The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 80

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Unusual road trip and unknown suffering 1

Continuing on their journey for several days, the group arrived at a post town and left the stable after paying the coachman.

Ernesta stretched her body, feeling stiff from sitting for so long. The clear air entered her lungs, making her feel rejuvenated.

“The air is delicious here.”

“Yes, it’s cooler as we go further…”

It happened suddenly. Ivan, who was about to reply calmly, suddenly held his breath and stared down a dark street. Theodor also looked sharply in the same direction.

Feeling tense about what might happen, Ernesta finally heard footsteps from someone approaching.

“Your Majesty!”

Running towards them from the darkness was none other than Dasha.

The two warriors were about to draw their swords, but stopped just in time when they realized who it was. In that brief moment, Ernesta was already being embraced by her closest maid.


“Ah! *sobbing* I’m finally meeting you! I was wondering what to do if we had missed each other…!”

Dasha was crying hysterically. Ernesta was also on the verge of tears at their reunion, but her surprise and confusion overwhelmed her.

“Dasha, what happened to you?”

“Well, My Queen, even I think it’s strange! Ermengard-sama is always just drawing pictures, and she’s been so focused lately that she’s been forgetting everything! Even meals and baths, you know?!”

Learning about Ermengard’s lifestyle, Ernesta felt as if her mind had gone blank.

She had admitted that it wasn’t suitable for her, but she never thought she was such a free spirit. It seemed that Engeberg’s worries were completely transparent, even to her maid.

“I didn’t realize at first because you look so alike. But Rougena-sama and I started to feel that something was off, so I asked her about it half-heartedly. And she told me without hesitation.” 

Ernesta couldn’t bear it and held her head. What would she do if she couldn’t hold on for a little longer, being a princess?

“I came to pick you up under Rougena-sama’s orders. We will need a caretaker when you switch with Ermengard-sama.”

“You’re not mad at me…?”

She was the kind-hearted girl who quickly became close to Ernesta. Ernesta had betrayed her goodwill, so it was understandable if she was disappointed.

“I’m not angry. I would be happiest if My Queen came back!”

“Dasha…! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Thank you…!”

The two of them, who had formed a friendship before they knew it, hugged each other tightly.

Why is everyone so kind?

Johan also unconditionally sent Ivan away, and Theodor lent his strength. According to Dasha, Rougena also knew about the substitute incident, so she must be furious. Ernesta had to prepare for a scolding when she returned.

“We have to go back soon. I want to apologize and thank everyone.”

“Yes! Everyone is looking forward to seeing you again!”

As they both separated from each other, they shared tears and laughter. After spending some time together, Dasha regained her composure and hurriedly thanked the king.

“I-I’m sorry, Your Majesty! Please allow me to come with you!”

“Oh, you’re welcome. Sorry for the commotion this time.”

“No, no, it’s not a problem. It was really great to have My Queen back.”

Dasha hesitantly lifted her head and noticed the man standing next to the king, causing her to freeze in her tracks.

“Why is Nii-sama here?!”

The trembling girl pointed at her brother, her face turning completely pale. She was a sight to behold.

Theodor, on the other hand, is tight-lipped, as if to say, “This is a mess.”

“N-Nii-sama! Shouldn’t you be in jail right now?!”

“Wait, calm down, Dasha…listen to me first.”

“How dare you show your face in front of My Queen?! I don’t know what your intentions are, but don’t come any closer to her!”

“I admit that you’re right, so listen to what I have to say! Jeez, this is why I wanted to go back alone…”

As Theodor weakly spoke, the two watching them exchange glances and laughed. The siblings, who had separated before their younger sister was old enough to remember, had apparently become close enough to argue by the time they reunited.

And so, the journey to Shenka became even more lively.


Ivan was at a loss. That was because the presence of a maid had taken away his “righteous” duty to monitor the criminal.

Dasha eagerly volunteered to monitor her brother, much to Ivan’s dismay. Unable to find an excuse to refuse, Ivan was now frowning while taking a bath.

After washing off all of the bubbles from his body, he left the bathroom. He wiped away the water and put on his pajamas, thinking about how to get through this night.

Then he remembered Ernesta’s vulnerable sleeping figure from earlier.

——This is bad. This might be really bad.

He wasn’t sure he could control himself if he saw such a lovely figure again.

But no, he had already taken precautions. He had told Ernesta to go to bed first, and he was not a scumbag who would attack a sleeping woman.

Ivan wrapped a towel around his neck and carefully pushed open the door to the bedroom.

Ernesta was asleep, curled up on a fur rug with a cushion. It was unexpected, but a relief.

