The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 85

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Small Talk Picnic 1

In reality, after returning to the royal castle, the intense work continued. Just as Ermengard had mentioned, there was really too much work that had piled up.

After desperately finishing the work in front of her, Ernesta finally had a night off with tomorrow’s break approaching. After bathing, she read a book on the rug in her bedroom when she heard the sound of the door opening.

There stood Ivan in his werewolf form, wearing his nightclothes. Today was a full moon, so he was also inevitably transformed.

“Ivan, welcome back.”

“Ah, Ellie too.”

Ernesta could tell from the wolf’s face that he was smiling gently. Ivan used to avoid turning into a werewolf in front of Ernesta, but now he shows a calm expression like this.

Ernesta felt happy and smiled from the bottom of her heart.

“Hey, tomorrow we have a day off, right? The weather looks nice, so if you’re up for it, Ivan, why don’t we go on a picnic?”

This proposal came to her mind the moment she confirmed tomorrow’s day off.

Perhaps because he also gave Johan a vacation, Ivan appeared even busier than Ernesta.

Lately, they hadn’t had many chances to have a leisurely conversation, so she thought that at least on this long-awaited holiday, she wanted to give Ivan a change of pace.

“A picnic?”

As Ivan tilted his head curiously, it seemed that it was a word that didn’t exist for Shenka. Perhaps they were used to dining outside on the battlefield, so they didn’t have the sense of going out to eat.

“It means going out somewhere and having a meal while enjoying the scenery. How about it…?”

She was planning to make food to bring, so she decided not to mention it to surprise him. Ivan seemed to imagine the refreshing feeling of dining outside and nodded with narrowed eyes like a wolf.

“That sounds great. Let’s definitely do it.”

“Really? That’s wonderful!”

Not only did he not refuse, but he was looking forward to it. She didn’t expect that.

Ernesta smiled happily and closed her book, standing up.

“Well then, let’s go to bed early for tomorrow.”

“Ah, yeah, that’s a good idea.”

It may have been since their journey that they slept in the same bed together.

Ernesta, lying on the bunk bed, gazed at Ivan’s handsome nose and couldn’t help but give in to her desire.

“Hey, Ivan. Can I touch your nose?”


Judging from his rare and truly surprised voice, it seemed like she really said something completely random.

However, Ernesta didn’t back down. She already said it out loud, so it didn’t matter what happened next.

“What’s so interesting about touching my nose?!”

“Well, it’s just such a remarkable nose. I can’t help but want to touch it.”

“I don’t really understand your reasoning…but well, it’s no big deal.”

As he turned to the side to make it easier to touch, it was clear that he was kind-hearted after all.

Ernesta reached out and gently touched his straight profile. His nose had short, firm hair on it, and she quickly became absorbed in the feel of it.


Ivan closed his eyes and seemed to be enduring something in silence. Taking advantage of his lack of reaction, Ernesta became more emboldened.

She even touched the soft fur on his cheek. Losing track of time due to the exquisite sensation, she was suddenly interrupted by Ivan’s large opening mouth.

“Which do you prefer, werewolf form or human form?”

“Eh? I like both?”

In fact, she also loved his wolf form. She wanted to embrace him to her heart’s content the next time she saw it.

Ernesta was so caught up in the sensation in her hand and her lovely fantasy that she didn’t notice Ivan’s muffled chuckle.

“…Really. You won’t touch me when I’m in human form.”

The next day, Ernesta woke up early and asked the chef for permission to stand in the kitchen. She wore a simple outfit over her Arkrig clothing and had Dasha by her side in the same attire.

“Thank you for being here early in the morning, Dasha.”

“No,no, don’t mention it! I’m interested in Bral cuisine too, so I’m excited!”

When Dasha came to prepare for breakfast, she offered to help with a smile and said she would like to make the meal.

Ernesta thought she had imposed too much, but it seemed that Dasha was genuinely interested in cooking. It had been a long time since two women cooked together, and Ernesta felt nostalgic, reminding her of Isolte.

“Now, let’s start by boiling some eggs. Dasha, can you do that for me?”

“Sure thing!”

Dasha lifted a cast-iron pot onto the stove as if it were a paper box and began pouring water into it with a ladle. As expected, she was also from the werewolf tribe and seemed to be strong.

“Can you leave two eggs aside for me?”

“Understood! Fufu, I wonder what a boiled egg sandwich is like. I can’t wait!”

Dasha laughed energetically, making Ernesta feel happy just watching her.

While observing the maid starting the fire in the stove cheerfully, Ernesta began preparing the main dish.

This menu normally requires beef, but she decided to use the only available venison. She prepared thinly sliced meat, beaten egg, and flour in separate containers, and since she had made the breadcrumbs and let them dry the day before, everything was ready.

“Wow! My Queen, what are you making?”

Dasha came back, her eyes shining with curiosity, after putting the eggs in the pot. Ernesta smiled and replied, lining up the meat on the cutting board.

