The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Today, all students of the Royal Academy were gathered in the lecture hall. The voice of the principal, which I also heard two months ago, echoes.

“It’s June now. We will be entering summer vacation in July. We have the [event] of summer waiting for us in September.

Summer is the [Phantom Beast Festival]. For first-year students, we will distribute Phantom Beast eggs by the end of this month. Spend your summer vacation carefully raising them. Each will hatch a Phantom Beast that is appropriate for them. Second and third-year students, show the results of what you have been raising this year.

We will announce and evaluate them at the beginning of September’s [Phantom Beast Festival]. I am looking forward to it. That’s all, dismissed.”

I tried to suppress the excitement in my heart. I’ve always wanted a cute companion, or rather, a pet!

As the name implies, Phantom Beasts are a little different from ordinary animals. For example, the eagle of His Highness can change the size of its body at will. Phantom Beasts that have been with you since your student days, have faced difficulties together, and have spent a long time together are unique only to nobles. They are partners for life.

Of course, I know Rebecca’s Phantom Beast. It’s a white snake. It’s not particularly big and is about the size of my palm.

In the game, Rebecca hated her Phantom Beast and it had a mean personality like a snake, but that’s probably because of how it was raised. If it’s properly loved, it will definitely become attached. I don’t mind reptiles so I think it’s fine.

So, I’m eagerly waiting for a month later.


What should I name it?

“Hey Rebecca, are you listening?”

Snake… snake… white snake…


That’s it!


“What?! Who?!”

The person who shouted next to me was Melinda. I didn’t realize she had been talking to me for a while. I startled her by suddenly calling the name of my unseen Phantom Beast.

“Sorry, what?”

“Never mind that, who is Christina?”

“It’s the name I’m going to give to my Phantom Beast.”

“You’re also kind of weird.”

I heard a sound like air being let out from behind me. When I turned around, it was His Highness. He was holding his mouth with his hand and shaking slightly. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I’m sure there were tears in them, hidden by his sparkling golden hair.

“So, the prince is laughing…”

Melinda seemed to be saying that she couldn’t believe that His Highness had come, and didn’t tell me that His Highness was surprisingly good at making people laugh.

His Highness sat down next to me after laughing for a while. His cold and beautiful face still seemed to have a bit of a smile left from just now.

He asked me about my plans during the summer break.

“Are you going back to the Duke’s territory?”

I hesitated and shook my head, thinking that wouldn’t be the case. My mother is deceased and my father is here in the Royal Capital.

My uncle has been managing the Duke’s territory for 7 years, taking over for my father who works here in the Royal Capital. He may not look reliable, but he is actually very sharp and manages the territory well. The only thing that is weak about him is his hair.

As I was thinking about my uncle, whose head is completely different from my father’s, His Highness’ hand smoothly overlapped mine. I was surprised and looked back at him.

“Let’s spend time together. If you don’t have any other plans. We are engaged, you can stay in the palace.”

It was a tempting invitation. Because of his hand holding mine, I remembered the kiss on my wrist from before and my face became hot.

But, meeting the king and especially the queen is nerve-wracking. I think my mother called this feeling “mother-in-law problems.”

“I am happy for the invitation, but staying at the Palace would be an inconvenience… “

“I see. Then I’ll let you stay in my room.”

“Is that even worse?!”

“Okay, okay, then I’ll stay in your room during that time.”

“What will happen then?!”

His Highness looked at me, who raised my voice with a red face —— if I’m not mistaken, with a loving look.

“I’m joking.”

I become at a loss for words. My face, my face is hot.

Why does he show me such an expression that he doesn’t show to anyone else? I can’t say anything anymore.

Before I knew it, the first Saturday of the summer holiday had arrived, and I was going out with His Highness. His skill at making plans was nothing short of amazing.

His Highness left, and I fell into deep thought.

Maybe, just maybe, the lord doesn’t hate me and thinks kindly of me. He hasn’t said it clearly in words. But if that’s not the case, I have the right to try to tame His Highness’s wild temper.

I was lost in my thoughts until Emilia, who seemed to have been intimidating Lancelot by crushing an apple, came to talk to me.

After that, a rumor spread that “the relationship between His Highness Llewayne and Miss Rebecca is quite passionate.” It seems to have been spread by the students who were looking at the situation from a distance.

Indeed, there were many eyes on that matter. No matter what was said, I was not in a position to complain. However, Melinda, who told me the rumor, was smiling mischievously, and I was so embarrassed that my face was on fire.


June is a rainy month. It’s a fact of life in this world. I remembered what my mother said, “There’s always a mix of European noble culture and Japan in everything,” but I didn’t really understand what she meant.

The damp June is perfectly suited for damp events, and that is the examination.

“I hate it.”

Melinda muttered next to me. Despite being smart, she’s a bit of a troublemaker.

“I hate it too.”

Emilia, on the opposite side, is nodding in agreement. As for her, she’s smart but for some reason, when it comes to studying, she’s a bit… well, that.

I’m studying hard sandwiched between the two of them. I actually like studying.

There is no mention in the strategy book that Rebecca achieved good grades on the exam. However, it seems that her cunning worked, so the head must not have been bad. It’s a shame. In addition, the usual Academy life, that is, the attitude and grades of the exams also affect the review of the title.

I glanced at Emilia. I know she is a hard worker. In the scenario, someone from the target of the strategy should teach her study and get quite good results… What will happen?

As I was peeking, Emilia suddenly looked at me, so our eyes met. Her eyes were shining.

“Rebecca-sama, if you teach me, I will do my best. And please give me a reward if I get good grades.”

It’s me again. Sweets and bento boxes, for now, all events are coming to me, so I expected it.

But why is it a bit presumptuous even though you’re the one asking?

Melinda also asked to join, but she looked at the other side. She didn’t seem to be listening to the conversation and was looking somewhere else. Her eyes were shining.

“Hey, don’t you think he’s great?”

Follow the line of sight. There was a black lump.

That’s an inanimate object, Melinda. Not a person.

I put away the words that had slipped out to the tip of my tongue and took a second look at the lump. It wasn’t a black lump, it was a black robe. To add to that, it was a man who was wrapped in a robe, who was 190cm tall.

No way, Melinda!

“Oh my God, Melinda!”

“Big people are wonderful.”

I was shocked.

Melinda is beautiful. Her soft dark purple hair and honey-colored eyes shine, often compared to the stars in the night sky.

Her house is also well-maintained and stable, her partner must be carefully selected. But with him of all people…

Oh, that’s right, I remembered Melinda’s words when we first met. I had thought about my friend’s unexpected male preference.


The day of the exam had come. The instruction I had given to Emilia until today was more intense than I had expected, and I couldn’t help but shout “your muscles have spread to your brain!” Emilia smiled and said “Thank you!” Apparently, in the martial arts group, [muscle brain] is a compliment. Still, I felt it was rude, so I apologized.

Melinda, as I had expected, had started preparing for the exam as it approached, and as of yesterday, she said “It looks like it’ll work out somehow.” She is efficient and that’s the most important thing. Can’t a man’s type be changed?

The bell rang and the corn began to pop, announcing the end of the final exam. I put my writing utensils on the desk and stretched a bit, seeing a rare and beautiful blue sky outside the window. The rainy season seems to be over already.

Soon enough, Emilia would probably come to tell me the results of the exam with excitement. We hadn’t had much time for each other lately, but now that the exam is over, I wondered if I would finally be able to see His Highnes.

I relaxed my cheek in the classroom, feeling a sense of liberation.

Life at the academy is surprisingly enjoyable.

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