The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 12

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Show them your guts

“Your Highness, it’s time for today’s review. What do you call the mine where gold mining has recently started?”

“Let me see…was it Koshka Mountain?”

“That is incorrect. The correct answer is Mount Koshka.”

Ernesta snapped her fingers in disappointment, but Rougena didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

“If I teach you something, I expect you to remember it. You can’t slack off just because you have dance practice. After all, you decided to do this yourself.”

As expected, Rougena was an incredibly strict teacher. Ernesta was already struggling just to keep up with her daily lectures, but she knew that there was no room for complacency. After all, she made the decision to do this herself.

“Okay. I will review it tonight.”

“…That will do. We will continue tomorrow.”

Until the National Foundation Festival, dance practice was mainly in the evening, and the daytime was devoted to studying.

The duties of a queen range from audiences to visits, but it seems that there is always a training period for any job. Rougena said that it would be about a month, but Ernesta was anxious.

Otherwise, Ermengard would have to face her first job without any practice.

Ernesta decided to summarize everything she learned in her diary as much as possible. She studied during the day, danced in the evening, and kept a diary at night, which also served as a review, making her days busy.

As soon as she finishes everything, she falls asleep, so she doesn’t even have a chance to meet Ivan, who should be sleeping in the same bed.

And so, while struggling desperately, a week had passed before she knew it.

“My Queen, please reach a little higher… Okay, that’s enough. Remember that this is not a dance for battle, but a dance for the gods, so always keep in mind to be gentle. Yes, that’s good.”

Silvestor’s special training, as expected, was also a grueling experience.

This general never yells or gets angry, but he imposes an insanely intense training regimen with a smile. Even though Ernesta loves exercise, she still feels dizzy every time.

As she lay on the floor, breathing heavily, Silvestor approached her with water and a cloth.

Expressing her gratitude and accepting them, the refined old gentleman sat cross-legged next to Ernesta with a gentle smile. He was a man of depth to whom even such a posture suited well.

“You are working hard, My Queen. I apologize for being rude, but I didn’t expect you to keep up with us until now.”

“Really? If General Kudera says so, I’m really happy.”

Although her response was hard to hear due to her shortness of breath, Ernesta felt genuine joy at the highest praise from the hero of the country.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead with trembling hands and drank the water from the cup. The water had been squeezed with fruit juice in it, and the faint sweetness was much appreciated.

“However, why do you go that far? The dance this time wasn’t compulsory, was it?”

Silvestor and Ernesta had various conversations over the past week, but this question was the most intrusive one so far.

“Well… I think it’s probably because I’m frustrated.”

Silvestor prompted her to continue with his silence. Ernesta continued talking while staring at the small surface of the cup’s water.

“I think I was being too naive about marrying into another country. There is a much higher wall between humans and werewolves than I thought… Everyone is kind to me, but I feel like they’re hiding their resignation. There’s no need to make me dance when it’s impossible for someone like me, a human princess. It’s okay if we can’t become friends, as long as we don’t become enemies. I’m sure many people think that way.”

The bewildered gazes of the nobles who she usually doesn’t talk to, the maids with a wall between them, Dasha who said that it’s sad to be feared.

And Ivan, who never shows his innermost feelings.

Ernesta was frustrated with it all. Despite the fact that the hearts of both humans and werewolves were the same, it was frustrating that the relationship between the two would never intersect.

“But if I were to share the same mindset, then there would be no hope, would there?”

If she had maintained a distance between them, without taking on any activities like dancing, it might not have been a problem.

However, in that case, the relationship between the two would continue to be cold and they would follow parallel lines endlessly. It was too sad, especially since they had just formed an alliance.

“So I couldn’t just sit and do nothing… I knew I was being meddlesome, though.”

Her final words were a warning to herself.

Yes, Ernesta was just a substitute. She must not take any selfish actions and must always remember that.

“A young queen like yourself, worrying so deeply about the relationship between our countries. I feel ashamed.”

“Ah, no…!”

Silvestor, who did not know the circumstances, lowered his eyes, so Ernesta hastily shook her head.

Ernesta didn’t plan to be arrogant and assume that her actions would have a positive impact on the relationship between the two countries. If that were to happen, it would be thanks to Ermengard’s influence, not Ernesta’s achievement.

“My Queen’s actions are not something that anyone can imitate. I respect you, My Queen. I’m sure your rare efforts will bear fruit.”

“…I see.”

“Yes, of course.”

It was the first time that someone from this country had pushed her forward.

She naturally smiled at the warmth of his encouragement. Ernesta drank the remaining water and stood up, showing no signs of fatigue.

“Now, let’s start practicing! I’ll definitely master it and show you!”

“Oh, that’s the spirit, My Queen! I’ll be your companion as much as you need!”

Silvestor also stood up with a light movement.

The impromptu teacher and student had surprisingly built a good relationship, and they continued their enthusiastic practice today as well.


“My Queen, welcome back! You must be tired.”

Dasha said, bouncing her auburn hair as she turned around to face Ernesta in her room. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Dasha, thank you for staying up so late.”

“It’s nothing, My Queen. It’s my pleasure to serve you, and I am happy to do so!”

In contrast to Ernesta’s terrible state, Dasha was in great spirits today. Since Ernesta opened up to her about her inner turmoil, it seems that this maid has been fond of the Queen.

At the same time, her work mistakes have become nonexistent, which shows how much pressure she must have been under to serve a queen from another country.

“Have you been working here for a long time, Dasha?”

“I graduated from school at the age of twelve, so it’s been almost three years now.”

In Shenka, schools are open to all citizens. With the exception of a select few who excel in their studies, it is common for people to graduate by the age of fourteen and start working.

In Bral, common women cannot attend school. Shenka’s policy was introduced during the reign of King Ivan and is a revolutionary system even on a global scale.

“I see. Did you enjoy school?”

“Yes, absolutely! I still keep in touch with my friends, and most importantly, it’s thanks to education that someone like me, who is careless, is able to work now.”

Since only daughters of noble families are allowed to serve as maids of honor, Dasha is naturally a princess of high rank.

Nevertheless, they work earnestly. It may be necessary in a country with a small population, but Ernesta can’t help but feel surprised.

The werewolf clan is diligent and honest. Even in this situation where they still haven’t completely warmed up to each other, Ernesta can feel that Shenka is a very good country.

“I am truly grateful to His Majesty. There aren’t many people who care so much about all of their citizens.”

Dasha’s eyes showed pure reverence with no hesitation or cloudiness.

Ernesta has only spoken to Ivan a few times and still doesn’t really understand him. However, considering what she has seen and heard so far, as well as the current state of the country, it is undoubtedly certain that he is a wise king.

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