Nearby lay the popular novel she had bought on the way. Clad only in a thin stole over her white pajamas, her alluring hair crossed over her defenseless sleeping face.

It was easy to imagine that she had fallen asleep while waiting for her husband.

The innocence of her sleeping figure and her loyalty made his chest tighten with pain.

Ivan approached Ernesta with a dazed gait. He kneeled beside her silently and allowed himself a few seconds of happiness to gaze at her sleeping face.

He had never imagined loving someone so dearly. How could he ever quench this insane thirst?

Unintentionally, a bitter smile escaped him. He must take her to bed quickly and keep her warm to prevent her from catching a cold. Surely, he could make an exception to touch her for that reason.

As he reached out his hand, an unexpected thing happened.

Her brunette eyelashes trembled, and deep green appeared from between them. After blinking a few times, Ernesta woke up with a dazed look.


Ernesta called out his name with a voice clouded by drowsiness. By the time he realized how adorable she sounded, she was completely awake.

“I’m sorry for falling asleep. I was going to wait for you…”

Her cheeks turned a rosy red as she lowered her head in embarrassment. What a charming sight it was to Ivan.

Once again, Ivan had to cut off the impure thoughts that surfaced in his mind.

“I said you could sleep first. Don’t worry about it so much.”

“No, I wanted to wait. I couldn’t sleep when you were awake.”

Why did this person have to be so cute all the time? Was he being tested for his self-control?

“…Um, Ivan, can you do me a favor?”

Without knowing Ivan’s inner turmoil, Ernesta slowly extended her delicate hand.

Before he could ask what it was for, he felt the sensation of the fabric around his neck. The cloth then moved up to gently wipe hIS hair with a tender touch.

“You have to dry yourself properly or you’ll catch a cold.”

Beyond Ivan’s vision, the pretty smile behind the towel dazzled him.

He felt so happy that he thought he would die. It was silly, but he was serious.

Looking back, Ernesta sometimes showed her Elder Sister tendencies. She took care of others without any pretense, worked hard without hesitation, and worried about Dasha like a younger sister. Her responsible and yet occasionally playful character made her even more lovable.

If he could enjoy her gentle touch, maybe it would be better to get out of the bath with water still dripping. Lost in his thoughts, Ivan was suddenly called in a stern voice. When he looked up, he saw deep green eyes filled with tension.

“Actually, I have a favor to ask.”

“A favor?”

“Yes. Um, if it’s bad, you don’t have to accept it.”

As Ernesta avoided his gaze with difficulty, Ivan’s eyes suddenly shone. This modest wife speaking her own desires was probably the first time he had ever witnessed it.

“You know what! If it’s not a bother, I’d like to see you in wolf form!”

The wish uttered with a desperate look was completely unexpected.

Ivan was prepared to grant whatever wish she had, but his expression showed bewilderment at the unexpected request.

“…I guess it’s impossible after all.”

Ernesta seemed to perceive her husband’s reaction as a refusal, and she became completely depressed and hung her head.

Realizing his mistake, Ivan hastily gathered his scattered consciousness, and nodded immediately.

“It’s no problem at all. I will show you even now.”

“…Really? You don’t have to push yourself.”

“I’m just surprised, but transforming isn’t anything special.”

Smiling to put her at ease, Ernesta also gave a soft smile.

Ah, transforming is really nothing. As long as I can see this smile, I don’t mind any struggle.

Ivan immediately transformed into a wolf. Suddenly, his vision flowed down, and his furry front paws touched the ground.

Ernesta hugged him as soon as he transformed, escaping from the clinging nightgown.

It took time to understand what happened. Her thin arm was around the wolf’s neck, and the scent of soap tickled his nose. Despite the sudden turn of events, his confused mind was still receiving the sense of happiness she brought.


His voice calling her name was replaced by the wolf’s howling.

It was the first time she had asked him for anything, and it was the first time she had ever hugged him. The soft touch pierced his chest, and he couldn’t return a proper response.

“…Really. It was really you, Wolf-san.”

Her whispering, hoarse voice shook the air, and he finally realized that she was holding back tears.

Ernesta slowly released his body while her eyes welled up, but her expression was incredibly gentle.

“I finally realized it. Wolf-san…Ivan, is safe. Thank God he’s well.”

As he looked at her delicate smile, the sweet pain of happiness, joy, and regret for not being able to express his gratitude for so long blended together and spread through him.

When he talked about memories of the girl eight years ago, he wondered what she was feeling at the time.

[That’s my line. Thank you, Ellie.]

The words he replied with his emotions were still nothing more than the cry of a wolf.

Still, it seemed that Ernesta had accurately received the meaning of those words, and she smiled like a flower.

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