“Schnitzel. It’s a dish where you coat thinly sliced meat with breadcrumbs and fry it.”

“Fried meat…?! It looks too delicious!”

Dasha’s eyes seemed to take on an animal gleam, but Ernesta decided to ignore it on purpose.

Originally, this dish uses veal, but Ernesta, who grew up as a commoner, does not have any particular attachment to it, and besides, there is no beef here in the kitchen today. With this cooking method, most meats can be prepared deliciously, so even venison with a unique taste is not a problem.

“First, let’s stretch the meat. Pierce it with a fork, and then hit it with a rolling pin.”

“Got it! Let’s keep stretching it then!”

The sound of hitting the meat echoed in the kitchen. Dasha, who seemed to be having fun with the task, was definitely strong, as she could handle one more sheet of meat than Ernesta.

“Well, it looks good. Now, let’s season it with spices and salt…”

As the meat had expanded to about twice its original size, they decided to cut it for easier consumption outside. Ernesta rubbed salt and spices into the meat while receiving curious glances. Of course, the spices were intended to eliminate any unpleasant smell.

“Now we coat it with breading. First, flour, then beaten egg, and finally breadcrumbs.”

“Do we really need to use three types of coating?”

“Flour and beaten eggs are basically the base for coating with breadcrumbs. Without either of them, the breadcrumbs won’t stick properly.”

“Oh wow! My Queen, you’re so knowledgeable, it’s amazing! I’m learning so much!”

Dasha’s completely sincere eyes reflected the word ‘respect.’

Being praised so openly made Ernesta feel more charmed by her opponent’s loveliness than embarrassed, and she couldn’t help but smile.

“Shall we try putting on the coating, Dasha?”

“Yes, please let me do it!”

The two of them diligently applied the coating. Ernesta went to the stove because the boiled eggs were done in the meantime. But when she came back, Dasha was sitting with her finger covered in the coating mixture, looking troubled.

“It sticks so much…I shouldn’t have used both hands. My face itches now.”

“Fufu, you’ll end up unable to touch anything. I should have warned you.”

This time, she put a copper frying pan on the heat. With the abundance of dairy products in the country, there was no shortage of butter, so she took a chunk out of the stock and boldly put it in.

Dasha, who returned after washing her hands, exclaimed with excitement, “Wow! It smells so good!”

“Butter really does have a nice aroma, doesn’t it?”

The rich fragrance of butter filled the kitchen, and the two young women closed their eyes in bliss.

This time they were making fried dishes using butter. With careful preparation and luxury ingredients, they were sure that this dish would be undeniably delicious.

——I wonder if Ivan will be pleased…

As they put the meat coated in batter into the butter, they felt their spirits rise along with the pleasant sound.

Yes, he would surely be delighted with the food, no matter where they were eating. If Ivan could smile, that was enough.

After frying all the meat, they made boiled egg sandwiches.

This dish was made by sandwiching leafy vegetables, ham, and cheese between khachapuri and pouring on special sauce.

“Mmm! So delicious!”

Dasha, who tasted the sandwich, screamed in delight. Earlier, she had tasted the freshly fried schnitzel and was in ecstasy, but it seemed like she liked this one too.

“Really? That’s great.”

“My Queen, this is incredibly delicious! It’s good enough to start a war!”

“T-That much…?”

Ernesta laughed at Dasha, who clenched her fist and insisted passionately. The soldiers of Shenka would surely like this too.

“Thank you for helping me. You really saved me. Let’s pack some in a basket for Dasha, too.”

“What?! To have dinner with His Majesty and My Queen…?!”

“Well, it was originally intended to be enough for Dasha as well. If it’s not a bother, I would appreciate it if you accept it.”

“Oh…My Queen , umm…!”

Dasha clasped both hands as if she had met a god, so Ernesta gently calmed her down.

They took out two baskets with lids, arranging them beautifully. Finally, after stuffing in the cut apples into the corners, the two of them applauded each other for their efforts.

“Finally finished! Good work, Dasha!”

“Yes, My Queen, you too!”

Looking at the clock, it had already been over two hours. Although it included cleaning up, it took a while in an unfamiliar environment.

Would Ivan wake up soon? They were supposed to have a light breakfast together and leave soon.

Ernesta, holding the basket, left the kitchen with Dasha. While walking and chatting in the hallway, they noticed that something seemed to be causing a commotion at their destination, causing them to stop in their tracks.

Coming towards them were Ivan and Johan, who had returned to their human forms after the full moon night and were wearing their usual black chokha.

Dasha hurriedly greeted them. Even though there was no need for Ernesta to do the same, she stood frozen, gazing at the King and Prime Minister walking towards her.

Ivan noticed the queen and his eyes widened in surprise, then quickly became awkward. Ernesta, who had realized everything, had nothing to say and could only drift there.

“I am sorry, Ellie. An urgent matter has come up.”

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