The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 67

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Ernesta’s Diary

On X month and X day,

Today I met with Mikolash and the Prime Minister.

Mikolash is the Majesty’s companion wolf, and he is fluffy and very lovely. Lord Slezak is hard to read, but a kind person.

I spoke with His Majesty for a little bit, but I don’t really understand what kind of person he is yet. His blue eyes are like the night sky, and they are truly beautiful.

The thing that made me the happiest today was becoming friends with Dasha, I think.

◇ Month △ Day

I have been chosen to perform a dance at the National Foundation Festival. I may have been too forward, but I hope everything will be alright.

General Silvestor Kudera, who is teaching me is wonderful person and have been very helpful.

× Month ◻︎ Day

Practice is quite challenging. Will I really be able to dance?

I haven’t even had the opportunity to meet His Majesty.

◎ Month ◇ Day

General Kudera asked me why I am doing this, but I said some selfish things. In the end, he encouraged me. He is a really kind and considerate person.

Oh yes, even Rougena asked me if I was worried today. They are such a kind couple.

◎ Month ◇ Day

I collapsed right after the National Founding Festival and ended up bedridden with a cold for a week. It seems like I pushed myself too hard. I’m so useless.

During that time, many people were kind to me. Even His Majesty came to nurse me, and though I was sorry, I was also happy. Lately, everyone’s been so kind, and I feel like the walls between us are coming down.

When His Majesty asked me what to call me, I foolishly answered “Ellie,” even calling him by his name without proper honorifics. I’m so sorry for being so presumptuous.

Xx Month ◇ Day

While looking at the stars with His Majesty, I heard various things from him. And I learned how much His Majesty was disciplined about his own conduct.

He’s a serious and sad person. He does his best, but still blames himself. I was so sad and frustrated that I ended up crying… and when I woke up, it was morning. It’s childish of me, so embarrassing.

Come to think of it, His Majesty counts stars when he’s in pain.

◻︎ Month ◎ Day

Today, I went to the textile workshop with His Majesty and was shown various things. Shenka’s textiles are truly beautiful, and the craftsmen are kind-hearted. It was a fun time even though it was work. Moreover, I was humbled because His Majesty purchased a lot of textiles. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished products.

△ Month ◻︎ Day

A major incident occurred today. I was kidnapped by the alliance opposition. To make matters worse, Theodor-san, a close friend of His Majesty who was thought to have passed away, turned out to be the leader of the opposition. I was truly surprised.

Knowing the gap between humans and Werewolf clans, I could only be sad. But I was relieved when His Majesty came to rescue me. I feel that if I walk with His Majesty, we can eventually understand each other. It may be too optimistic, but I can believe in it for some reason.

Oh, and I saw a Werewolf for the first time, and they were dignified and cool-looking.

◯ Month △ Day

I see. There were humans who supported His Majesty when he connected hope to them.

Despite being betrayed and hurt by humans and even turned against by his own people, he chose to live alongside humans.

It’s such a joyous thing. Every time His Majesty opens up to me about his innermost thoughts, I become afraid of my own shallowness.


A war has broken out.

Since coming here, I have been constantly despairing at my own incompetence.

Still, I wanted to do everything I could. Was my action the right thing to do?

Please be safe, Your Majesty. May everyone return safely. Oh God, please.


Ivan chased after the orderly string of characters again and again.

In between the diary entries were notes from lectures and work, as well as ages and sketches of people he met. Although the drawings were a bit rough, the quantity alone showed how much time was spent writing. Without hinting that she was a substitute, the content occasionally included words directed towards Ermengard, revealing her intelligence.

However, what was most noticeable was the excruciating pain that a woman had endured and how much that gentle person had cared for this country. It also highlighted how much she had worried about her temporary husband.

“Perhaps the person writing this isn’t even conscious of it, but it made me a little emotional. That’s why I thought it would have been better if that girl had become the queen. But of course, this is the job that has been assigned to me, so I can’t just abandon it now… I’m just glad you noticed. Really.”

As various emotions swirled and her head became restless, Ermengard had a refreshing smile on her face.

“Well then, Your Majesty, please work a little harder. I will be ashamed to say this, but I am giving up on my duty, so please use any means necessary to bring her back. Engeberg knows her whereabouts——.”

She did not listen to the seemingly shameless lines until the end. When Ivan left the queen’s room, the force was so great that the door made a loud noise, and the wind was stirred up.


“Fufufu, love, marriage, and romance…they would make interesting painting themes.”

In the room, where the atmosphere of intimidation had dissipated, Ermengard nodded with satisfaction. However, Johan’s face showed resignation, and it seemed that it was not a desirable situation for him.

“I’m sorry, Prime Minister. It’s not good for His Majesty to be away from the castle at this time of the year.”

“…It’s okay, I’ve given up. It’s fine to do something like this once in a while.”

That wry smile was unlike Johan, who rarely showed his emotions.

The two of them looked at the still-open door with a similar smile.

——There is a lot of work to be done, but it is worth it for the sake of my sweet sister.

“Well then, shall we get to work? Ermengard-sama, I’d like you to help me.”

“Sure thing.”

They now had to think about how they would protest to Emperor Bral.

They must hold Engeberg who was probably interrogated by the King by now to participate in the deliberations.

——It’s the least I can do for her. No one will complain if I act like a sister for once.

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