The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 30

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: To the workshop 2

The weaving workshop had a much more magnificent appearance than Ernesta had imagined.

The walls, solidly plastered with whitewash, were high and looked great with the gray roof tiles. The wide building was not just one, but several identical ones that stand tall and magnificent.

Ernesta was amazed and couldn’t believe the scale of the place.

“This is a private workshop, but the production of crafts is supported as a national policy. Recently, we have been trying to sell our products to allied countries, gradually increasing our recognition.”

“It’s so big. I thought workshops were supposed to be smaller.”

For Ernesta, the workshop means only North Star’s blacksmith workshop, where Bruno serves as the master. The workshop, which has three apprentices, always felt cramped due to the heat of the metal.

“This is one of the oldest shops in Shenka. It has always been this large, and the Urbashek royal family has deep ties with it.”

Ernesta continued her daily studies, but it seemed that there were still many things she didn’t know. While impressed, she followed Ivan, who walked comfortably, and a old woman was waiting for them in front of the entrance to the building.


“Please take care of us today. This is for everyone to share.”

Ernesta had noticed that Ivan was carrying a bag, but it seemed to be a gift for the workshop.

“Oh my, how delicious it looks. Thank you very much, Your Majesty. The fruits harvested at the Royal Castle are all delicious, so everyone is delighted.”

Even though they were of royalty and commoners, they still had a very comfortable relationship. Smiling favorably at the situation, the old woman turned her soft gaze to Ernesta.

“My Queen, it’s an honor to have you visit us. My name is Anita and I’m the owner of this workshop.”

In other words, she is the one in charge and the top manager.

In Bral, it is extremely rare for women to hold positions of authority. Ernesta was quite surprised, but she tried her best to hide it and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Ermengard. I’m very happy to meet you.”

“Oh my, such a lovely lady. Your Majesty, My Queen, congratulations on your marriage.”

Anita was like a grandmother rejoicing at her grandchild’s wedding.

Receiving their blessings, Ernesta had another pain in her chest, but she was guided inside immediately.

The studio had a vast space, and the sight of looms lined up in a cramped way was magnificent.

Individually, looms do not make much noise, but with this many, they constantly make a clattering sound, and the clamor echoes on the high ceiling. The interior has skylights and is bright, and all the artisans working there are women of all ages.

“It’s still booming as always, master.”

“Thanks to Your Majesty and the Queen. The demand in Bral has been increasing recently.

Anita’s words made Ernesta feel uplifted. The alliance really does have a positive impact on the economy.

“Anita-san, I would like to see the popular fabric in Bral.”

“Oh, then it would be this fabric around here. Please take a look.”

Anita pointed to a loom that was currently in progress, and Ernesta cautiously peered at it. There, delicate arabesque patterns were woven into the fabric, and Ernesta couldn’t help but raise her voice in admiration.

“It’s amazing, truly beautiful! Such craftsmanship.”

The skilled female artisan, who had a good build, turned to look at them with a smile, even though she was busy. Ernesta wanted to applaud her skills, as she did not stop working even while conversing.

“If My Queen praises this fabric, everyone will be happy. This fabric seems to be becoming popular among the common people.”

“I see. It’s so lovely, it’s only natural that everyone would like it.”.

Ernesta was unaware, but it seemed that Shenka’s textiles were starting to become popular in her hometown. Indeed, beautiful things would be considered beautiful by anyone.

“Is that so? Shall we try to increase our export volume?”

“Oh no, don’t take my opinion as a reference.”

Ernesta laughed at the master’s joke. During their laid-back conversation, Ivan circled around the workshop and returned, exchanging a serious gaze with Anita.

“Master, please inform me about recent export trends. I want to consider how to improve our export routes.”

“Understood, Your Majesty.”

The two walked away while discussing difficult matters. However, as Ivan took a few steps forward, he stopped and turned back to Ernesta.

“Ellie, you’re free to observe as you please. I’ll be in the neighboring building, so please call out to me when you’re done.”


Although it was a public duty, for now, she could only observe and was still just a complement (accessory) to the king.

Fully aware of this, Ernesta nodded clearly and Ivan left the workshop with a small smile.

A beat passed after the door closed.

At that moment, the room was filled with yellow screams, causing Ernesta to almost fall over.

“H-He smiled! His Majesty smiled, kyaaaa! Did you see that, just now?!”

“I saw it! I saw it! Oh my God, that’s not fair!”

“Hold on, this is… this is too much. I can’t handle it.”

“We can’t just leave it like this, let’s have some tea! It’s already two o’clock, so it’s okay to take an early break, right!”

The craftsmen, who had previously been weaving with serious expressions, had now become girlish and were running around in excitement.

Ernesta was stunned by their quick change, but she was soon surrounded by them. She was forced to sit on the central carpet, and before she knew it, she was being invited to a tea party that was already being prepared.

“My Queen, we were moved! We never thought we’d get to see His Majesty’s smile!”

A woman who seemed to be in her mid-thirties, clenched her fists and emphatically declared. Before long, everyone had gathered around, nodding their heads in agreement as if to show their consent.

“Please tell us more! What kind of conversations do you have with His Majesty?”

“Is he always that funny? Or is there more to him?”

“How do you address His Majesty?”

Ernesta was bombarded with a wave of questions and looked around in confusion. Expectant eyes were gazing at her from all sides and she realized that she couldn’t escape, so she forced a smile.

“…We were just talking about the state of the city earlier.”

Even though it was a fairly non-committal answer, the room erupted with another round of excited cheers.

She now felt the reality of it. Ivan was definitely very popular.

“Please tell us more!”

“Well… about his smile, he does it occasionally. As for how to address him…”

As she spoke, various memories came flooding back, making her cheeks feel hot. She was about to remember something from this morning, so eventually, Ernesta covered her face.

“S-Sorry. Please spare me…”

Once again, cheers rose up. They were all excited and having fun while praising her, saying things like, “Aww, My Queen, you’re so cute!”

Although she had a vague suspicion after seeing the women in the royal castle, the werewolf women in general seemed to have a strong presence (pushy).

“You’re really lovely!”

“You’re completely different from what I imagined!”

“Oh, My Queen, please try this.”

On the carpet were yogurt topped with jam and steaming chai, which were the country’s standard snacks. Ernesta gratefully decided to try them.

The yogurt tasted slightly different from what was served in the royal castle, but it was delicious too. According to Dasha, the taste differs depending on the household, and every citizen thinks that their homemade one is the best.

“It’s delicious! This is my first time eating yogurt since I came here, but it’s really good.”

“My Queen is so understanding~.”

The woman who seemed to be the eldest burst into laughter, and the workshop was filled with laughter.

These were lively and strong women. Their existence as laborers must be a great asset for this country.

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