The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 65

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Real princesses face to face.

The bright crescent moon peeks through the window of Ermengard’s unfamiliar room.

She stops flipping through the pages of her diary and looks up.

The diary is really well-written, detailing the contents of her daily studies, conversations with others, and their physical characteristics. However, the accompanying sketches are so poorly executed that they are hardly helpful, which is amusing.

Even without the sketches, Ermengard would have made numerous mistakes if it weren’t for this diary. She can never thank the diary enough.

“…I wonder if she’s doing well. I hope she’s not agonizing over anything.”

Ermengard doesn’t know much about her sister’s personality. However, from the brief encounter they had, she could sense her sister’s kindness.

That is why she can’t help but feel guilty for involving her in such an awful scheme. If possible, she hopes her sister can forget about everything that happened here and live a peaceful life.

Ermengard pondered her thoughts, but she knew she couldn’t worry about others too much. According to Engeberg, suspicions from those around her were starting to rise. It would be especially difficult to hide things from those close to her, and it could be a problem if the king returned.

As she let out a heavy sigh, there was a knock at the door.

Appearing before her was Rougena. This head maid had been suspicious of the queen’s behavior, but she now appeared more agitated than her usual composed self.

“What’s wrong, Rougena?”

“My Queen! His Majesty…!”

No way.

Ermengard held her breath, imagining what would come next. However, she soon learned that her imagination was wrong.

The unfamiliar blond man pushed past Rougena with gentle force and entered the room.

She could tell his true identity with just one glance. His frozen beauty reminded her of a winter night, and his blue eyes, described in “her” diary as resembling the night sky, shone with a deep radiance. Although his black chokha was slightly worn, his presence could not be ignored.

This man is King Ivan of Shenka. Even if his features didn’t match, his dignified presence tells her so.

Why did you…?

Ermengard showed the most agitation she had in a while.

She hasn’t heard anything. No news of his return or the end of the war had reached her.

“Rougena, step back.”

“Y-Yes, Your Majesty.”

Unusually flustered, the head maid did not defy her lord. Alone in the room with him, Ermengard found herself directly under his blue gaze.

These eyes seemed to see everything. His authority was unparalleled, far beyond that of his father. It was reckless to try to scheme against such a man.

——However, this is troublesome.

After all, Ermengard is not much of an actress. With her sudden return, she couldn’t prepare herself emotionally, and it would be unreasonable to ask her to express both the excitement and surprise of the reunion at the same time.

Perhaps it would be best to pretend to be dumbfounded. As she sat there, resignedly, Ivan suddenly made a move.

He strode confidently toward her, with his blue eyes lit up with a clear intention.

It happened in an instant.

As soon as Ivan reached her side, he knelt down to meet his wife’s eyes level. Just as she thought his long arms were going to reach out to her, his palm seemed to have passed through Ermengard and grabbed the desk behind her.

The desk, hit by a man’s slap, made a loud noise, presenting an imposing figure right in front of her. Even in this sudden crisis, Ermengard remained calm.

——Um. This has really become a problem.

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