The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 22

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: About the King

One week after the founding festival, Ernesta had finally regained her health.

Her role as a substitute was also about halfway through. After writing in her diary to catch up on missed days, Ernesta closed the cover and let out a sigh.

Upon looking back, she realized that she had done something outrageous. It wasn’t just causing trouble or fainting, but revealing her nickname to Ivan.

She didn’t think she was so foolish. She felt like slapping herself.

Ernesta was given her name by Isolte, but fortunately, it was also a nickname that didn’t feel awkward for Ermengard.

However, that didn’t mean her actions were forgivable. What if she was called by an unfamiliar nickname after switching places with Ermengard?

Ernesta drooped in a dark imagination. She spent plenty of time struggling with shame and deep remorse, and somehow managed to regain her composure and lift her head up.

Let’s take a walk to get used to it. I must do everything I can to avoid making such mistakes in the future.

With renewed determination, Ernesta shook her head and left her room, walking fearfully for the first time since she caused a commotion at the National Foundation Festival.

People must think she’s a weak queen who collapsed in front of the public. Did she really succeed in the sword dance? What if she gave the impression that she couldn’t get along with humans because she was insolent or got into fights?

Contrary to Ernesta’s expectations, the passing werewolf people were surprisingly friendly, and the barriers that had been there before seemed like a lie.

“Oh, My Queen, are you feeling better now? I hope so.”

“Yes, I’m much better now. Thank you.”

As soon as she thought she finished talking to someone who was concerned about her physical condition, she was caught by someone else, and regardless of gender, people were talking to her again.

Without expecting a positive response, Ernesta was overwhelmed when it came. She was glad, but also a little embarrassed and confused by the sudden change in attitude.

After completing a walk that had left her feeling exhausted, she reached for the handle of her room when she heard a familiar voice from behind. Turning around, she saw two maids who seemed slightly older than her, and they looked awkwardly at her.

“Oh, it’s you two…”

She remembered them from when she was chatting with Mikolash during a walk in the past.

They were gossiping about the human queen and admiring the beautiful king, which made Ernesta hide away.

She wondered if they had finally come to express their grievances directly to her.

Ernesta was on edge, but the words that were released were far from her expectations.

“U-Um… Your sword dance was amazing!”

“We would love to see it again!”

With faces turned beet red, the two maids quickly ran away like rabbits.

Left behind, Ernesta could only stare blankly. She didn’t understand what was happening, but if they were willing to reach out to her, it would be a relief and make her happy.

As soon as she returned to her room, Rougena came to visit her, causing Ernesta to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I’m glad to see you’re doing well. Will you be resting in the main bedroom starting today?”

However, her words immediately reminded Ernesta of a serious problem.

Her blood ran cold. She had forgotten about this issue, but now she had to think about it. The big problem of how to postpone her wedding night.

Since there had been no problems before, it might be the same tonight, but there was no guarantee. Just the thought of sleeping with Ivan again made her nervous.


Ernesta stumbled over her words, and the perceptive head maid didn’t miss it.

“What’s the matter? Don’t tell me…”

Before Ernesta realized it, Rougena had already hardened her gaze in an unusually intense manner, making her freeze up in anticipation of what her next words would be. However, it turned out to be needless fear.

“Surely, His Majesty didn’t do anything terrible to you, did he?”

Rougena approached with an impatient expression.

Caught off guard by this unexpected reaction, Ernesta quickly realized that this was not good and shook her head in a panic.

“O-Of course not! Especially not His Majesty.

You don’t have to worry about this Rougena.

It’s true! Please believe me!”

Ernesta endured the sharp gaze of the steel-willed head maid. After a few moments of staring at each other, the tense atmosphere finally dissipated with a sigh from Rougena.

“Is that so… in that case, that’s good. By the way, what does the Queen think of His Majesty?”

Ernesta was suddenly hit with a bombshell question from the front without warning, causing her to trip over the carpet.

“W-what? What do you mean by that?”

Ernesta was completely flustered by the serious inquiry.

“I am afraid I must ask if you have developed feelings for his majesty.”

Ernesta didn’t dislike this kind of talk, but this situation was just too bad. It was already hard enough to navigate around Rougena without giving away too much, and she couldn’t speak about Ivan using personal feelings, especially since Ernesta was just a substitute.

“Well, he is a wonderful person.”

She tried to give an objective answer, causing the stern head maid to squint her eyes.

“Is that all? I have noticed that you two have become quite close lately.”

Ernesta’s gaze wandered left and right.

While it was true that Ivan had come to visit her often while he was bedridden, it wasn’t a big deal to her. They went from having a strained relationship to just simply having casual conversations, nothing more than that.

“Yes, he has been very kind to me, and I am grateful for that.”

Thanks to her best effort to smile and use all of her nerves, Rougena seemed to give up on further inquiry for the time being.

“I see. I was glad to hear that His Majesty finally found a place where he could be at peace.”

Ernesta felt a bit confused by Rougena’s choice of words. What kind of emotion was hidden behind the expression “that His Majesty”?

“Hey, Rougena, what do you think of His Majesty?”

She didn’t think she understood everything about the king. But during the three weeks she had spent here, she had come to know that he possessed a clumsy kindness.

“He is truly a wise and admirable ruler. All the peace we have now is thanks to His Majesty. We all respect him.”

Rougena’s response was filled with much more reverence than Ernesta had expected, and she felt her heart warming.

The King of Shenka was rumored to have the strength of a demon and a cold heart. Rougena probably knew about the rumors that reached Ernesta. Nevertheless, she could sense that Rougena didn’t think like that at all.

“I can imagine that there are bad rumors spreading abroad about the country. Some of His Majesty’s policies may have been considered cruel, and many countries suffered from Shenka’s deployment. However, all of His Majesty’s actions are for the sake of the country.”

Rougena spoke gently. Her tone reminded Isolte of how she would talk about her mischievous son.

“I believe that as the queen, you will support His Majesty. Not only with work, but also by supporting his heart.”

“Don’t be too presumptuous. I am not that significant.”

“No, that is not true. I say that because I truly believe it.”

Rougena replied with a stoic expression. Her words were filled with pride, confidence, and kindness towards the young king’s worries. Ernesta was left speechless by her strength and sincerity.

“Until now, His Majesty has gone to war as soon as he reached adulthood, and after the war ended, the previous king passed away immediately. Since then, he has worked tirelessly. The veteran members are particularly worried. I wonder if His Majesty really has a place where he can truly rest.”

Rougena spoke calmly, but bitter thoughts could be felt in every corner of her words.

“I apologize for being impudent. Please understand that it is only an advice from an old woman’s heart.”

Although Rougena bowed her head quietly, Ernesta’s heart was secretly torn apart by her sincere affection.

——I am truly committing a sinful act. There’s no one who would forgive this lie, I’m sure of it.

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