The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

0 years old.

Born into the world and crying out loud. My father was not by my mother’s side, who held me and smiled affectionately.

3 years old.

My father, whom I had not seen much of, came after being scolded by my mother. I did not understand the reason why he said “I’m sorry for everything until now” while crying.

5 years old.

I learned that I had a fiancé. They said he was a prince. They also said I was the daughter of the Duke family. I didn’t understand well and said “Oh, I see” and my father stroked my head happily.

8 years old.

My mother became sick. It was just a little while ago that she was very healthy. My brother, my father, and the servants were all worried. From that day on, I began to pick beautiful flowers every day and deliver them to my mother. I spent more time alone and felt a little lonely.

10 years old.

The day my brother left with my father to go to the Royal Capital. When I grabbed the hem of his clothes and stopped him, my brother gently stroked my head. My father started to cry more than I did, saying he was sad to leave my mother and I, so my brother became embarrassed.

14 years old.

I started being frequently praised as beautiful and felt happy. My mother, who was still bedridden, would frequently hug me and say “Your mother, father, and brother all love you.” Although I don’t need to be told, it still touches me.

15 years old.

My beloved mother passed away. She told me the shocking news.

Half a year later, I took a book that my mother gave me and entered the Royal Academy.


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