The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 20

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: One’s old home

It was about a week ago when the traveling pharmacist visited the blacksmith, North Star.

Despite being a town along the border road, it was rare for a young woman to travel alone. Isolte reluctantly accepted the medicine that was passed to her, after being introduced by Bruno, though her clever mind as a former scholar has raised concerns.

But as time passed, Isolte’s condition gradually improved.


On the morning of the eighth day, Isolte muttered to herself as she looked at her own feet stepping on the floor.

It was truly unbelievable. Despite having studied various fields and excelling in herbal medicine, she was unable to cure the illness despite researching with the town pharmacist. Yet, the pharmacist was able to cure her illness in just one week.

It was almost jealousy-inspiring godlike work. What kind of magic did this pharmacist use to make this possible?

No, that’s not it. This must be a result of the latest technology. That pharmacist is not an ordinary person.

Isolte believed in gods, but not in magic. She knew that there were unknown territories that sometimes cause phenomena beyond imagination.

She has to confirm it. Where did that pharmacist come from? Where did Bruno find such a skilled person?

Isolte started to walk for the first time in a long time, but her muscles had completely atrophied, and she couldn’t muster any strength. As she reached the door of the room, she reached her physical limit and crouched down while still holding onto the doorknob.

A bad feeling crept up on her. If there were such an easy solution to the world’s problems, it should have been a lot more peaceful. What was behind this miraculous reality?

Her daughter’s face came to mind. Her beloved daughter who had left at an unnatural time with such kindness and self-sacrifice. Could it be possible that she had something to do with this?

“… I have to go!”

It was just a hunch, but Isolte pushed the doorknob with her trembling hand and rolled out into the hallway, driven by her impulse.

It was at that moment that a flustered presence emanated from downstairs.


Footsteps running up the stairs, and soon Bruno appeared. As soon as he found his collapsed wife in the hallway, he paled and quickly lifted her emaciated body.

“What are you doing? You need to rest…!”

“Bruno! Where did Ellie go…?!”

Isolte, who had lost her composure more than her husband’s anxiety, grabbed the dirty shirt of the blacksmith. Bruno, noticing the amount of force in her trembling hands that was unlike that of a sick person, became even paler.

“She went up north. She said she was going to an apprenticeship.”

He said, avoiding her gaze awkwardly.

As usual, he was bad at lying. Isolte, feeling a surge of anger, turned red and shouted.

“Tell me the truth! Otherwise, I will crawl out of here!”

Ernesta’s stubbornness was inherited from her mother.

It was the first time that the gentle Isolte had ever said that she would leave, and that’s why it was so convincing. Bruno seemed to give in, murmuring for her to get back into bed.

“…Oh my God.”

Isolte, who finished listening to the conversation while lying in bed, let out a heavy sigh.

Her anger and regrets ruled her heart. What kind of parent would let their daughter go through all of this?

“I’m sorry. I should have stopped her.”

Bruno looked grave. Perhaps this husband was also holding similar feelings.

“I can imagine. Ellie never listens once she’s made up her mind, but even more than that, she has a certain kind of presence.”

“A presence?”

“Yes, it’s a strange power that she inherited as a member of the imperial family.”

Isolte had been raising Ernesta since birth. The somewhat reserved daughter had shown her presence when it mattered.

“The current emperor may be mediocre, but Ellie’s grandfather, the former emperor, was an excellent ruler. It seems like Ellie inherited his talents because her words and actions have the power to move people.”

“That’s true. Ellie has always been good at making friends.”

The always cheerful Ernesta was famous as the star of North Star.

There were times when Ernesta managed to persuade bullies who picked on Konrad with words alone. Handling complaints at the shop was a piece of cake, and she never bent her will on what she believed was right, as long as it was for someone’s sake, that is.

“So that’s why I was worried. I was worried that she might take a dangerous path for someone else’s sake.”

She came to this town and escaped from the palace, thinking that she could live a free life. But after revealing her true identity, there was a thin wall that separated herself from her beloved daughter.

Should she not have said anything? She thought she had escaped from the imperial family, but in reality, her whereabouts were known, and that was why the messenger came. How much more would Ernesta have been hurt if she hadn’t told her the truth?

Isolte raised her daughter while considering various things. She taught Ernesta to speak politely and behave in a way that did not feel out of place as a town girl, just in case she was called back by the emperor. She also made sure to build her physical strength and hone her skills in mixing medicines, so that she could overcome any difficulties.

And so, Isolte and Bruno poured all of their affection into their child.

She had hoped that her worries were just unfounded fears, and if that child could lead a happy and peaceful life, that was enough for her.

Ernesta grew up as a lovely and obedient daughter, even as a product of her parents’ favoritism, but Isolte knew that most of it was due to her daughter’s hard work.

She knew how selfless her child was, but now she couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to do anything for her if Ernesta didn’t come home.

Isolte’s heart, exhausted from illness, gave in to her weakness.

“What should we do, Bruno? If she doesn’t come back, I haven’t even been able to do anything for her…!”

The more she thought about Ernesta, the more she worried about her.

Is she going through hardships? The unpleasant thoughts kept multiplying in Isolte’s mind, and she narrowed her eyes to resist the impulse.

Then, Bruno’s hands, hardened by blacksmithing, covered her both eyes, and her vision was plunged into darkness.

“She will come back. If she doesn’t come back even after the deadline, then I will go and bring her home. So now, get some sleep.”

Bruno’s expression was no longer visible, but she could easily imagine him with a stern face.

The regrets and self-loathing that a couple shares are endless. Isolte closed her eyes, following her drowsiness, trying to bring some small comfort for her husband.

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