The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 1

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The beginning of things

“Have you still not found her?! You useless fools!”

Emperor Karl Heinz shouted, causing the kneeling subjects to clench their fists in unison.

One of them, Count Benjamin Von Engeberg, thought to himself, “This foolish emperor is reaching his limit.”

“The scheduled departure date was today! Are we not going to make it?!”

About a week ago, the Emperor’s youngest daughter, Ermengard, had run away before her wedding procession.

The princess’s marriage destination was the neighboring country, Shenka, the country of the werewolf tribe. It was what they called a political marriage, aimed at strengthening the alliance with that country.

Prejudice against the werewolf tribe was still deeply ingrained in the Bral Empire. Among the few subjects who were informed of the major incident of the bride’s disappearance, it was rumored that they simply didn’t want this marriage to happen.

However, Engeberg, who had long served as the imperial educator and became the Shenka ambassador several years ago, knew Ermengard’s character well.

That princess is not a coward who would flee from a marriage with the barbarians out of fear. We can only speculate about the reasons, but it’s probably because she has a strong will and is using incredibly selfish reasoning.

“Knight Commander! You can’t even find a single naive princess!”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. With the gag order in place, we can’t devote too many resources to the search.”

The unfortunate Knight Commander bowed his head, but he didn’t forget to be sarcastic. However, the Emperor, who was boiling with rage, didn’t notice the frustration of his subordinates.

Engeberg sighed as he looked down at the ground.

This is what happens when you don’t have a decent relationship with your daughter. If you can only impose things on others and can’t do anything else, it can be said that you don’t have the ability to match your position.

Beside him, Empress Constanze remained silent about both the Emperor’s anger and their daughter’s disappearance. It was proper for her as a wife to step back and support her husband, but incomprehensible as a parent.

“If it has come to this, then there is no other way, Count Engeberg!”


“Now is the time to use that trump card. Have it serve as Ermengard’s substitute.”

Those words made Engeberg’s blood run cold.

After receiving permission, he looked up to see Karl Heinz’s esteemed face with an ugly grin, showing no signs of reflecting on his inhumane actions.

“But Your Majesty, such recklessness cannot be allowed to pass! Surely it will be exposed somewhere.”

“Are you opposing my words?”

“No, Your Majesty. I am merely stating that the danger of exposure is too great.”

As their name suggests, werewolves are a robust species that possess both human and wolf forms. Even the slightest neglect could result in a terrifying retaliation.

“That is why we need a substitute. If we were to suddenly demand the cancellation of the marriage, what kind of reaction do you think we would receive?”


“This is an imperial decree, Count. There is no need for further argument.”

Engeberg swallowed the rest of his words deep into his throat. Even though he was at an age where retirement was being considered, he couldn’t bear to be executed for the crime of treason.

The most important thing for this emperor was his vanity. He would say things like valuing peace with his mouth, but in his mind, he didn’t want to bow his head to barbarians and the like. It was he who had formed an alliance with Shenka, pressured by their increasing power.

“…Very well. I shall accept your imperial order.”

And so, Engeberg took on the responsibility for the entire scheme.

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