The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Without any particular reason, I wonder at the results that have been presented before me with a strange feeling. In the scenario, it was discontinued in the middle, so it wasn’t included in the strategy book.

10th place: Olivier Marc

9th place: Melinda Cuey

8th place: Kyaran Goudes

7th place: Vanderlei Slutarch

6th place: Lancelot Charity

5th place: Rebecca Slutarch

4th place: Emilia

3rd place: Oswald Ceden

2nd place: Cectiara Zoff

1st place: Llewayne Huaverdon

I wonder what happened to Ouka. Is he not thinking of healing his body, or does he not know about Emilia’s research at all? I feel like I’m being cheated by a fox.

I smoothly avoid Lancelot, who is coming to hug me in celebration of the results. I decide to head to Cectiara-sama’s place, stopping Emilia, who has come running and is trying to intimidate him with a mashed sweet potato(mashing a sweet potato in her hand), with a “Come on, come on.”

“Does Rebecca-sama like Zoff-sama?”

Emilia went to buy sweet potatoes again and we went to see Cectiara-sama. I can feel [fall] in the choice of ingredients. However, I hope she won’t intimidate Cectiara-sama so earnestly, and more than anything, I want to eat baked sweet potatoes. So I’ll properly say it.

“I like Emilia more.”

Emilia, who shouted “I did it!” without hesitation, is cute. I’m glad she’s back in a good mood.

Suddenly, a familiar low voice interrupted.

“Be careful, Rebecca. It seems like some fox lady got a thing for you.”

“Yes, Rebecca-sama, please be careful. It seems like some bird is targeting you.”

Emilia, with a smile on her face, responds to His Highness a completely different kind of smile. The air around them is chilly. Oh, It’s only the beginning of November, isn’t it?

His Highness embraces my shoulder, and Emilia clings to my opposite arm, neither of them taking a step back. It’s scary how both of them continue to smile and spit poison.

This sharp exchange became normal after the incident that started with Emilia’s declaration of “I fell in love with His Highness.” His Highness is angry at Emilia for misunderstanding me, and Emilia is angry at His Highness for kissing me.

I decided to keep quiet so as not to make things worse. But just like now, when I find Melinda laughing in front of Fried like a flower blooming, I decide to take them both on a s*icide mission.

Melinda, with a gentle smile, pleads with her eyes “Don’t come over here.” and of course, I ignore her. I head straight to Cectiara-sama’s place, dragging her along.

Cectiara-sama, who was visited by me, His Highness, Emilia, and the large group of people named Melinda and Fried for some reason, seemed to be flustered. She was very cute.

When I shared a freshly made sweet potato with her, she happily exclaimed “It’s delicious.” and it was very cute. By the way, the sweet potato was made by His Highness with fire magic.

When I asked Cectiara-sama about her competition, she shyly told me “As promised, I’ll try to propose to Vanderlei-sama, or rather, confess to him…!”

I smiled and said “Good luck.” as I sent her off, thinking that if it doesn’t work out, I’ll ask my father to speak on her behalf.

It wasn’t Cectiara-sama who told me the result, but a letter from my father that arrived a week later, saying “Vanderlei’s fiancée has been chosen.”

I was thrilled and jumped for joy, “Yay!” His Highness, who was looking at the letter with me, laughed “haha” and patted my head, saying “That’s great.” My heart also jumped with happiness.

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