The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The biggest obstacle in dissolving my engagement with His Highness is that it is a decision made based on the interests of our respective houses.

Originally, the Duke of Slutarch’s territory was too wide, too rich, and too far from the Royal Capital. It was almost as if the current king forced the engagement between the Duke’s daughter and his own son.

It was not a situation where it could be said that by becoming a relative of the king, one would gain even more power. It was judged that it would be acceptable if power was increased in a form dependent on royal power.

It’s annoying for the Slutarch family to be poked around in their own house. My father loved me, so he was quite reluctant, but if he refused the offer from the royal family, it would be too much. He reluctantly accepted.

In short, this marriage is unnecessary if the Duke of Slutarch does not become independent. His Highness has no brothers, so there is no need for a backing.

Recently, I have come to understand what His Highness has been thinking.

In the scenario, His Highness brings down the Duke of Slutarch because he has harmed Emilia, who is the wife of the king or an important person in the country. It is probably not just because she was loved, or because she was actually the best user of healing magic in history, that Emilia rose to such a position.

There were political reasons behind it. Because of the foolish Rebecca, the Duke family is in a difficult position. If it’s unbearable, then he will weaken our power.

His Highness used Emilia and Rebecca to crush and rebuild the overgrown Slutarch.

Once that is understood, it is simple.

“I would like to point out that the Duke of Slutarch has no intention of becoming independent, even if there is no engagement with His Highness.”

First, tell him that.

“Emilia’s skill in healing magic is unparalleled. Why don’t you come and see how strong her magic is?”

Then, let him know Emilia’s usefulness.

“Oh, that’s Emilia over there. I have some business, so excuse me, but please talk to each other.”

Then, make His Highness turn to Emilia.

I should have done this sooner. If I could have smoothly dissolved my engagement with His Highness, there would have been less risk of failure when trying to change the scenario.

It’s true, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

(No, please stop!)

It’s because Emilia is cute, so the feelings of His Highness will soon catch up. This way, Emilia will also be happy. Yeah, that’s good.

(It would be more painful to be cut than for His Highness to like someone else besides me.)

I have to go tell my father before it officially becomes a scandal. The house will be passed down to my brother, so I still need to get married and leave the house.

(It’s impossible for me to marry someone other than His Highness.)

Ah, my heart is in conflict with my actions and it’s a mess. That’s when I realized.

I’d try to reason that it is the most plausible thing. In the end, I was afraid of being told “let’s break up”. Just thinking about it being said in that way, with that voice, made me so scared. So I ran away before I could be told.

The first time we met, he hugged me in his arms. I didn’t know who he was, but I jumped into it without thinking.

He ate all of my homemade cookies and said “they’re delicious.” I promised him I would make more.

He froze when he saw me after my bath. That expression is precious to me now when I think about it.

He brought me back to my senses when I lost myself in anger. I thought there was nobody else in the world but you.

On Grue’s back, he looked back at me with his hair fluttering in the wind. I wonder if he will carry someone else like this from now on.

He who came to help me and Emilia. I should have been happier that he came.

He who worries about whether I’m injured or not. It actually made me quite happy that he worries about me often.

I like His Highness.

I should have told him at least once.

I noticed that I was walking towards the dormitory on a dimly lit road. It’s too hazy. Recently, I’ve been doing things I don’t want to do too much and I’m exhausted. I’ll just go to sleep now.

Now that I think about it, Melinda took Christina and said she would take care of her this morning, but I wonder if I look that tired.

Scolding my wobbly legs, I made it to my room in the dormitory. I put my hand on the door knob, opened it, and entered. Then I thought,

Why is the lock not locked?

Someone was in my room. In the dim light, without turning on the light, he stood at the entrance, staring at me in a daze.

The ultramarine blue sky looked beautiful today, I thought.

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