Despite being indoors, a strong wind blew and lifted Llewayne’s bangs. He was expressionless as usual, but it seemed like he was a demon god. In fact, Llewayne suddenly releasing his magic power was because he was undoubtedly angry now.


“Because that’s how you get serious! I know you’re not serious about things all the time! And simply because I’m jealous that my little sister was taken away!”

“…Which is the main reason.”

“Yeah, the latter!”


Llewayne noticed the distance between him and his fiancée and her brother. But at the same time, he knew that Vanderlei loved Rebecca. When he looked at Rebecca’s life through the window, he knew that Vanderlei had been with Rebecca until she was 12 years old. He always looked at his beloved sister with kind eyes.

Because he was going to take away his sister from him, he had to accept that kind of trial. He came here originally thinking he would win, so there’s no problem.

And so the battle began. The most intense battle this [winter] was actually happening here.

Llewayne’s fire magic attacks Vanderlei. Vanderlei counterattacks by deflecting it with a swung sword of wind pressure and then strikes back at Llewayne. Llewayne receives it with his sword, casts magic, and kicks to finish the move.

Such a close back and forth battle continued endlessly. At first, it seemed that neither side was backing down, but as time passed, Llewayne began to gain the upper hand.

Vanderlei is a man who boasts top-class combat strength, even among the young Dukes of Slutarch. Llewayne, who was pushing him, was undoubtedly the strongest in the history of the Huaverdon royal family.

However, after 10 minutes had passed, Llewayne suddenly stopped his fierce attack and pulled out a crystal.

[This is Melinda. First reconnaissance team, we have arrived at Olivier’s camp. It looks like Rebecca’s army just started fighting.]

“Is Olivier and Marc there?”

[No, not in our visible range]

“Got it. Keep reporting.”


If Olivier was there, it would be immediately obvious. That means Olivier is not in the camp. She is probably heading towards them. That’s what Llewayne thought.

Olivier entrusts the defense of her own line to Ray Lowe and thinks that it is a good strategy to fish for profits while looking down on the battle of the two three-strong people Llewayne and Vanderlei. However, that is not his nature.

She will surely cross the wilderness riding a leopard and come straight here, to the place where they are fighting———.

“Yahoo, you two! Let me join in too!”

Yes, she says that she wants to join in too. Like this.

Just as something was approaching with tremendous momentum, a strong wind blew up, and Olivier appeared before Llewayne and Vanderlei.

“Olivier, I was expecting you! Is your camp all right?”

Vanderlei says. Olivier draws two swords from her waist and rushes towards Vanderlei as if answering.

“Yeah, I left Ray behind.”

“Oh, I’ll say it. My sister is strong!”

“Haha, then I have to hurry up and defeat the two of you and return to Ray!”

The two swords clash fiercely. Llewayne, on the other hand, was listening to the crystal with one ear plugged. Reports have been gathering from various troops scattered on the battlefield since earlier. Llewayne expanded the capacity of the crystal with his own magic and made it possible to receive reports from dozens of people at the same time.

Fried Neher, who was in charge of defending the camp, is fighting dangerously, keeping the Vanderlei rangers who appear at intervals away from the flag.

Reports about Cectiara’s condition have been received from Kyaran Goudes, who went to Rebecca’s camp. She must be spreading butterflies on the battlefield with her eyes closed and sitting in silence. Rebecca must have something in mind.

The battle report with Vanderlei’s main army was entrusted to a man named Gadd Maysen. He seems to have a sharp head and good skills, and occasionally he can hear the analysis of the situation that has been obtained.

Of all the numerous reports, the most important and heaviest is the report from Melinda Cuey, who went to Olivier’s camp.

This report has been continuous since the first one a while ago. Occasionally, [YYour Highness, can’t you please stop this? This is not Olivier’s camp, but Rebecca’s reconnaissance team] is also inserted.

Llewayne focused on listening to and understanding all the reports at the same time, and thinking about future developments.

The flag of Vanderlei, which is very close, is protected by Vanderlei’s Phantom Beast, a horse, and Vanderlei and Olivier are both passionate about the battle with each other.

As Llewayne was watching the two of them fight while thinking about taking advantage of any opportunities that came up, Llewayne, who rarely ever broke his usual calm and composed demeanor, opened his eyes wide.

It wasn’t because of the sudden move Olivier made, throwing a sword at Llewayne with her back hand while she was fighting Vanderlei. It was because of an unexpected report that had come in.

[————Emilia appeared. Olivier’s flag was taken.]

Llewayne didn’t avoid the sword that was thrown at him by Olivier. As the sword was about to touch Llewayne’s body, it made a loud noise and was bounced back, falling to the ground.

“…damn it.”

A general who loses their flag is considered defeated and unable to continue fighting. Their attack is neutralized and they immediately lose consciousness. As she turned around, Olivier made a pained face and knelt down, unable to say anything else.

Vanderlei supported the unconscious Olivier and slowly laid her down. He then smiled happily.

“As I thought, Rebecca is strong! And smart, kind, and most importantly, cute! I don’t want to fight you anymore, you’re next!”

“Alright, take up your sword, and I’ll take your head right now.”

Llewayne and Vanderlei faced off again.

It was then that Melinda’s voice, which sounded rare and flustered, could be heard.

“…wait. Something strange is happening.”

“… Yeah, I have [eyes] too, what does this mean!”

Rebecca’s soldier has caused some sort of rebellion. The fact that there is a banishing magic tool, and Rebecca’s Phantom Beast has been sealed, shows the gravity of the situation.

“Vanderlei, can you use transfer magic?”

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible! That’s not something a student can handle!”

Llewayne thinks. It’s probably not the time to send in the reconnaissance squad. They’re not strong enough. He heard that Oswald is there, so as long as he’s there, it should be temporary, and they shouldn’t have to worry about protecting Rebecca.

Llewayne told Kyaran to go to Olivier’s camp and instructed her to bring Grue, Llewayne’s Phantom Beast, which should have been waiting with Kyaran. It would be fastest to ride Grue, but it still takes a lot of time.

“Since it has come to this, [Winter] should not pass by. Vanderlei, before we head over there, let’s stop me and your army from fighting.”

“…I had been trying to do that and had been trying to contact “him”, but according to what I just heard, my army’s reconnaissance squad, including the man who was in charge of it, has gone missing.”

“…What’s his name?”


Llewayne felt his chest tighten and scowled. He felt like he had to ask for that name right here, right now.

“Lancelot Charity.”

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