The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 44

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Remembrance, Lamentation, and 3

After a fierce battle, the alleyway had become a space only dominated by the sound of rain.

Ivan, who had aimed the tip of his sword at the throat of his former friend, was completely out of breath. But the defeated opponent was in the same state.

Ernesta was on the verge of collapsing in relief, yet she still bravely stood on her two legs, driven forward by a strong will to witness the outcome between the two.

“You never were able to beat me, even in the past.”

Ivan’s golden eyebrows twitched. He narrowed his severe gaze even more and stared at the crimson eyes with his blue flames.

“It’s okay whenever. Letting a political prisoner go doesn’t make any sense. You should kill me for the sake of this country.”

Ivan’s whole body was shrouded in cold air. Ernesta trembled at that coldness, but still forcefully took another step forward.

“Wait…! Ivan, stop!”

She clung to the hand that held the sword, feeling the smoothness of the fur, but this was not the time to be impressed by such things. Ernesta looked straight up at the wolf’s face.

She had an inexplicable conviction that she would regret it if she didn’t stop this. She wasn’t even afraid to intervene in the fight that was happening, filling her heart with confidence of unknown origin.

“Don’t kill him! Don’t do such a sad thing!”

If he killed his friend here, she might never see that beautiful smile again.

Ivan had already carried too much, and she couldn’t stand to see him suffer further. And his friend, turned into a ghost, would disappear again along with the sad memories.

“I haven’t even received a single injury. It’s not a sin that requires death. There’s nothing here that you should bear! So please, stop doing such a thing…!”

Even though she knew as a queen that she shouldn’t say such things, her mouth and body acted on their own.

How pathetic. She acted like a child, causing trouble.

Tears gathered at the corners of her eyes. Ernesta gazed at the fierce face of the wolf, gritting her teeth, but he looked somewhat uncomfortable and averted his eyes.

“…I never intended to kill him from the beginning. At the parliamentary meeting a week ago, it was decided that criminals should be arrested first.”



Theodor also cried out with a foolish voice.

It seemed that although he was a political prisoner, he was not well-versed in politics. Ernesta couldn’t say much about others either.

“For now, you will be placed in the custody of the judiciary. Cooperate carefully with the investigation and trial.”

“What are you talking about?! This is ridiculous!”

“It’s not ridiculous. It’s a great step towards an advanced nation. There should be active debate on the right to judge criminals.”

Ivan sheathed his sword on his waist. At that moment, Ernesta’s legs gave way and she had to be supported by Ivan.

“Then, what about the comrades who were outside the tenement? Didn’t you kill them?”

“We took them down and restrained them all. With me, Silvestor, and a couple of warriors to take care of the rest, it shouldn’t be too hard.”

“What the… What the hell is that?

Upon hearing the explanation from the King, Theodor slumped down in despair.

He seemed disappointed, lacking a place for his hatred to go.

“So I’m supposed to go see my family? How am I supposed to face them?”

“I don’t know. Take your time and think about it. There’s no rush.”

“Come on, don’t lie to me…”

Ivan maintained a serious attitude in front of his friend’s deflated murmurs. Standing tall as a golden werewolf, he was proud and majestic as a king.

“From now on, let us make further efforts to gain the understanding of the anti-alliance faction. We will continue to have audiences with them and guide them little by little. I will use everything I have and repay your feelings in full, so cool your head in prison, and when you’re ready, lend us your strength again.”

What kind of power did those words hold?

Listening to them made you want to believe. The werewolf tribe that had just seemed so far away now felt within reach by Ivan’s words.

This was surely because he believed in it himself.

That each action becomes the foundation of the country. That they will move towards a better direction.

His chosen path was still rocky, but Ernesta couldn’t help feeling that as long as she was with this king, they could make it.

Confirming that there was no response from his friend, Ivan hugged Ernesta’s waist with a firm grip. As her heart raced from his gesture alone, the conversation between the long-time reunited friends came to an end.

“Silvestor, I leave the rest to you. I’ll take the queen to the royal castle.”

“As you wish.”

In an instant, Ivan transformed back into a human. His golden fur turned into human skin, and his wolf-like eyes became his usual ones. Ernesta stared in amazement.

Unable to even react, she was lifted up and taken outside without resistance.

As she caught a glimpse of the last moments in the tenement, she saw Silvestor strike his disciple’s head with a fist.

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